Wedding Business Solutions

Wedding Business Solutions

If weddings are all or part of your business, then the Wedding Business Solutions podcast is for you. You’ll hear ideas to help you sell more, profit more and have more fun doing it from Alan Berg CSP, who’s been called “The Leading International Speaker and Expert on the Business of Weddings.” Whether it’s ideas for closing the sale, improving your website conversion or just plain common-sense ideas for your wedding business, the episodes here, whether monologue or dialogue are just the thing to get you motivated to help more couples have great weddings, and more profits for you . . . . . . . . . You can read full transcripts of each episode at . . . . . . . . . Don't forget to subscribe to this podcast so you'll know about the latest episodes. And if you have a question, comment or suggestion for topic or guest, please reach out at . . . . . . . . . And if you don't get my email updates for new episodes, as well as upcoming workshops and Master Classes, you can sign up at . . . . . . . . . If you'd like to find out about Alan's speaking, sales training, consulting or website review services, you can reach him at or visit Podcast.AlanBerg.comNote: I invite my guests on for the value they provide to you, my listeners. Occasionally I have a guest on where I'm an affiliate or have a relationship that may involve compensation for me. My first priority is the value to you and therefore I don't sell placement or guest spots on my podcast.


February 21, 2024 6 mins

Do you ask How Much? 

There are times when we have to ask ourselves if we do some of the same things when we’re customers, that our customers do to us. For instance, if you hate it when people ask you how much you charge, before finding out the results you can provide, or the value that you bring… have you done that when you were the customer? I know I have. Whether it’s because we don’t know what to ask, we’ve never bought this pro...

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Kendra Ramirez – AI for Wedding Pros

I met Kendra at the WedProCon conference where she was speaking about AI – Artificial Intelligence, and how wedding pros can use it… and I just had to have her on the podcast to talk to you. Of course, we discuss ChatGPT, but also some other cool tools that you can use to help you with content creation, images, video editing and much more.

Listen to our conversation and get some ideas on how you m...

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Have you resolved to stop making resolutions? 

Now that it’s February (when this first aired), have you made and broken your New Year’s resolutions already? Did you make any? I don’t, because I don’t wait for the beginning of the year to commit to what I want/need to do. Do you need a milestone date to get started? Or, do you just need accountability to what you want to achieve?

Listen to this new 7-minute episode for a little perspe...

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This episode was prompted by paying attention to some of the many email signatures I see every day. Sometimes we don’t pay any attention to them (especially if it’s someone we already know). There were a few times, just this week, where I wanted to know more about the person sending the email (either to do research, or add them to my CRM, etc.) and I found it to be a lot harder than it should have been. Adding unnecessary friction ...

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February 5, 2024 33 mins

How many words is your current contract, including the Terms & Conditions? Did you account for every eventuality, not matter how rare? Can your contract be cut down to only 500 words? I had a great conversation with Sarah Fox, a “Recovering Lawyer”, and fellow speaker I met in the UK. In her former life as a corporate attorney she saw the ridiculousness of the length of so many contracts. Then, her sister challenged her to writ...

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January 31, 2024 9 mins

What's the Zero Moment of Truth?

I just finished reading “Youtility” by Jay Baer, and among other great nuggets he talks about the Zero Moment of Truth, which Google defines as “The ZMOT refers to the moment in the buying process when the consumer researches a product prior to purchase.” Are you there for their ZMOT? How many potential customers are you losing, before you even knew they were in the market for what you do?


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Should we care what the color of the year is?

I just saw the big announcement… the Pantone color of the year is Peach Fuzz! <cue the sound of crickets> Does that matter to your business and should you care? If you’re in the color business – flowers, linens, fashion, invitations, lighting, décor… then yes. Should the rest of us care? Maybe.

Listen to this new 6-minute episode for more some thoughts on the color of the year and w...

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Alan Katz – Scaling from 1 wedding to thousands!

I’ve known Alan Katz for years and I love the story of how he got started doing a friend’s wedding, and has parlayed that to a company that does almost 2,000 ceremonies each year! You’ll also hear how he’s deepened his niche with other related services and how he’s been able to get thousands of reviews. Oh, and Alan Katz is the one who told me to end every email with a question… somet...

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January 17, 2024 13 mins

What’s a Fake Lead?

