Walkin' on the Wild Side

Walkin' on the Wild Side

A podcast dedicated to exploring nature all around us and hopefully instilling in our listeners a curiosity and appreciation for the wildlife around us. Join us as we share some amazing observations, interesting and educational facts, and stories about the incredible diversity of flora and fauna found here in the Southeastern United States. Your hosts are Marvin and Gabrielle Bouknight, and Marvin has been a professional naturalist and wildlife biologist for over 30 years and he and his wife, Gabrielle have shared many adventures exploring habitats and observing the amazing flora and fauna of the southeastern United States. To contact us, you can follow us on Facebook at Nature Nook Wildlife Photography (https://www.facebook.com/NatureNookWildlifePhotography), or email us at walkingonthewildside21@gmail.com. To SIGN UP/SUBSCRIBE to our podcasts, simply download your favorite podcast app on your mobile device (we can be found on all the Apple iOS and Android OS apps) and look up "WALKIN'ON THE WILD SIDE" or you can visit our website at https://walkinonthewildside.buzzsprout.com and click on your favorite app (see below, if you're viewing this from our web site). It will take you to the site and our podcast. Click "subscribe" and you're ready to go WALKIN' ON THE WILD SIDE!


November 30, 2023 36 mins

It's time for another episode, this time from our new podcast studio, aka, our new back porch!  After traipsing for truffles, we go back to all things nature and explore the incredible acrobatic and speed demons, the falcons.  Join Marvin and Gabrielle to learn more about these incredibly specialized birds of prey, falconry, and the bioinspirations and biomimicry that lead to jumps in technology by studying these amazing rapto...

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Join Marvin and Gabrielle for a Walk on the Wild Side in the hills of Tuscany!  For this episode, the Bouknights took to the hills to indulge in the tradition of truffle hunting.  We joined an amazing organization to learn about truffles, and how they are traditionally harvested using good ol' fashioned hard work.  Traipsing through the hillside with a trusty and well trained 4-legged companion in search of one of the most sou...

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November 2, 2023 25 mins

We recently visited Italy for the incredible Slow Food Cheese 2023 festival in Bra, Italy, spending time in the Piemonte region of Italy, located in the northwest of Italy.  Join us on this departure from our nature-based podcasts and experience Part 2 of our visit to Italy that found us traveling by train to the Ligurian Sea and the 5 villages of Cinque Terre!  Once there, they took to the hills of Cinque Terre and hiked to a few ...

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October 15, 2023 46 mins

It's time for another episode of Walkin' on the Wild Side and this episode is a 3-parter that we wanted to share with you!  Gabrielle and I travelled to Italy for the Interational Cheese Festival in Bra, and then to Cinque Terre, Florence, and the Tuscan Countryside.  For our first episode, we take you into the heart of the largest artisan cheese festival in the world, focusing on the art and passion of Italian food, and ...

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September 15, 2023 35 mins

With the days getting shorter, and temperatures giving us hints of cooler weather, Fall is right around the corner!  Most are looking forward to the Fall colors but forget about the maturing fruits that provide food for animals preparing for migration, hibernation, etc.  Have you ever stopped to wonder why fruits like persimmon, apples, acorns, and more drop in the fall?  What's the correlation with maturing fruits and winter ...

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September 2, 2023 29 mins

When Gabrielle and I moved to Chester, SC, we thought the days of seeing the majestic swallowtailed kite soaring in the sky were over, but lo and behold, we have seen them here regularly!  Join us on the porch as we talk about the amazingly acrobatic, striking, and spectacular swallowtailed kite.  Learn about their habits, what they eat, and just the overall mastery of flight these strikingly black and white colored raptors have!

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It may sound like a horror movie, but it's true...THEY'RE COMING!  That's right, armadillos are moving north and west and even places like the Appalachian mountains are starting to see these little tanks.  Join Marvin and Gabrielle as they talk about the little armored armadillo, its behaviors and share some little known facts and stories about these curious, interesting, and unusual little mammals.


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August 1, 2023 27 mins

It's time for another episode and we dedicate this podcast to our friend Donna down in the Lowcountry!  She adores vultures, so Gabrielle and I dug deep (ew!) and had a front porch chat about the amazing and incredibly necessary turkey and black vultures.  Cleaning up dead animals, stopping disease in its tracks, and providing comic relief, these birds are social, personable, and intelligent.  Get to know Nature's clean u...

