waterloop: exploring solutions

waterloop: exploring solutions

A podcast helping water leaders to discover solutions and drive change. waterloop is for people who work in water at utilities, government, universities, engineering firms, technology companies, and environmental organizations. The podcast helps listeners to become more knowledgeable experts, creators of change in communities, and builders of a sustainable and equitable water future. waterloop is hosted by Travis Loop, who brings two decades of experience in journalism and water communications, including at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


July 15, 2024

Communities along the Mississippi River face numerous challenges from natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and droughts.

This episode explores how adopting nature-based solutions can bolster resilience against these impacts.

Mayor Errick Simmons of Greenville, Mississippi, shares insights into his community's efforts and the collaborative initiatives of the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative.

Simmons discusses t...

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Floodplain reconnection has emerged as a crucial solution to mitigating flooding, improving water quality, and supporting biodiversity along the Mississippi River corridor.

In this episode, Chris Rice of The Nature Conservancy discusses the restoration of Mollicy Farms, the largest floodplain reconnection project ever undertaken in the U.S.

Chris explains the extensive efforts involved in breaching levees, planting millions of tree...

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The fact there are 2.2 million people in America without safe drinking water and adequate sanitation in their homes does not receive enough media attention or public awareness. There are lessons on how to change this from the high-profile coverage of connected environmental issues such as climate change.

This episode features a conversation with Bill Weir, Chief Climate Correspondent at CNN. It was recorded during the first-ever ga...

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Communities across the United States face significant challenges in accessing and effectively utilizing federal funding for water initiatives. The solution lies in leveraging these resources to empower grassroots organizations and address local water issues.

This episode is a recording from a session at River Network’s River Rally, during which Celina Mahabir of Community Water Center and Kirsten Shead of Milwaukee Water Commons di...

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The River Network’s Emerging Leader Award highlights rising stars at the crossroads of water and justice. Designed to boost early career professionals, the award offers recognition, confidence, and networking opportunities.

At River Rally 2024 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, four awardees shared their impactful work, the reasons for their recognition, and their successful water initiatives.

This episode delves into the stories of Charle...

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The Potomac River, once labeled a national disgrace due to severe pollution, has seen significant improvements over the decades. Through efforts such as wastewater treatment upgrades and cleanup of industrial hotspots, the river's health has greatly improved, making it often safe for recreational use.

In this episode, Dean Naujoks, the Potomac Riverkeeper, discusses the progress achieved and the ongoing challenges like agricultural...

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Jackson, Mississippi, has long struggled with inadequate water infrastructure, highlighted by a major treatment plant failure in 2022 that left 160,000 residents without safe drinking water.

Lexus Giles, an artist from Jackson, reflects on these challenges through her work "Wading the Woes of Jackson Water."

The exhibit features pieces that represent the struggles and adaptations of Jackson's residents in accessing clean water.

In ...

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Agencies responsible for natural resources along the Gulf Coast and Mississippi River corridor often face significant challenges due to limited resources. A powerful solution to this problem is the Gulf Corps program, which leverages funding from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill settlement to support nature-based projects. 

This episode features conversations with Christina Wayne from The Nature Conservancy, Brian Pember from the U.S...

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California is grappling with a severe groundwater crisis, underscoring the urgent need for accurate accounting under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). SGMA mandates that certain basins develop plans to achieve groundwater balance by 2040, ensuring that withdrawals do not exceed recharge rates.

Various tools are being used or developed to tackle this challenge, ranging from field meters and well monitors to computer...

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Many people in Oregon face significant water justice challenges, including affordability, accessibility, and quality. Addressing these issues requires place-based, community-specific solutions.

In this episode, Alai Reyes-Santos, Associate Director of the PNW Just Futures Institute for Climate and Racial Justice, discusses her work in Oregon and what she has learned from her roots in Puerto Rico.

She explains the diverse water just...

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Louisiana faces severe coastal erosion and land loss, making coastal restoration a critical challenge. One of the innovative solutions is the $2.9 billion Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion project, which aims to restore about 20 square miles of wetlands and land. 

In this episode, Brad Barth, Diversions Program Manager from the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, discusses this massive engineering feat, which aims to harnes...

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Urgent water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) challenges persist across the United States. Peer-to-peer support for utility professionals in these communities can make a positive difference.

Anniestacia Denton, a Utility Advisor at Moonshot Missions, provides a look into these pressing issues, with a particular focus on her home state of Alabama.

Bringing a unique perspective on the severe sanitation problems in the Black Belt region...

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This episode features a series of rapid-fire questions with Alan Roberson of the Association of State Drinking Water Administrators, delving into some of the most pressing issues facing the drinking water industry today.

The conversation tackles hot topics such as regionalization, Consumer Confidence Reports, the Lead and Copper Rule, PFAS, point-of-use filtration at homes, and the safety of bottled water.

Alan provides expert insi...

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The South continues to experience rapid development and is now facing more intense rainfalls due to climate change. This makes stormwater management a more critical issue for the region. This episode delves into the challenges and solutions with Vinicius Taguchi, an Extension Associate at North Carolina State University. 

He highlights Wilson, North Carolina as an example of a community with stormwater problems exacerbated by a hist...

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This episode is part of a series Mississippi By Nature that explores how nature based solutions are helping the river and its communities.

The Houma Nation has a deep-rooted history in southeastern Louisiana, where they have lived and thrived along the Mississippi River and its delta for centuries. Recently, they face escalating challenges as environmental degradation accelerates, pushing them ever closer to the coast and into the ...

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As the Western United States grapples with water scarcity, onsite recycling is becoming a crucial solution. San Francisco has positioned itself at the forefront of this initiative.

This episode explores the city's pioneering efforts in onsite water recycling with Paula Kehoe, Director of Water Resources at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Delving into the city's adoption of advanced recycling systems that set global s...

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This episode is part of a series Mississippi By Nature that explores how nature based solutions are helping the river and its communities.

For the past 200 years, no single entity has had more influence on the Mississippi River than the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Since 1824, the federal agency has been responsible for maintaining navigation, promoting commerce, and preventing flooding along the waterway.

This responsibility has ...

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This episode is part of a series Mississippi By Nature that explores how nature based solutions are helping the river and its communities.

This episode features a ride to the mouth of the Mississippi River with Captain Richie Blink of Delta Discovery Tours, who shares how he has seen the river change over his decades on the water and how projects that use nature itself are beneficial.

Then John Sabo, Director of the ByWater Institu...

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The iconic Charles River, central to Boston's suburbs and urban landscape, faces significant environmental challenges, including the impacts of climate change. The problems such as flooding hit hardest in downstream areas that are often disadvantaged communities.

Dira Johanif, with her roots in the diverse environments of Malaysia—from bustling cities to the lush rainforests of Borneo—brings a unique perspective to her role as a Sen...

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Water scarcity and groundwater overuse are driving land use dilemmas in California, particularly in agriculture.

One promising solution gaining traction is multi-benefit land repurposing, which involves transforming unproductive farmland to capture rain, floods, and diverted water for groundwater recharge. These repurposed lands also provide various advantages for wildlife, recreation, education, and climate adaptation.

This episod...

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