Warfare of Art & Law Podcast

Warfare of Art & Law Podcast

Warfare of Art and Law Podcast sparks conversation about the intriguing – and sometimes infuriating – stories that arise in the worlds of art and law with artist and attorney Stephanie Drawdy.


March 3, 2024 47 mins

Show Notes:
0:00 M.C. Sungaila discussing history / preservation of space exploration
1:50 Sungaila’s Portia Project Podcast interview with Space Law Expert Michelle Hanlon
2:45 Sungaila’s experience with University of Mississippi School of Law’s Air and Space Program
5:30 unclear language related to space law
8:00 mining on the moon
9:40 lessons from Holocaust-era restitution cases like Cassirer v. Thyss...

Mark as Played

Cover image: Sanjay Sethi at an AFI event entitled Revolutions and Movements

To learn more, please visit the sites for Artistic Freedom Initiative and Sethi & Mazaheri, LLC.

Show Notes:

2:00 overview of Sethi’s background and work as Founding Partner of Sethi & Mazaheri, LLC and Co-Executive Director of Artistic Freedom Initiative (AFI)
3:45 genesis and mission of AFI
5:00 AFI’s services

Mark as Played

Show Notes:
2:00 Dr. Joanna Sliwa’s background
4:20 Dr. Elizabeth White’s background 
5:20 Majdanek concentration camp
8:00 1989 - White received the manuscript of Dr. Janina Mehlberg’s unpublished memoir from Dr. Arthur Funk
10:30 Dr. Janina Mehlberg’s humanitarian work in Polish concentration camp during WWII
12:20 Mehlberg’s alias as Countess Suchodolska
13:30 2018 - Dr. Joanna Sliwa began work with D...

Mark as Played

Show Notes:

1:00 overview of thesis topic
3:00 2018 music video at the Louvre by Beyoncé and Jay Z 
3:55 Advertising campaign by Louis Vuitton that featured Joan Mitchell paintings
6:00 2020 Uffizi promotional campaign to promote Botticelli exhibition
7:25 Uffizi’s TikTok account posting with Dua Lipa 
8:10 criticism of Uffizi campaigns
9:20 Approaches by EU and UK
11:20 Influencer marketing

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To learn more, please have a look at Dr. Ercolani's book, The Maidan Museum: Preserving the Spirit of Maidan.
Show Notes:
1:00 Ercolani’s background
3:50 Ercolani’s focus of Ukraine
6:40 research and writing The Maidan Museum: Preserving the Spirit of Maidan
11:40 new Maidan language created that includes symbols
14:45 portraits by Marina Sochenko
16:50 Yulia Ovcharenko
17:45 Tatyana Cheprasova<...

Mark as Played

Featuring excerpts from Episode 121, an interview with Dr. Samson Munn and musical composition by Toulme, Copyright 2023.

Please share your comments and/or questions at stephanie@warfareofartandlaw.com

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Music by Toulme.

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Cover Photo of David Newhoff by Sean Mekas

To learn more, please visit Mr. Newhoff's site as well as his blog, The Illusion of More.

Show Notes:

1:45 Newhoff’s background 

4:15 impetus to write Who Invented Oscar Wilde?: The Photograph at the Center of Modern American Copyright? 

6:15 SCOTUS’s Warhol decision

10:00 Sarony’s input compared with and AI users’ input


Mark as Played

Cover Image:  Self-Portrait, oil on canvas by Jacob Mącznik.

To learn more, please visit the website for Jacob Mącznik, the Lost Art Database page for Mącznik's Still Life with FishThe Austrian Encounter and the trailer to The Ghosts of the Third Reich.

Show Notes:

0:00 Dr. Samson Munn discussing Van Ham art auctionhouse

1:45 Munn’s background

2:50 history of Holocaust-related dialogue with Dan Bar-On

4:00 Ch...

Mark as Played

Show Notes:

0:00 Yelena Khajekian

1:30 Warhol v Goldsmith decision by SCOTUS 

3:00 USCO NOI’s Question 8

4:00 Google LLC v. Oracle America, Inc., 593 U.S. ___ (2021)

4:20 liability question

4:45 Emily Gould - fair use

6:30 Alan Robertshaw - Warhol court’s focus on use of the work

7:50 Khajekian - artists’ perspective on Warhol decision

9:00 Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc., 510 U.S. 569 (1994)

10:20 confusion of fair use analysis and court...

