Way Out On The Wing

Way Out On The Wing

Tasmania’s Local Footy Podcast. Hosted ingloriously by Will Tatchell (Wildus) & Nic d’Emden (Worm) #wayoutwing


September 25, 2023 63 mins

Episode 23, Wildus and Worm are wrapping up the 2023 local footy season like it's a present 🎁, discussing the TSL's 2024 star influx that's brighter than a supernova ✨, and trying to figure out if one of them turned into a master baiter during the Lions vs. Blues prelim (spoiler alert: it gets fishy 🎣). Plus, they're diving deep into feedback, peering into the weekend and preseason crystal ball 🔮, and putting on th...

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🏟️ Wildus is absolutely thrilled (though feeling a bit hoarse 🐴) after witnessing Carlton's miraculous 🪄 performance at the 'G'! 🤩 Our highly-anticipated season review Long Lunch 🥪 is already oversubscribed within the first week of its announcement 📢.  We delve into the cruciality of kick-to-kick ball 👟🏉 at local footy, while Worm narrowly misses what could have been the comeback of the century amidst a weeken...

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September 12, 2023 81 mins

🤙🎉 Coming off an epic premiership weekend, our boy 🪱Worm's feeling a bit rough 🥴 as he channels his inner NW coast counterpart 🏆. It's crunch time in the season with a few BDs (big dances) left to savor 🤤🏉, and we're dishing out the highlights from this past weekend's action 📽️🎞️.

We're catching up with great mates and rival coaches and foes 🤝 for the upcoming NTFA Premier GF - 🐯 Rocherlea's J...

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September 5, 2023 52 mins

🎙️ In this week's episode, we dive into an action-packed weekend of local footy - deep in finals season. 🏉 Is Georgetown boasting the best turf in all of Tasmania right now? 🌱 The Mouth from The South weighs in with his Old Scholars GF prediction, bringing his signature flair. 🗣️ We've also tracked down a higher quality Worm on the North West Coast, and stay tuned for some truly thought-provoking feedback that's coming your way...

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August 30, 2023 65 mins

✈️ Worm's flying solo, until Wildus storms in and back from the high life after securing the AFLs Coach of the Year award and legend status. But Worm keeps it local & tells all about his epic road trip to Oatlands for the ODFA Grand Final 🏆, and a huge weekend of junior finals galore at York Park.

Oh, and you won't believe the drama we uncovered 🕵️‍♂️: dodgy vote counting in the Old Scholars😮, a overflowing mailbox so huge i...

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August 14, 2023 75 mins

🚫👂 Don't believe everything you hear this week! Interviews with ODFA Premiership Coaches Freddy Burn (Campbell Town) & Paul Rainbird (Triabunna), aiming to shatter their respective clubs' 20+ year premiership droughts. 🏉🏆

💪 Worm is taking Wildus on an adventurous fitness journey 🏋️‍♂️, signing him up for an intense fitness camp of sorts! 🏞️ Meanwhile, Wildus has a surprise of his own, enrollin...

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August 7, 2023 89 mins

Another custard-packed episode of "Way Out On The Wing" for you this week! 🏆🎉 We'll speak with ODFA President Brian O'Reilly about the league's finals series and the upcoming Bullock Festival. 🏈🎪

🤔 Get ready for a lively debate about what really constitutes "un-safe" playing conditions and whether it's time for us to toughen up a bit! 💪🌧️

🔥 Feedback is pouring in as we unravel the ...

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August 3, 2023 56 mins

 ‼️💥We’re live in front of the last day, of the last 🔥 Ashes test commentating those pesky, cheating, whinging Poms 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿! We’ll get stuck into a local controversy that goes against the spirit of the game 👼 whilst we get caught reminiscing about a grand final in ankle deep mud. Worm asks a somewhat interpretive question regarding “what do you do with your non-dominant hand?” 🖐️, and we launch into the first Finals in l...

