We Do Whatever It Takes

We Do Whatever It Takes

We are a magician & an (almost) therapist and we do whatever it takes to have a thriving marriage. We have tips and tricks to help you do the same!


October 3, 2022 20 min

A marriage podcast to remind us of the importance of taking rest in our marriages. 

Strategies to avoid burnout. REST.

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Transitions in life are inevitable but learning to deal with them well is crucial for any marriage. In this episode we will share some of our successes and failures in this area.

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September 29, 2022 12 min

Communication seems to be a struggle in many relationships. What I love about great communication skills is that they not only change us, but they also change our relationships forever. If you’ll take the time to learn the skills presented in this podcast, you’ll become a more effective communicator in your marriage and in your home as well as in your work and in your play.

If you figure out how to speak to and listen to your spouse...

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September 28, 2022 15 min

I’ve traveled for almost two decades, performing over four thousand shows in all fifty states and in twenty-one countries. During these years, I’ve been hit on by a few women, been put into hotels next to strip clubs, and experienced a variety of scenarios that could have compromised my relationship with Kimberly. However, one habit changed our ministry from the beginning because of some expert advice given by author and comedian, ...

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Podcast #13- Tricks to Becoming Wise with Finances

Intro- I am a professional magician and a pastor.
I am working towards my license as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

K- when it comes to money, have to be on the same page- otherwise arguments and frustrations. 
-we have had our ups and downs for sure
-we started with $1000, used credit cards, etc,
-2008 recession caused all of our “cards to fall.”

K- spenders vs savers
-dreamer vs dream ...

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Podcast #12- Escaping Traps of Social Media

Intro- I am a professional magician and a pastor.
I am working towards my license as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

K- As a magician, tell us about trap doors and what does that have to do with social media 

D- discuss trap doors in magic
-discuss trap doors in marriages (social media)

K- some of the dangers and pitfalls=
-comparison, jealousy
bottom line- the quickest way to lose joy is to...

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Fear in our Marriages

I am a professional magician and a pastor.
I am working towards my license as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

K-Today we are talking about fears that we have in our marriages and how they affect us.

D- First of all, our beliefs determine our actions. (Repeat)

K- We all have fears, but some of them come from lies we believe or lies we have been told and we act of those, but they simply are not true. F...

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D- creating magic in the bedroom requires more than one trick up your sleeve. In fact it demands that you are on your A game in all areas of communication. So that means talking about what you both need to make the magic happen. We have to be open with each other and talk about sex, even if it’s awkward, uncomfortable, embarrassing, or even painful because of past trauma.

K- Sex can be scary- talk about it.
Sex can be painful- ...

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September 21, 2022 22 min

Danny- intro

Kim- last episode we talked about conflict in your marriage. Today we are going to continue that conversation and also talk about ways you can be prepared for conflict. Here are a few tips 

How you talk to your spouse matters
Everyday starts out fresh! Bring up grievances as they occur
Overlook an offense if possible.
Prepare for conflict- as a magician being prepared & we need to talk about ground rules for conf...

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September 20, 2022 28 min

Kim- intro who I am-MS in Counseling Psychology 

Danny- intro who he is & what he does 

Danny- story about same trick lots of ways & new view on conflict 

Kim- I used to see conflict as a bad thing, I’m a peacemaker 
But now I understand it as a way of bringing glory to God even in the midst of a heated argument 

Danny- some people actually enjoy a good fight. See it as a chance to win

Kim- some like to pursue the conflict while ...

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September 19, 2022 21 min

What you say, when you say it & how you say it matters! 

Kim- and sometimes it’s a script that we say. Just like you as a magician or any performer memorizes a script, we actually have scripts in our marriages

Danny- example of first year of marriage same fight kept coming up 

Kim- the longer you have been married, the more unhealthy scripts you might have. To truly experience joy in your marriage, you need to throw out some of th...

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Read your wife’s mind

K- intro, so what on earth do you mean when you say you can teach people to read minds?

D- mentalists

K- reminder that the point of this is not entertainment but it’s how we should be loving our spouse. 


  • Ask questions- read the room, don’t assume, and get more information by asking husband or wife what was the best or most difficult part of your day? 
  • Listen- listen without fixing! If sh...
  • Mark as Played
    September 15, 2022 29 min

    The best mind readers study body language, have an uncanny ability to observe the smallest details, gather information surreptitiously, ask the right questions, and listen to everything. An old joke among mentalists (those who supposedly read minds) goes like this: you know it’s bad when you have to put your glasses on to read someone’s mind.

    Information Is the Key

    1. Ask Questions
     Sometimes, even mind readers can make mistakes or ...

    Mark as Played

    Secrets are for magicians, not marriages. As a magician, I don’t keep secrets from people; I keep secrets for people. If I shared the secrets of my illusions, the audience would miss out on the wonder, the magic, and the astonishment of a great show.

    In a marriage, secrets destroy trust, kill hope, and cause spouses to miss out on the beautiful friendship they could have with each other. Secrets in marriage never bring out the wonde...

    Mark as Played
    September 13, 2022 15 min

    Put simply,  learning to be thankful in our marriages changes the trajectory or our lives.

    Mark as Played

    Today, we are talking about focusing on the things that matter.

    We are a magician & an (almost) therapist and we do whatever it takes to have a thriving marriage. We have tips and tricks to help you do the same!


    Mark as Played
    Mark as Played

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