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July 15, 2023 34 mins

A podcast request by Gabrielle!  We were talking about stories behind some plant names and she thought it would be a good podcast, so here we are!  Some plants get their names for obvious reasons, like pink lady slippers or sunflowers, but some have such unique names, it makes you wonder how they got their names.  Join Marvin and Gabrielle on the front porch to play the name game and explore the how's and why's of some in...

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Van Halen is the perfect song for jumping spiders, lol!  Join Marvin and Gabrielle on the porch as they talk about the amazing jumping spider, and I'm sure you will be able to tell Marvin is pretty excited!  These little spiders look comical, have cute faces, but in actuality, they are an incredibly complex, amazing, and fascinating.  They have incredible jumping abilities, process complex information with tiny brains, and hav...

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June 15, 2023 25 mins

Ahhhh....summer!  Nothing reminds us more of summer than the humming, buzzing, and deafening sound of the cicada.  Join Marvin and Gabrielle on the front porch to chat about one of the most amazing, misunderstood, and magical cicadas.  Learn about the life cycle of the insects, how often they appear, and when the next big emergence may take place!

Here's some more interesting information about cicadas:


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Every year we look forward to a short 2-4 weeks in the late spring to experience the amazing blue ghost fireflies.  This year, not only did I get to take Gabrielle with me, but also our good friends and fellow explorers, Jody Wilbanks and Michelle Owens.  Join Gabrielle, Jody, Michelle, and myself for a late night  in the forests of DuPont State Forest as we delve into the darkness to experience these amazing fairies of the forests...

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I'm pretty sure most lawn people get upset with moles digging in their yards, but moles actually help your lawn by aerating, eating grubs, worms, insects, etc.  It's a common myth that they eat your roots of your garden plants, but that's untrue, and moles are more beneficial than detrimental.  Join Marvin and Gabrielle as they dig a little deeper and chat about the underground world of moles and share fascinating fa...

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May 1, 2023 35 mins

For this episode, we had an opportunity to visit Seward, Alaska for a few days before a conference and we made the most of it!  We burned up the Seward Highway and beyond as we searched for whales, sea otters, snow-capped mountains, eagles, seals, and were hot on the trail of the elusive Aurora borealis.  Join Gabrielle and Marvin from the front deck of their little cliffside cabin overlooking Seward Harbor and Resurrection Bay as ...

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April 15, 2023 32 mins

It's raining outside and what a perfect time to chat about salamanders.  Join Marvin and Gabrielle as they chat about the slimy critters called salamander.  These complex little amphibians are very interesting and many just don't realize how common they are are how fascinating these slimy but special salamanders really are!
 Check out these websites for more about salamanders:

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March 31, 2023 44 mins

You may have heard folks talk about how smart crows are, but really...just how smart are they?  Join Marvin and Gabrielle on the porch as they talk about some of the incredible displays of intelligence by crows and other corvids.  They are some of the most studied birds and there are some amazing examples of crow smarts that put them on par with monkeys, apes, and even humans!

Here are some resources to check out about the...

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March 15, 2023 25 mins

Hey everyone, I know it may not seem like it, but spring is on the way!  One thing we are ready to see go away are all the brown stink bugs!  Hundreds of them and we're not the only ones!  Join Marvin and Gabrielle and share in our frustration of an invasive species of stink bug who's population is exploding!  If you aren't dealing with brown marmorated stink bugs, you will soon...learn about where they came from, wh...

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March 1, 2023 23 mins

Our recent travels to Minnesota and the chance to see ermine and pine marten kinda made us think, what about our own weasels here in the South?  Join Marvin and Gabrielle as we talk about the frenetic world of the long-tailed weasel (Mustela/Neogale frenata).  Learn about this  little predator, who, pound for pound has been called the most ferocious predator in the woods and capable of taking down prey twice its size!


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February 15, 2023 23 mins

Welcome back to Walkin' on the Wild Side and we have a special podcast in store!  For this episode, Gabrielle and Marvin head up to the great white North, to Sax Zim Bog in northern Minnesota.  This amazing place is an incredible mix of habitats that attract a whole host of boreal species such as northern owl species, winter finches, and a diversity of other critters like ermine, snowshoe hare, etc.  Join us as we broadcast fr...

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February 1, 2023 22 mins

Marvin is flying' solo on this podcast, but he happens to be talking about one of his favorite plants, the skunk cabbage.  Why?  Well, believe it or not, the skunk cabbage is an amazing plant for many reasons, but it is one of the few plants that can generate heat!  Join Marvin for an enlightening pod cast about a strange, but special plant that lives up to it's name, but is so much more than just a stinky flower.

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