Wellness Radio with Dr. J

Wellness Radio with Dr. J

Wellness Radio with Dr. J is a philosophical and esoteric journey on how to recognize the Body, Mind and Spirit oneness through awakening and expanded consciousness while being in this human moment in time. It is also about taking the tether lines back from those you attached to engage in this world, drawing your energy back to your inner self, and learning new ways to navigate with the human body and all the challenges it presents. Health and wellness may be words we can understand, however, they are taking on a new meaning today as we see ourselves from a different perspective. Who are we, what are we made of, and how do we choose to explore this life experience? Are you ready to dance in the ethers and let go of all the old ways that are now holding you back? What is the world we live in, how can we see with new eyes, can we let go and heal all aspects of self, and can we step up to be the people we were meant to become this lifetime? How do we see our human body as also evolving and find new ways to care for the challenges the body seems to be projecting throughout our decades of life? Now is the time! Dr. Jeanette is a visionary who can 'see' beyond the words, we speak, the pains we suffer, and the longing we seek in our body, heart, and soul. She shares, in casual conversation with her guests, the many paths we can explore to expand our moments in time. Nothing to hit you over the head or break your open to never find the pieces; it is a gentle walk through the mind and heart strings. The show is meant to dance with our life experiences and bring inspiration, hope, faith, and compassion to our conscious knowing at this time in our lives. We promise to tell stories, have a laugh, walk the path with you and cry a few tears at any given moment. We got you! Why? Dr. Jeanette has been there, fallen on the path, excavated fears and emotions from the gut, wailed for eons in time, and felt left alone in the desert of time. She has turned every rock, defined every cloud, and pour oceans of tears over her decades of life and continues each day to see what is next in this expansion of life. The soul journey is not for the faint of heart but to find the strength from within, one heart cell at a time, to beat for the next breath. Topics covered on the show can range from children's books and End of Life to paranormal and body health support. You will not find politics here, nor will you find 'the way'. You will be exploring a concept that allows you to open your thoughts and be set out on your seeker path. May you find the next step, and if that plunges you into the abyss, I hope you find you always had wings! Be the powerful spiritual being that is bringing all lifetimes together in human form, to activate a more cohesive and compassionate society in this century. I hope you are supported and guided by the words shared on this radio show over the last decade. My growth and the words of my guests have expanded eons within that time. I almost do not recognize myself even from last week as the cosmic consciousness is on warp speed. Thank you for joining me here and exploring our present moment, one sparkling light at a time, and showing up. Stand tall, even if it is from within. Be well and much love to you. Dr. Jeanette Dr. Jeanette is a medical intuitive, visionary, spiritual teacher, Naturopath, and psychic medium this lifetime. Her abilities and gifts have been open since before her birth, and she expanded her education and experiences one event at a time. Through all the human story, she has retained her wings, and shares stories of her multidimensional life. She engages with others regardless of the hurdles they are deep in, or the moment of time their path is presenting, to assist them in opening to a great awareness of their power and soul. Her work holds you in a healing space from birth, through death, and beyond. To experience a session with her, will take you to a...


September 10, 2023 57 mins
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Pietro Emanuele Garbelli, author of The Doctor's Voice - Empowering Solutions to Physicians' Frustrations, Burnout and Healthcare Inefficiences, to discuss the turmoil in healthcare that imploded the last few years.

Can we be the voice? Can we create a different tribe? We need more people to make the leap, let us know how you are navigating.

Do you still have confidence in the system? Have you noticed the br...
Mark as Played
Dr. Jeanette welcomes John Samuel, author of Don't Ask the Blind Guy for Direction: A 30,000 - Mile Journey for Love, Confidence, and a Sense of Belonging, to share his life journey with failing eyesight.

How are we navigating our path in life? What are the potholes that are trying to take us out? What are our limitations to create change? What is your unique ability that your disability has lead you to uncover in life?

What are the ...
Mark as Played
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Suzanne Worthley, author of Confident Empath - A Complete Guide to Multidimensional Empathing and Energetic Protection, to share her experiences on living an open spirit filled life.

An empath, who are you, what are you all about, are you bumping into things, what is your world about, and perhaps you feel like you just can’t get yourself off the floor somedays.

Where did that sense come from and what is going ...
Mark as Played
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Ilene Grydsuk, author of Age of Resolve (Book 1): The E.V. Chronicles, to share her new novel as our end of summer read. This book will truly take you on an adventure with the character to question everything in life, what you have been told, how you make choices, and what is coming down the pike.

Who is the authority and what is reality all about? Perception is reality; I am told this therefore it must be true...
Mark as Played
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Thomas Lane, author of The Karma Factor, to share his great novel for our last summer read of 2023!

The character in the book takes on all the shifts appearing to his mind and soul while stepping back and seeing how things will play out in today's life. He traverses timelines that are now opening up to him and is astounded at how his regular human life has so many deja vu experiences.

What happens when you op...
Mark as Played
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Frank Forencich, author of The Enemy is Never Wrong, to share his insight on stress, energy, and the world around us.

What is the resistance we are feeling; is it pressure, external sources, our own anxiety, and stress factors, and where is the energy coming from? Is it outside us and coming to us or is it inside and we don’t know where it is coming from?