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July 17, 2023 75 mins

🎙️This week we speak with one of Tassie's most promising young footballers - Ryley Sanders! 🏉😎 Receive some critiquing feedback about the show. 😊📩 A whole host of names are thrown our way to carve into our Mount Rushmore of Tassie Footy concept, and capture a snapshot of local footy around the state. ⛰️📸

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July 11, 2023 69 mins

🎙️ An electrifying Episode 14, we're bringing you the freshest footy news, scores, and highlights from all over the state. 🏉 We dive into a capacity listener mailbox, where we unravel some astonishing topics. 📬Wildus reveals potentially the least competitive league this season🤒, while we challenge you to pick 4 Tassie Football faces for a Tasmanian version of Mount Rushmore!🗿🤔🔥

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July 5, 2023 45 mins

Join us for a this week as we detail a magical day at North Hobart for the state games! 🌟 From Worm's outrageous pink suit to countering the crowd claims, we've got the Tassie footy banter you crave! Plus, we suggest ways to make future games even better and discuss the top players of the decade. 🎉🔥 Tune in for an episode packed with excitement and lively discussions! 💥📻

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June 27, 2023 84 mins

🔴🟢🟡We've got exclusive interviews with both State coaches - DEB REYNOLDS & MAV WELLER - ahead of this weekend's State games at North Hobart. Get ready for a rollercoaster🎢 of emotions as we delve into your captivating listener feedback 🥸. We’ll uncover if Worm can defy all odds, qualify and secure a spot in the finals this season. Brace yourselves for a shocking twist as Wildus faces an unexpected ban from a source you'd never...

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June 20, 2023 59 mins

🎙️ We’re across two seasons this week and we talk footy – but watch cricket as we go to air - whilst Scotty f’Roff’in in the Wing Lounge. Wildus stirs up some nostalgic emotions for Worm with a classic North Hobart/Clarence memory. We dedicate a significant portion of the episode to your valuable listener feedback. Additionally, we share our favourite Karaoke songs and explore how Worm has successfully earned a spot ...

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June 8, 2023 53 mins

Episode 10: We tackle the controversial truth about waterfront stadiums with Dunedin Mayor Jules Radich (prepare for some cringe-worthy language mishaps from Worm). More teams drop like flies from the "And 0" leaderboard, setting the stage for who will be the last undefeated side in Tassie, and Wildus throws a hypothetical concept for Wing Arena as its first event!

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May 29, 2023 96 mins

🚨 Episode 9, Season 2023; Wildus🍻 and Worm🪱 dive into young Jeff Gussries' pursuit to play in 2023 🙏 . They present a huge Wing Radar 🌀segment, answer a full listener mailbox📬, chat with YES AFL TEAM - YES STADIUM ✅ 🏟️advocate Mark Brown, and float ⛴️ a game-changing stadium proposal that’ll prompt you to think outside the 📦 . Plus, get ready for some dodgy electoral messages 🤡and a nostalgic limited release ...

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May 24, 2023 79 mins

After a short break, we're back with a bang 💥❗️ This week, we dive into the thrilling world of Rep footy 🏉, analyze all the leagues from top to bottom 🪜 , tackle the controversial No Stadium debate 🚫🏟️ , and stir up some heat in Controversy Corner 🥊 with the player contract saga of young Jeff Gussries at the local level. Get ready for footy-filled discussions, passionate debates, and our signature blend of humor and insights....

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May 10, 2023 56 mins

Join Wildus and Worm for a special episode of Way Out On The Wing as we chat with a doyen of Tasmanian football, and an ex coach of Wildus’, and genuine all round great bloke - Robert Shaw. We dive into all things Tassie AFL team, stadium deals and how we can make our AFL team at thriving success - both at AFL level AND locally! Get ready to be inspired, entertained, and enlightened by his incredible journey through Tassie footy, a...

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May 10, 2023 61 mins

This week we’ll dive into the controversial suspensions that have taken place at AFL level, we explore the future demise of the TSL, we introduce you to the exciting new global sensation known as the Wing Sav Rankings, and joining us for a captivating conversation is none other than Robert Shaw, one of the most revered and esteemed figures in Tassie footy. 

Get ready for another  jam-packed episode of footy insights and engaging di...

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May 4, 2023 64 mins

💚💛❤️ It what was arguably the greatest day in Tasmanian football history (until our Tassie team wins an AFL Premiership), we dissect the announcement and plan out the next steps including our picks for President, CEO, Coach and mascot, and what inclusions we’d like to see in the new stadium - aptly named WING ARENA! 🏟

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April 30, 2023 61 mins

Join Wildus and Worm for a special episode of Way Out On The Wing as we chat with the President of the Southern Football League, and an ex teammate of ours, David O'Byrne. We dive into all things Tasmanian football, including the Tassie AFL team and the important issue of concussions in the sport. Don't miss out on this one!

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