Weird and Wacky World

Weird and Wacky World

Seriously?! Yep… it’s really true. The JabberGuys explore the weird and wacky world we all share where truth is stranger than fiction. Revealing intriguing facts from history and captivating real world stories that are unbelievable, they each share their unique sense of humour and amusing insights to a variety of thought-provoking topics designed to enlighten and entertain.


May 13, 2021 46 min

That's a Wacky By-Law! (S2-E1)

The JabberGuys kick off Season 2 and discover some of the world’s wackiest By-Laws.  Ignorance of the law is no excuse, even if the law doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.  So, a word to the wise… join the JabberGuys for this episode if you plan on travelling and don’t want to end up getting fined.

It's illegal to run out of gas on the Autobahn!
It is mandatory for men to wear speedos in France.

Mark as Played

Is That a Fact (S1-E15)

The JabberGuys explore some little-known facts in our weird and wacky world.

 Sloths or Dolphins?  Which can hold their breath longer?  Sloths, for up to 40 minutes.

Froot Loop flavours - are they all the same?  Yep.

Apples can be up to a year old in the supermarket… and they are coated with wax.

Lobsters taste with their feet.

How many hearts does an octopus have?  (3)    “My Octopus Teacher” documentary.

Before t...

Mark as Played
April 15, 2021 56 min

Freaky Phobias (S1-E14)

The JabberGuys discover some of the wacky phobias that are out there. Along the way they realize some of their own phobias.  Clowns, frogs, chickens … somewhere there is somebody afraid of just about anything.

Agoraphobia - Fear of Crowded or Open Spaces
Acrophobia - Fear of Heights
Cha gets stranded on an old woman’s roof… like a scared cat.
Cynophobia - Fear of Dogs … “I had a bad experience” …  (Mos Def)
Cha’s ...

Mark as Played
April 1, 2021 50 min

"Would I Lie to You?" (S1-E13)

The JabberGuys uncover some long-held beliefs that turn out to be myths in this episode of Weird and Wacky World.? Sorry to disappoint… but that thing you thought was true…? nope!

?What?? No Santa Claus?

Beaver anal gland secretions in food? (castoreum)

Is bat guano in makeup?? Nope!

The 5 second rule … bacteria sticks in milli-seconds … “Cha… don’t eat that Cheerio”.

Queex shares his Achilles tendo...

Mark as Played
March 18, 2021 35 min

"That's F*cked Up, Yo" (S1-E12)

The JabberGuys reluctantly share some of the weird obsessions people have.  Hard to believe, but these people are out there…. I mean really out there.

(We strictly warn that all the obsessions represented in the podcast and in the podcast show notes as being extremely dangerous and should not be copied and are presented purely for entertainment purposes.)

Girl who eats drywall

Queex educates ...

Mark as Played
March 4, 2021 31 min

That's News to Me (S1-E11)

The JabberGuys comment on crazy news stories and headlines.? Seriously…. did that really happen?? Some of these stories will leave you scratching your head…. And the editors were definitely asleep at the switch when some of these headlines were approved for publication.

Cha is trying to address his heartburn with stomach enzymes…. but has been taking his wife’s female pills by mistake for a week.? Nice ...

Mark as Played
February 20, 2021 30 min

"My Name is Goff, Jack Goff" (S1-E10)

Wacky names of towns, funny wedding announcement combo names, and what were their parents thinking when they named them?? Join the JabberGuys for this episode that will leave you scratching your head… wtf?

?Weird town names?

?? ? ? Dumber, New Hampshire
?? ? ? Satan’s Kingdom, and Hell, Michigan
?? ? ? Ding Dong, Texas
?? ? ? Chicken, Alaska
?? ? ? Intercourse, Pennsylvania
?? ? ? Scratch Ankle...

Mark as Played
February 4, 2021 49 min

The JabberGuys talk about some of the idiots of the COVID pandemic.   Covidiots are everywhere.  From hoarding TP to confrontations with non-maskers.

Why did all the Covidiots hoard toilet paper?

