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We the People Convention News & Opinion

This is a weekly political news summary show for conservative activist who want to take action to protect their individual freedom, liberty and prosperity. Hosted by Tom Zawistowski, the President of the We the People Convention, the show is focused on local, state and federal news that directly affects the lives of the show's viewers. The theme of the podcast is "Not just Talk - but Action!" The show is designed to inform and educate the general US public about things that they should know about and what they can do to affect change to the things that threaten their personal prosperity and freedom and that of their fellow citizens. The show is produced once per week and posted every Saturday around noon.


February 24, 2024 116 mins

This Week’s Topics:

Prayer for Jan 6th Prisoners 4:00

Jan 6er Jake Lang goes Missing 6:30

FBI Must Disclose Jan 6th Agents 12:00

Sidney Powell Appeal Declined 14:30

Secret Election Day Meeting Exposed 18:00

Powerful Video: Tucker & Miller 21:00

Illegals can’t Join US Military 35:30

NY Hochul Proves Trump was Targeted 38:00

AZ will not Extradite to NY 40:00

Let’s Bud Light New York City 43:00

Time to ACT MAD not be Mad! 48:30

Dr. Malone: We...

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  • Opening Statement 1:30
  • Prayer for Jan 6th Prisoners 4:30
  • SCOTUS to Hear Appeal April 16th 6:00
  • Donate to Fund the Fight 9:30
  • Russia Kills Navalny in Prison 13:30
  • Biden Uses Killing to Push Ukraine 15:00
  • Speaker Johnson Pressured by Killing 18:00
  • Ohio’s Turner Misuses Position 20:00
  • Ohio’s Davidson tries to Fix FISA 23:00
  • Ohio Sheriff Warns about Terrorism 27:30
  • Government Wants YOU Angry! 29:00
  • FBI Informants Not So Credible 33:00
  • House Wa...
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This Week’s Topics:

Video Tribute to Toby Keith 1:30

Prayer for Jan 6th Political Prisoners 8:00

Sad Prison Tweets from Jake Lang 10:00

House Reps call out Insurrection Lies 16:00

2024 Victory Fund - Plan for Success 18:30

SCOTUS Destroys Lefts Ballot Ploy 25:00

DOJ Finds Biden Guilty of Dementia 31:00

Biden use Private Emails as VP 36:00

Biden Even Censored Books! 37:00

House WILL Impeach Mayorkas 39:30

Fake Border Bill is DOA 44:00

Dems blee...

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This Week’s Topics:

Opening Statement 1:30

We are at WAR with China & Losing 3:30

Prayer for Jan 6th Political Prisoners 10:30

Tale of Two Jan 6th Rioters 13:00

Our Plan Letter to President Trump 19:00

Turning Point does RNC’s Job 24:00

Video: The Invasion is a Plan 32:00

Get the Story on Texas Truckers 40:00

Trump Leads all Seven Swing States 41:00

Biden Super PAC’s Historic Ad Buy 42:00

Video: Dick Morris on Michelle O  45:00

Three Soldi...

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This Week's Topics:
Opening Statement 1:30

WTPC Endorses Trump & More 4:00

WTPC Success Plan for 2024 11:00

2024 Victory Fund 24:00

Prayer for Jan 6th Prisoners 25:30

Damning Poll of DC Jury Pool 28:00

Why are they Deleting Files??? 35:30

Trump Wins NH & Crushes Haley 39:30

70% of Haley Voters NOT Reps! 42:30

Video: Biden is going to get creamed 44:30

Fake Senate Border Deal is DOA  48:30

SCOTUS: Feds can Remove Wire 51:30

TX ...