I’ve been having quite a few one-on-one conversations with clients and folks in the industry about fake leads. I also see many social posts about this and I’m often tagged and pulled into the conversation. And since you can’t hear my one-on-one conversations, I thought I’d address it here, as most of those conversations are very similar.

Listen to this new 10-minute episode for a different perspective on what is a...

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Don't punish the masses for the ills of a few

I’ve used this phrase before on the podcast “Don't punish the masses for the ills of a few”. Just recently I saw another wedding/event pro coming up with what felt like punitive rules, so I decided it was time to devote an episode to this. How many things are you telling your couples and customers they can’t do? Is your “no” list bigger than your “yes” list?

Listen to this new 7...

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Do you love doing weddings and events but hate all of the business minutiae? There’s so much more to running a successful business than just doing the events. There’s the administration, project management, following up on leads, and following up with couples and customers after the sale and before the event. With staffing being so difficult these days, many businesses, including mine, have looked to using Virtual Assistants to fil...

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January 3, 2024 8 mins

I just finished reading another book by Adam Grant, a professor at Wharton in Philadelphia, this one is called “Hidden Potential.” It really hit home with me when he shared examples of people who intentionally seek out being uncomfortable, and then they push through that discomfort and use it as a catalyst for their success. Specifically, he gave examples of people who are polyglots, people who are fluent in many more languages tha...

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December 27, 2023 9 mins

What’s your ideal gift?

For my last episode of this year I wanted to reflect a little on gifting. It’s gift-giving season and I know that my attitude towards what makes a great gift has certainly changed over the years, I’ll bet yours has as well. Whether it’s one you give or one you receive, what would make it stand out for you. It’s a gift to me that you’re tuning in to my podcast, so thank you. You’re what makes this worthwhile.


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December 25, 2023 30 mins

Matt Campbell – The Butterfly Effect

 Matt and I were both commenting on a post on Facebook and he replied “The Butterfly Effect”, and I said that we have to come on the podcast to talk about it. What is the Butterfly Effect? It’s that a small change can make a big difference, often far away and without any real connection. We’re expanding on that in this episode. Tune in for some ideas on how small decisions and opportunities proba...

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If you're not the lead dog, the view never changes!

This is another listener suggestion, this time from Cedric on Facebook. I don’t know if he used this phrase, or if it was my interpretation. The analogy comes from visualizing a dog sled team. Imagine a sled being pulled by 5 dogs. One in front, and two pairs of two other dogs behind it. If you’re the lead dog, you have a clear view of where you’re going. If you’re one of the ...

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December 13, 2023 9 mins

I had been meaning to do an episode based upon this phrase after reading it in Brene Brown’s book “Dare to Lead.” And then I got an email about an article in the NY Times talking about the same thing (it’s a sign!). Very often we make assumptions about what happened, what someone is thinking, why someone did or didn’t do something. The problem is that often we don’t really know why someone did or didn’t do something, or their motiv...

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Why Customers Leave – with David Avrin

I was reading (listening) to my friend David Avrin’s book “Why Customers Leave and How to Win Them Back” and there were so many good nuggets in there that I just had to have him on the podcast. We talked about the customer experience and how so many times you lose the sale without even knowing that you were being considered.

Listen to this new episode for some straight talk about the customer ex...

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December 6, 2023 9 mins

When presented with a new opportunity, do you look at what could go wrong, or how it could fail? Do you ask yourself “Why should I?” Or, do you focus on the positive outcomes and ask “Why shouldn’t I?” Too many people place their emphasis on the negative, not the potential. After all, the easiest thing to do when presented with an opportunity is to do nothing.

Listen to this new 7-minute episode to hear how you can change your focus...

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November 29, 2023 6 mins

Don't try to be the best you can ever be!

Are you satisfied with where you are and how good you are? I’m not, and I’ll never be. Yes, I like to look back and reflect on my successes, but my personal philosophy is that I want to be better each time than I was the last time. Whether it’s in business or in my personal life, it’s a constant push to do better, every time.

Listen to this new 6-minute episode to hear why I don’t ever w...

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November 27, 2023 32 mins

After reading “The Go-Giver” for the second time, and then reading “Go-Givers Sell More”, I just had to have the author, Bob Burg, on the podcast. There are so many great lessons and nuggets that we can all apply to our businesses and lives in these books. I also just started reading “The Go-Giver Influencer”, and I’ve already been making notes. These books are so easy to read, using parables (short stories) which make it easy to r...

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