Cha finally finds some TP at Costco…. He thought.

Queex snags some TP on the run at Costco.

The W.H.O. flipflops on the use of video games.

Thankful for Xbox and PS4.

God will take care of us. (??)

Are dildos an essential service...
Mark as Played
January 21, 2021 55 min

Kids Gone Wild (S1-E8)

The JabberGuys relive some of the weird and wacky experiences from their childhood, and the crazy comparisons to the world of kids today.? Total disregard for safety, dangerous toys, questionable behaviour, and overall bad judgement…. hilarious, but when you actually live through it, they are all valuable learning experiences. ? Yeah, let’s go with that.

?No threat of punishment for kids today.? Spanking should...

Mark as Played

I Hate It When That Happens (Pet Peeves) (S1-E7)

The JabberGuys release their frustrations and identify some of their pet peeves that drive them crazy.  Many of the irritating situations discussed will definitely be familiar to many of our listeners.

Driving in the passing lane… OMG!

Smokers flicking butts

Socks and sandals

Licking your fingers

Tights as pants with muffin tops?

Toilet lid slams

On their cell phone at the gym

Grocery buggies...

Mark as Played

Here Comes Fatty with His Sack Full of Crap (S1-E6)

The JabberGuys talk about some of your favourite Xmas movies, some weird international traditions around Xmas time, and what is with some of those Xmas song lyrics?

ELF… one of the best Xmas movies (2003)
(Will Ferrell, James Caan… and how did Chris Farley almost factor into ELF?)
“He’s an angry Elf”

The Rankin-Bass collection of Xmas shows:
The Year Without a Santa Claus (1974 - TV)

Mark as Played
December 10, 2020 41 min

Failure to Launch (S1-E5)

The JabberGuys share some of the oddest 'first-date' stories that will make you laugh, wonder, and ask 'WTF?'

The ‘Cat Guy’.

?6 kids from 5 different women?

?The Super Soaker and apple liqueur!

Queex explains about Toilet Targets for Boys

?Stabbed on the first date.

?COVID and blind dates.

?The BK milkshake and wanker photos.

?Newfoundland Rum - ‘Screech’

?The Door Tackle.

?An after-sushi visit back h...

Mark as Played
November 26, 2020 40 min

Wacky Divorce Stories (S1-E4)

The JabberGuys talk about wacky divorce stories that display the range of human creativity and the depths of just plain devious behaviour.? This podcast will make you laugh, and wonder at the wacky lengths some couples will go to on their way to divorce.

Dogs, the innocent bystanders

"Hey Susan!"

Where's my dog?

Burning down the house

Thermostat trouble

Fake lottery ticket leads to divorce

“How do ...

Mark as Played
November 12, 2020 36 min

What an Idiom (S1-E3)

The JabberGuys explore a light-hearted look at many phrases and sayings  we all use to describe various situations, but where did these sayings actually come from?  Some of the origins of these common phrases are hard to believe.

IDIOM: “Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater”

OK… so hygiene wasn’t the strongest trait of the people from the 1500’s.

IDIOM: “Cat Got Your Tongue?”

Feeding the tongues of liars and...

Mark as Played
October 29, 2020 64 min

Fearsome Flicks (S1-E2)

The JabberGuys revisit some of the scariest movies that had the greatest impact on them over the years.? Along the way you will hear about some of the fascinating behind the scenes trivia for these horror classics. ?

These are a few flicks from our list of 20 with some links to extra bonus info.? Listen to the Fearsome Flicks episode to hear the rest.

TV movies:
Trilogy of Terror (1975)
Duel (Spielberg’s director...

Mark as Played
October 15, 2020 35 min

Which Witch? (S1-E1)

Looking into some of the wacky origins of the Halloween season, the JabberGuys uncover the history that makes up this ghostly celebration.? While discussing iconic scary movie references, they do find some disagreement around the reference for sexy movie witches.? Along the way they also reveal some of their own real-life experiences with the paranormal.

Segment 1:
Origins of Halloween:

  • Samhain, an ancient pagan re...
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