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Wildly Confident Sales

Are you an online coach, course creator or service provider who wants to be wildly confident in your sales while building a business you love rather than live in? Every week I’ll bring my 22 years of sales experience combined with my passion for coaching together to help you grow your business and your sales. It’s time to break free from the hamster wheel and start creating consistent clients and income for your business and I know I can help! Follow me on the 'gram @dorothyvilleneuvecoaching for weekly insightful confidence boosts! Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe & follow the Wildly Confident Sales podcast on Apple, or wherever you get your podcast goodness, so that you receive automatic downloads and new episode notifications each week as they drop! 🎧


July 20, 2022 53 min

Today, I sit down with money coach Eileen Joy, host of the Moms Who Money Podcast. She is a single mom with an incredible comeback story!

Eileen’s passion is to help women learn about money. She teaches how to make the art of earning money so easy that even her ten-year-old can do it! Her mission is to help you create wealth so that you can finally stop living paycheck to paycheck.

Listen in as Eileen shares how her divorce became th...

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Today, I talk all about getting help as an entrepreneur and explain why it literally pays to hire a coach or join a community!

As a business owner, doesn’t it often feel like you’re doing everything on your own? Sometimes, we think that wearing all the hats is just part of the game.

But I’m here to tell you that you don’t ever have to go at it alone—even if you don’t think you have the financial resources to invest right now!

Listen i...

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Do you feel like a spider caught in the web of your own business? Are you feeling exhausted from being forced to go into so many directions at once with little to show for it in the end?

If so, this episode is for you!

I used to be in your place—undercharging, overdelivering, overworking, and undervaluing my personal life. I assure you: There is a way out of this vicious cycle!

How do you detangle and simplify your life so that you ca...

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Oh hey there, listener! It’s been more than a minute!

Now, this is going to be a bit of a different episode, but I found that the podcast gods just wouldn’t leave me alone if I didn’t address this topic. So, somewhere deep down in my perfection-desiring soul, I had to accept that calling and allow this piece of vulnerability out.

But I believe this could just be one of the most important subjects I’ll ever cover on the podcast.


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Having a large email list is one of the most common misconceptions for business owners when it comes to selling high-ticket offers.

Yes, your list size absolutely does matter. But it doesn’t have to be “huge” before you make a profit.

All you need is a relatively small audience, your unique expertise, and some good copywriting skills to communicate your awesome offer.

Listen in as I reveal the top three must-haves for selling before y...

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I bet I can predict your future… and with pretty good accuracy as well.

How, you say?

It’s pretty simple. I’ll take a look back at your past and the things you’ve been doing, and very quickly be able to give you a snapshot of your future.

This is because it’s human nature to do the same (or similar) things even when we believe we’re making big changes. We often revert to our old habits and behaviors without even realizing it.

This is w...

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November 26, 2021 33 min

People buy what they want, not what you want to sell to them.

This old sales adage has never been more true than today.

It’s one thing to make a pitch and hope somebody buys your product or service. It’s a totally different thing to anticipate the objections they will have about buying from you before they even say them.

By knowing your customer’s objections in advance, you can preemptively answer any concerns and alleviate the fears ...

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One of the biggest keys to the success of your online business is creating an irresistible offer that will bring people in and keep them coming back for more.

Not only should you create something of value—you also need to make sure it’s an offer you can’t find anywhere else.

In other words, it’s an offer that’s uniquely yours.

Instead of selling what you do, you want to instead market the problem you solve.

Once you discover how to com...

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November 10, 2021 25 min

Do you feel like you do more for your clients than you do for yourself?

Are you a master at coaching others on growing their businesses, but when it comes to your own business, procrastination always gets in the way. Why do you tend to put yourself last?

Why do you believe that getting it done messy is okay for your clients, but that doing the same for yourself is unacceptable?

Relatable? Well then, you may be surprised to realize tha...

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“You need to hustle more.”

It’s become the catchphrase of entrepreneurs everywhere.

But, what does it even mean, exactly? Why do we associate the word “hustle” with success and achievement?

More importantly, is raw effort the only ingredient you really need to accomplish your goals? If you listen to the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk and Elon Musk, you’d probably think so.

But, I bet I can convince you otherwise.

Let’s talk about why hustling...

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“The money is in the list.”

We’ve all heard the saying. But putting it into practice isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Maybe you still don’t have a list to speak of or, if you do, it’s growing way too slowly for your liking.

Expecting people to just sign up for your newsletter is not working out for you, either.

You might even have a lead magnet or two (or three), but they’ve turned out to be little more than flops.

Or, maybe, you aren’t sure...

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Are you feeling stagnant and stuck working on a business you thought you loved… until it began to lose its sparkle?


Are you considering taking some of your offerings off the table, but are afraid of losing it all if you do?


Have you been called to pivot in your niche or your offers, but are too scared to pull the trigger?


I’m here to tell you to take the leap, because it’s so worth it to have a business that you love rather than a ...

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There’s no better time to create income online than right now.


The internet has created a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs and coaches who are willing to take the leap and make it happen.


For you, that might mean moving from that tedious one-on-one work into making an offer that leverages both your time and your energy and creates the lifestyle freedom you desire.


But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what the statistics have to ...

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If sales are the oxygen of your business, leads are the source of that oxygen.


Just as we need oxygen to survive, every business needs paying clients to be successful and to thrive.


The fact is, we’re in the people business, and creating ideal clients is our most pressing need.


Attracting the right clients, and enough of them, to create sales makes all the difference. Doing so consistently takes the stress and worry over growing an...

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Want to know the sentence I hear the most often from online coaches and even my own clients? Here it is:


“I hate sales!”


It hurts my heart to hear it. But, to add insult to injury, this is usually followed up with:


“And I’m terrible at marketing!”


Statements like this used to really irk me. They had that faint smell of an excuse. Yet, for some, these are just factual truths they’ve come to accept.


Today, I talk about breaking the c...

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So, you’ve been on the grind for a year or two and now it feels like all of your energy is spent.


Burnout manifests in different ways for different people.


You’ve probably been forced to take a big break from your business once fatigue finally caught up with you. Maybe you're just tired and running out of ideas, patience, creativity, and motivation.


It's not easy to admit when exhaustion has set in but there are ways to get...

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Is your sales page killing it and are your conversions through the roof? Mine certainly weren’t in those early days.


I’ve been curating the best sales page-related questions and answers from my listeners with the goal of sharing them on this very episode. And how I wish I could have had a resource like this all those years ago!


My hope is that, by the end of this episode, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to avoid making the same ...

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The way you make money affects every area of your life from the amount of time you can spend with your family to where you travel, right down to how you eat and dress.

There’s no getting away from it: How you earn is a major factor in your livelihood and wellbeing. And for us entrepreneurs, how successful we become is directly tied to our money story.

And yet, most people find it hard to have honest discussions about money—even if it...

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In a recent study of 600 entrepreneurs and small business owners, 84% admitted that they have experienced imposter syndrome.


You’ve probably felt it, too: that lingering feeling that you might be “found out” for your lack of knowledge or ability.


You might have even fallen into the trap of believing that all the success you have had up to that point can be attributed to nothing more than “dumb luck.”


This is rarely the case. Chance...

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Traffic, audience, offer. If you want to maximize your ability to make money online, you need to have these three factors dialed in. If you can generate traffic to your platforms and create an audience of raving fans who are more than happy to part with their money to purchase your irresistible offers, you have cracked the code. But, my guess is, your life is currently a never-ending cycle of working in your business rather than on...

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