When Kerri Met Allie- A Rom Com Podcast

When Kerri Met Allie- A Rom Com Podcast

Comedians, Canadians, Celine Dion-enthusiasts and un-biological twins Kerri Donaldson and Allie Entwistle (JFL Northwest Award Winning duo, Brunch Comedy) take a critical & comedic look at their love/hate relationship for rom coms. Join them as they invite guest comedians to bring in their favourite rom com & delve into the will-they-won’t-they world of romantic comedies.


February 9, 2022 54 mins

My oh MY looks like SOMEONE got hit by a car & can't remember that Channing Tatum is their husband- so relatable! Sound familiar? No? Then you mustn't have seen the 2012's non-classic, The Vow! Join us as we FINALLY get back to our microphones to discuss how terrible Channing Tatum looks in hats, Mambo #5, and Mambos #1-4.



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Once upon a time a made for TV movie launched itself into the heart and mind of this week's GUEST - Racquel Belmonte. This week we tackle Disney's GOLDEN teen flick- High School Musical with true angel & comedian, Racquel Belmonte. This week we answer the important questions, like - did we all wear velour Juicy tracksuits while recording this episode? Why did everyone have the same shape boob in the 2000's? And of course - is satel...

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September 9, 2021 87 mins

Get ready to be INFLUENCED because this week we dive into influencer culture with the She’s All That remake, He’s All That. Addison Rae TikTok dances her way to playing herself in a movie - and unfortunately we watched it! Join us as we ask the important questions like: Can a horse go downstairs? Is it implied that all LA parties are automatically pool parties? And of course, would you do bathing suit karaoke for LOVE...

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August 26, 2021 62 mins

This week we dive into the beautiful, charisma-seeped film, Always Be My Maybe with Ali Wong and Randall Park. This movie is delightful, it’s fun, AND it features Keanu Reeves - what else could a girl want (amirite X-tina???) Today, we struggle to stay on task as we ask the hard questions like why aren’t all movies written by charming comedians? Are the furbies coming for us? And of course, why are we buying children ...

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August 12, 2021 69 mins

Famous for making moms cry and catapulting Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams into the pages of People Magazine - it's THE NOTEBOOK. This week we watch two young people fall in love & two old people die, and tell you all about it! We ask the hard questions like, should a man hang off a ferris wheel to get you to go out with him? How old is too old to call your father "daddy" and of course would you rather, Mario or Luigi? 


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July 30, 2021 65 mins

Who says rom coms can only exist in film form? NOT US! Join us as we break our own rules and watch a Rom Com moment episode from The Office - yes babies, it’s “Casino Night.” We talk Jim and Pam, Mindy Kaling and why we love Jan so so much. Join as as ask the important questions like - is Jim actually a bitcoin dude in disguise?? Is it possible for a man to create a Tinder account without mentioning The Office in his ...

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July 8, 2021 58 mins

Today we follow none other than THE SANDMAN into the plot-heavy Hawai'i- scape that is 50 First Dates! Lay out in the Oahu sun with us to bask in the charisma and problematic plot holes of this WILD Happy Madison production. Today we're asking so many questions and they are ALL about Rob Schneider- like, why is Rob Schneider? Is this the TRUE Schneider cut? and again WHY is Rob Schneider? 


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June 24, 2021 65 mins

Get ready to find the solution to all of your problems- just BE rich and take a year off to travel! Rom-Com queen and true angel Julia Roberts famously helms the rom-com/self-help book Eat Pray Love. Join us as we ask questions like - If a man from Texas starts calling you "Groceries" as a nickname and you never ask him to stop did you really even learn anything on your spiritual journey? Are low waisted jeans part of...

Mark as Played
June 11, 2021 67 mins

Hollywood takes US for a ride in the non stop (PLEASE STOP) terror ride that is What Women Want. This "film" features known terrible man, Mel Gibson & late nineties opinions on gender - what could go wrong? Join us as we ask Nancy Meyers- WHY NANCY WHY? and yell profanities at the sky!!



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May 27, 2021 72 mins

This week we bask in the 2000’s majesty that is Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore in Charlie’s Angels. Three  FLAWLESS women fight crime in the name of superfluous costume changes? Count us in. This week we ask the important questions like - did Drew Barrymore singlehandedly bring back graphic t’s? How many Palm Pilots does it take to break into the mainframe? And of course- how much does American Eagle owe Drew ...