What is stress all about? How are we feeling coming at u...
Mark as Played
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Faust Ruggiero, author of The Fix Your Anxiety Handbook, to share his tips on working through life's challenges.

How are we living our lives, what are the bumps and bruises along the way, and how are we pushing through struggles in life?

How do we accept the challenges of life and maybe say how do I create a different life going forward?

Perhaps maybe our flow is hitting all the walls, learning what they are made...
Mark as Played
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Paul Hannah, author of Shine Like the Sun, Glow Like the Moon and Flow Like Water, to share his life expansion and how you can expand your knowing this lifetime.

How can you use your breath and energy to create a new existence? What is your job but to care for self and learn more about human/spiritual existence?

How do we get out of the victim space but also to see free will and choice and not be stuck in ...
Mark as Played
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Friedemann Schaub, author of The Empowerment Solution, to share how to navigate a new existence for self in 2023.

"You cannot be empowered if you are navigating a mine field", shares Dr. Jeanette. How can you start to see the past, your old ways, and what you are truly made of if you keep playing the old stories that have held you captive?

The powers of the heart, mind, spirit, and the soul are being blown ...
Mark as Played
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Aly Bird, author of Grief Ally: Helping People You Love Cope with Death, Loss, and Grief, to share her personal story of loss.

Aly shares her story of an unexpected loss that changed her life forever and how she sought help but did not find what worked for her to heal. She shares what worked for her at age 30 with a loss when programs were not available to support her.

The time around loss, death, illness, loss ...
Mark as Played
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dawn Bennett-Alexander, author of The Wandering Quilt, to explore the energy we instill into our creative works.

A great summer read for 2023; mystery, spirituality, soul journey, creative work, and quilting are all woven into a story line that takes you on a journey from the human perspective to the deeper soul engagement with heart.

Are you ready for a journey of recognizing the spirit world and the stories th...
Mark as Played
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Mike Prater, author of The Indentured, to explore our human experiences over centuries in story.

A novel about the adventure of our soul through timelines, eons, this existence, and perhaps our past lives centuries ago. What are ancestors all about and what kind of life did they have?

How did we get through the trials of the soul, embers of the heart, and shackles of the human drama; regardless of the ages, we ...
Mark as Played
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Adrian Johnson, author of Wishful Thinking, to inspire others to heal their hearts through words and connection to the soul.

Time to drift into your thoughts and dreams to find love, peace, joy, and grace.

How can you write your deepest emotions and feelings that are starting to rise from your heart these days?

Can you allow yourself to start feeling what is deep inside, perhaps what you have denied or pushed dow...
Mark as Played
Dr. Jeanette welcomes J R Gonzales, author of Esmeralda's Web, to share his multidimensional novel for our top summer read 2023!

This book is awesome and large for our top summer read! The characters take you on an spirit journey through centures of time, current deja vu, and traversing eons of stories a soul can aspire to, are you up for the adventure?

Who were we before, do you have déjà vu, or perhaps your out of body sleep time a...
Mark as Played
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Ken Saik, author of Healing Hands, to explore the concepts of asking for help after a tumultuous life.

When you hit the wall, fall down, and need help after a hospitalization, illness, change of life, change of lifestyle or perhaps you just say I can't do it anymore; who is out there to help?

Do you have family, friends, loved ones, a tribe or maybe no one to ask for help; what do you do now?

What is the help you...
Mark as Played
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Jerry Huerta author of Thy Kingdom Come: Re-Evaluating the Historicist's Interpretation of the Revelation, to explore story in the context of society events at the time.

History, revelations, and going back to ancient times; what are the stories and books about in our Bibles, dogma, and prophecies.

How did our truths and beliefs come about? How have the words transitioned in time through society, events in the c...
Mark as Played
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Ellena Boyett, author of Bear and The Fussington Locks, to dance with a cat and explore our human emotions.

This is a wonderful Summer Read 2023 for all ages as you step into the cat character to feel your emotions, go on an adventure, and heal your heart from the inside out.

When we are feeling broken and troubled, this book is the perfect ticket to ease your worries and let you breathe fresh air, if only for a...
Mark as Played
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Catherine Shainberg, author of Kabbalah of Light - Ancient Practices to Ignite the Imagination and Illuminate the Soul, to dance in the ethers of a higher frequency conversation.

What is the frequency we are beaming across the eons?

What dimension are we traversing or are you still in the darkness? What if you are saying 'I am in the light' but still finding challenges that seem to come from nowhere?

Time to dan...
Mark as Played
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Adil Panton, author of Claim Your Happiness: Practical Poetry for Life, Love and Self, to explore our soul's voice.

What are the whispers of our mind, body and spirit telling us? Are they meant to be actionable, or perhaps guideposts, thoughts to till the soil, or something to let go by like the clouds?

The thoughts in our mind, body, and spirit; what is rising up for us to pay attention to today? What is happi...
Mark as Played
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Emil Toth, author of Walk with Me - - - In Swamps, On Savannas Up Mountains To God, to share his life challenges and triumphs in finding God.

Our spiritual journey; how are we walking through our life, who are we being partnered with, and what is our journey all about?

Is life about learning who we are as humans and spiritual beings? Are we asking what is this world about through God, source, energy, and the br...
Mark as Played

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