Mark as Played

Cover art: Martha Szabo, Rooftops in Snow 11, oil on linen, 24 x 35 in., circa 1964

To learn more, please visit the sites for Martha Szabo and MSeum.

Show Notes:

0:00 Art historian Kathleen Hulser

1:30 Journalist Julia Szabo’s motivation to work on Martha Szabo’s body of work

4:30 MSeum to be built in the Catskills

5:00 National Association of Women in Construction


Mark as Played

Cover art by Donald "C-Note" Hooker: top image "Cell Time" (2019); bottom image "During the Flood" (2017)

To learn more, please visit the sites for Donald "C-Note" Hooker and Art for Redemption.

Show Notes:
0:00 Anna D. Smith discussing C-Note Hooker’s artwork entitled “During the Flood”
1:20 Smith’s background
3:15 Smith’s work as a court advocate
4:00 Smith...

Mark as Played

To learn more and support Vacant to Visual artists, please visit the CityKey website.

To reach out and learn more about Ernest Chrappah's work, please visit his website.

Show notes:

0:00 Ernest Chrappah
1:10 Chrappah’s background
4:00 Washington DC’s Vacant to Visual program
9:00 artists included in the Vacant to Visual program
9:50 Nia Keturah Calhoun
11:15 “Ro” Stephenson

Mark as Played

To learn more, please visit the website for the #lastseen project.


0:00 Katharina Menschick on the response to #lastseen project

3:00 Menschick – research associate in Arolsen Archives’ historical research department dealing with digital memory projects, digital archival projects and archival theory

3:20 Dr. Christoph Kreutzmüller – historian with Arolsen Archives and House of the Wannsee Conference in Berlin


Mark as Played

0:00 Alan Robertshaw
1:00 Emily Gould - overview of AI historical development
2:30 first phase - 1950s Alan Turing - machines do what they are told
3:10 second phase - machine learning creating models using data and develop methods to make decisions / predictions based on that data
3:50 third phase - deep learning usually using neural networks to mimic the human brain
4:50 GANs - part of third p...

Mark as Played

To learn more, please visit the sites for Sojourn Theatre, One Nation/One Project, and the Undoing Time: Art and Histories of Incarceration exhibition

Cover Photograph: "Rohd co-facilitating an arts convening in Boston this past fall with Nicole Brewer and musicians from Silkroad Ensemble"

Show Notes:

3:45 Rohd’s background

4:50 'Hope is Vital' project in DC area

7:00 Sojourn Theatre

10:10 2003 disruption ...

Mark as Played

To learn more, please visit the websites for Jeremy Richter, J.W. Judge, Scarlet Oak Press and The Write Approach podcast.

Show Notes:

1:00 Commercial litigation practice with Gordon Rees

4:00 Sustainable marketing and branding with writing law blog 

5:00 Speaking and presenting at conferences on legal topics

5:20 Writing legal non-fiction on case management, client development

6:20 2018 ABA published book Building A Better Law Practice,...

Mark as Played

Cover art After World War III, 2020, oil on board, 60 cm x 80 cm, by Farook Mohammed

To learn more, please visit the website for the Afro Arabian Empire.

Show Notes:

00:45 Pan-African mission of his artwork that combines the diversity of Africa

2:30 artwork to promote brotherhood and unity for Africa and the world 

8:00 artwork tells stories that include a focus on identity and gender

10:00 childhood

12:25 social constructs


Mark as Played

Cover image by Stephen Tromans: Climate Innocence, 1957, oil on board, 20x24 inches

To view Stephen Tromans' work, please visit Mr. Tromans' website and Instagram as well as Ely Cathedral's feature of his Golgotha series, the Cambridge Drawing Society's discussion of his work and the Gallery Holt.

Show Notes:
1:30 Troman’s choice to go into law, specifically environmental law
2:45 Lord ...

Mark as Played

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