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May 13, 2021 64 mins

It's the story we've all been waiting for: rich boy super-misogynist gets an introspective look at his life's failings from a bunch of ghosts. That's right- this week we watched the McConaughey non-classic, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Join us as we give this film zero McConaugh-yays and ask ourselves: is Breckin Meyer a poor man's Paul Rudd? Was McConaughey's whole career just an inevitable trajectory to those Lincoln commercials? ...

Mark as Played
April 28, 2021 73 mins

Cut your bangs & put on a Smith's record because this week we watched 2009's indie darling, 500 Days of Summer. Join us as we wander the halls of the Anthropologie that is Zooey Deschanel's life and contemplate what we would have given up to date JGL in 2009. We ask the important questions like, is Joseph Gordon Levitt just a grown up Seth Cohen? and why is it always 1am when you decide you need to cut your own bangs? ?


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March 10, 2021 81 mins

Our Twilight SAGA ends with Breaking Dawn Part 2. We did it! We talk Rainier beer, US exchange rates, and the morality of letting your child grow up in the care of a man who wants to eventually date her. ROMANCE! Of course we also ask the important questions like: is halfway through a movie too late to add 18 new characters and Why CAN'T you bring a gun to a Vampire fight? 


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March 3, 2021 92 mins

We're back with the PENULTIMATE movie of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt 1. It's a world were nothing makes sense and every plot point that COULD happen DOES happen. We praise god as Bella and Edward finally tie the knot so that they can bone

Mark as Played
February 24, 2021 75 mins

We took a DIRECT flight from Forks, Washington  -- > New York, New York to bask in the glory of J.Lo & everything she represents. We'll be back with Twilight next week- but for now we enjoy the pure charisma that is Jennifer Lopez in Maid in Manhattan. This week we ask the important questions, like what WAS the Korean war all about? Are sleeveless turtleneck sweaters a bourgeoise ideal perpetuated by those who own cars? And of cour...

Mark as Played
February 17, 2021 76 mins

Oh baby, it's Twilight 3 and we will NOT be defeated by these movies. In this episode we somehow find the strength to stop mentioning that Edward is 109 in every sentence and shift our focus to how COLD he is. Today we ask the important questions, like: Who is doing the math on how many pairs of cut-offs these werewolves are going through? Is Jacob advertising an off-shoot TV series called 'Shirtless in Seattle' ? And of course, ha...

Mark as Played
February 10, 2021 83 mins

The saga of young hotties and old vampire bodies continues - and we are HOT and COLD Katy Perry style. This week we talk Twilight: New Moon & answer all your icyhot questions, such as --  Are wolf fights the new baseball? Why is nobody listening to Anna Kendrick? And of course, if I'm 17 and my boyfriend is a 109 year old immortal man, should I ask him to make me into a vampire? (yes)



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February 4, 2021 83 mins

Dear lord help us. We've reached the part of quarantine where we finally DIVE into the all too rom and un-intentionally com, TWILIGHT. This movie is set 5 hours away from where we live and WE NEED MORE SPACE. Join us as we sit through the romantic entanglement of a bland 16 year old girl and a 109 year old man. We answer questions like "why!?!" and "no!!!?!?" and "How many headbands can Anna Kendrick wear at once? (- it's 3)" 



Mark as Played
January 21, 2021 86 mins

This week we finally take off our glasses to discover we were hot all along! Blessings to Canadian Netflix for providing us with a true 90's romcom classic, She's All That. Let the late 90's vibes of Freddie Prinze JR lull you into a false sense of hope for the new millennium. Join us as we ask, if you have sixpence will you really be non- the richer? Why don't we all learn the same dance for prom? And is a dead parent the only way...

Mark as Played

How many Vanessa Hudgens are TOO many Vanessa Hudgens? High School Musical may have been have happy with one, but the Princess Switch 2 would NOT REST until they had 3 Hudgens on screen at once. Are 3 Hudgens better than 1? The Jury is in & they say NO! Is this a holiday episode coming out in January? NO, YOU ARE! Do we have regrets? NO! Join us as we ask the important questions, like what would happen if the countries from the Pri...

Mark as Played

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