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This Week’s Topics:

Opening Statement 1:30

Prayer for Jan 6th Political Prisoners 8:00

Leftist Insurrection at White House 11:00

We Must Defend MLK’s Dream 15:00

Huge Win for Trump in Iowa 19:30

Trump Pledges “No CBDC”  24:00

DOJ Admits Hunter Laptop is Real 26:00

Hunter may face FARA Charges 28:30

Reps Vote to Impeach Mayorkas 32:30

Johnson Passes CR with Dem Help 37:00

SCOTUS looks to End Chevron 41:00

Blinken Tell Israel they Can’t Win 46:3...

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This Week’s Topics:

Celebrate MLK Day! 1:30

Prayer for Jan 6th Prisoners 12:00

J6th Persecutions Continue 14:30

Must see Jan 6th Timeline Movie 19:00

J6th Committee Destroyed Evidence 23:00

SCOTUS will Uphold Appeal 28:00

Iowa Caucus Monday 31:00

Biden Corruption Investigations 36:30

Hunter in REAL Trouble 39:00

Mayorkas Impeachment Starts 43:00

Trump Pledges to Deport Illegals 45:00

Texas Seizes Eagle Pass 46:30

Mexico President Plays Biden 51...

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This Week’s Topics:
Commemoration of Jan 6th 1:00
Recognition of the Dead 12:00
Recognition of those Charged 19:30
Story of J6th Prisoner 24:00
No Extremism in Military 29:00
Judge Dismisses Sicknick Cases 32:30
SCOTUS take Ballot Case 34:00
Jack Smith May be Disqualified 36:30
Seven Key Trump Promises 42:00
Trump Expands Election Map 46:30
Shutdown Border or Government 48:00
Big Win ...

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This Week’s Topics:
Happy New Year Opening Comments 1:30
Prayer for Jan 6th Prisoners/Fund Raiser 7:00
Video: Trump Threats are Real 10:30
Video: Left will do ANYTHING 17:00
Video: What will YOU DO? 24:30
Video: The Resistance is Growing 30:00
Trump Ballot Issue Goes to SCOTUS 35:30
Wisconsin Court Election Interference 38:30
Smith tries to limit Trump Defense 41:00
GA Dominion Machines are H...

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This Week’s Topics:

Christmas Video 1:30

History of Christmas 7;00

250th Anniversary of TEA Party 13:30

Prayer for Political Prisoners 17:00

Blaze Reporter being Charged 19:00

Colorado Tries to Remove Trump 24:00

More Evidence of Biden Corruption 29:30

Proof FBI Covered for Hunter 31:00

House Wants Smith to Testify 34:00

SCOTUS blows up Smith’s Plan 37:30

WTPC & Trump Endorse Moreno 39:30

Trump Support Surging with Blacks 44:30

Trump Leads ...

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This Week’s Topics:

We are JOYOUS about SCOTUS 2:00

Prayer for Jan 6th Political Prisoners 7:00

What SCOTUS Decision Means 10:00

Video: Ghost Buses at Jan 6th 13:30

Trump DC Cases are DONE! 25:00

Chutkan Announce Pause in  Trump Trial 26:30

Even Dems know this is all Political 28:30

Giuliani will appeal absurd Verdict 31:00

Deep State Knows Trump will Win 33:00

House Vote for Impeachment Inquiry 37:00

Crappy NDAA & FISA Pass 38:00

Speaker ...

Mark as Played

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This Week’s Topics:

Opening Comments 2:00

Prayer for Jan 6th Political Prisoners 4:00

You are on Terrorist Watch List! 8:30

Jan 6th Committee Deleted Evidence 13:00

Big Donors Return to Trump 19:30

ORP Endorses Trump in Ohio 21:00

Koch’s Endorse Nikki Haley 24:30

Biden buys votes with YOUR Money 27:00

Video: Black Dems are PISSED OFF! 30:30

Hose Republicans in Chaos 32:30

Santos Expulsion is a MISTAKE 35:30

Feds Caught Illegally Spying on YOU ...

Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

Opening Comments 2:00

Video: Tell the Truth to Defeat the Left 5:30

Prayer for Jan 6th Prisoners 9:00

Police Beating Victim Sentenced 11:30

Video: Lara Logan Jan 6th Report 15:30

We want NEW Jan 6th Committee! 22:30

NY Times U-Turn on Jan 6th 26:00

Hostages Release - US is WEAK! 29:00

US Loses Dominance in Submarines 33:00

House Subpoenas Lesley Wolf 36:00

Is Trump Done with McDaniel 39:30

Judge: Voting Machines are Flawed!...

Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics: 

Thanksgiving Message 2:00 

Prayer for Jan 6th Political Prisoner 5:00 

Interview with Prisoner Jake Lang 9:00 

SCOTUS to Hear Appeal 12/1/23 12:00 

Mike Johnson Releases Jan 6th Video 16:00 

Julie Kelly: Video Yetman Innocent 20:00 

Left Attacks DNC with Impunity 23:30 

March for Israel Huge Success 28:30 

Senators: No Palestinian Refugees 33:00 

Muslim Terror Attack in Austin, TX 34:00 

House Passes “Tiered CR” 38:00 

8 R...

Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

Opening Message 2:00

Prayer for Jan 6th Political Prisoner 7:00

Absurd Jan 6th Suspect Arrest 8:00

Jan 6th Inmates being Tortured! 10:00

JD Vance Puts Hold on FBI Staff 16:30

Ohio & National Election Recap 19:30

Four Election Day Wins 28:00

Video: Vivek Calls out RNC 34:00

Israel Must Destroy Hamas 38:00

Four New Attacks on US Troops 42:00

Israel Shoot Down Ballistic Missile 43:30

11/14 National Stand with Israel Day 47...

Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

Prayer for Jan 6th Prisoners 4:00

Stand Alone Israel Bill Vote is HUGE! 5:30

Video: Speaker Johnson Comments 9:30

Ukraine “Stealing Like No Tomorrow” 13:00

Anti-Israel Protests are ASTROTURF! 18:30

Hamas must be Annihilated! 22:30

Top Law Firms fight Antisemitism 24:30

White House Worried about Islamophobia 26:30

Wagner Group Providing Air Defenses 30:00

Google Censoring Hamas Atrocities 31:30

600,000 “Gotta-ways” Just thi...

Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

We won Speaker Fight! Be Happy! 2:00

Prayer for Political Prisoners 10:00

Jan 6th Journalist Goes to Prison 13:00

While Dem Gets off for Fire Alarm 16:30

Mike Johnson is Speaker 21:00

Left Hates him! Which we LOVE! 25:00

Matt Gaetz Video about McCarthy 32:30

Israel Aid must come from Budget 40:00

Israeli Delays Invasion for US 42:00

US Military prepares for War 43:30

US Hits Targets in Syria 45:30

Hamas gave Drugs to Terror...

Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

Rich Men North of Richmond 2:00

Jake Lang 1,000 Days in Jail 11:30

Video Proof of Fed Instigators 15:00

Grassroots Energized Jordan 24:00

GOP Ditches Jordan after 3rd Vote 28:30

WTPC Press Release on Jordan 33:00

US Gov Knew before Attack 45:00

Iran Warns US about Escalation 48:00

This is How WW III Starts 52:00

2,000 Marines head to Israel 55:00

Multiple Attacks on US this Week 56:00

Biden Israel Ambassador Joke 58:30


Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

New Jan 6th “Gallows” Video 8:30

Unpacking Israeli War 14:40

Obama & Biden Hired Iranian Spies 24:00

Arab Countries using People of Gaza 28:00

US must NOT Escalate this War! 29:00

Illegals set Stage for Terror Here 35:00

Illegal must be Assimilated 39:00

Fight to make Jim Jordan Speaker 45:30

YOU need to make calls NOW 50:00

GOP better Listen to Base! 56:00

RFK to run as Independent 1:01:00

Biden interviews about Illega...

Mark as Played

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