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August 3, 2020 100 mins

Annas Eskander is a fashion designer by trade but she's had an interest in creative writing. Having written screenplays for film and television, she has previously launched a crowdfunding campaign for her first comic book, EYVA.


Annas has been been on the social media circuit to promote her work but today we want to talk to the content creator, the mother, the wife; of love and loss with plenty of girl talk and laughter at ...

Mark as Played

I waited to share this out because I didn't want to rage but I had an incident this past weekend that makes me question the IQ of one particular stranger who thought it would be a good idea to try and shame me... for going down the shopping aisle with my cart... the wrong way.

Yup. In this daft woman's head, I might as well have been killing puppies because the arrow on the floor had an arrow that pointed in the opposite d...

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Opportunity comes from the most unexpected places sometimes. If you had told me even a year ago that I was going to have a morning show on iHeartRadio, I would have called you crazy. Opportunity knocked and I answered. I might not always know what I'm doing but I will sure take it as far as it'll get me.

And then there are times when nothing seems to happen; no forward movement, no excitement, supposedly no opportunities. ...

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It seems to be an ongoing thing where I keep piling on my to-do list. Many of you know that I stay active in the geek community and I have a really hard time saying NO when it comes to helping people, especially when so many of my fellow creators are struggling to make ends meet.

In a nutshell, I had plans to livestream Tampa Bay Comic Con which eliminated the idea of organizing & hosting a virtual convention. Easy peasy, righ...

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I saw a Facebook message from my future daughter-in-law that she was stressed out and having an anxiety attack so I sent her a note to say that I was around if she wanted to talk. I hadn't heard from her in a couple of days but when she responded she said it might have been awkward when the source of stress was my son. 

Well... Having raised that child, I know how stressful it can be. I'm not one to take sides - not even b...

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I love this topic because I've survived it. I'm not talking about just an ex-husband but a former job, a former life, a former dream. It's not easy to get over an EX-anything. But when we get to a point where we leave OUT emotion and embrace INDIFFERENCE then we know that it's really over.

Today's Morning Nosh is my experience. I'd love to hear your story too. What are some of the tips and tools you've ...

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My confession is a little sweet and definitely honest. To find out what it is, you'll have to listen to The Morning Nosh! But here's the thing...

I want your confessions for the website. You can stay completely anonymous. No one will know it's your story unless you choose to out yourself. For details about submitting a confession, visit https://wildoneforever.com/do-you-have-a-confession-we-want-to-know/

Thank you for...

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It's not an easy day for me. Today is the 10th anniversary of my father's death. Instead of being a weeping pile of ugly cry, I choose to celebrate him with a couple of stories that make me laugh with the memories.

With these stories come two valuable life lessons. Let me know what you think! 

Subscribe to the newsletter at WildOne Forever or send me a message at meredith@wildoneforever.com 

I want to hear your stori...

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Have you ever had a dream of what you were going to accomplish or be when you grew up and the reality is so far from it that it's laughable? It's one thing for a child to look to the stars and think they're going to be an astronaut because their imagination takes them there.

But what about the dream job that you've been working on your entire life and, through no fault other than life choices, those dreams are dash...

Mark as Played

Oh man... When I screw up, I usually do a really good job of it. Hey, it happens. No one's perfect and mistakes are part of life. It's how we rebound from the mistakes that helps define our character and how we're perceived. 

In this episode, I share a HUGE screw up that I did when I worked for a daily newspaper. It was bad enough that I didn't want to show up and face the consequences. In fact, I thought I would g...

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You might be very surprised by the things you can accomplish in 24 hours. Some of them are miraculous, but they're every day happenings so perhaps you don't even acknowledge them. Some example that I touch on are childbirth, the loss of a loved one, driving up the coast.

I've even written a 10,000 word story within a day.

Take a broad look at your day and let me know what you've accomplished or strive to complete ...

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I'm struggling today! Woke up "not feeling it" and really wanting to do nothing other than go back to bed and maybe binge on some reading or catch up on some shows... and even that didn't feel appealing.

It's going to be one of those days.

I wasn't feeling it about exercise. I wanted to cut my slow jog to a mile. Did a mile and a half anyway.

Didn't feel like showering. Did it anyway. 

Don't feel...

Mark as Played

Good morning, WildOnes!

This has been a fabulous morning and I hope the good things perpetuate and grow. Early this morning was extremely productive as far as getting things posted, getting some exercise done, a good belly laugh, and a random act of kindness. Be a person of action for good things.


Thank you for tuning in to WildOne Forever's The Morning Nosh. This is our 25th episode! WOW. Onward and upward. If you have a ...

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Hopefully this isn't going to be too much of a downer but yesterday I was talking about how I needed to listen to my body more and it's gotten me back on a fitness routine. But today, I acknowledge that my body remembers the hard stuff... like losing my dad to cancer. It is kind of weird that my body automatically went into a countdown to sadness but this year I recognize it. 

I acknowledge what my body is telling me and I...

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This may be a common theme that I will revisit from time to time because it's important.

Making excuses is easy. Listening to yourself and doing the right thing is HARD.

The voice in my head was screaming that I was losing all the progress I was making in my weight loss and health journey because the excuses are coming way too easy. At what expense? 

Time to do the work and get off my butt.

I want to hear from you! Visit ht...

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It's Hump Day! I'd like to know what hurdles you're overcoming. 

Mine has been depression and finding focus. I share a little bit about how I'm overcoming that but I'd really love to hear from you too. What's your story? Nosh with me. meredith@wildoneforever.com or connect with me at https://meredithloughran.com



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It's a nasty habit that is an underlying craving that I've had for decades. 

In times of stress it's the only thing I can think about because it used to be my excuse to take a break, take a moment and breathe... even if it was filling my lungs with nasty things. The craving to smoke is powerful these days. It's like the negative in the world is luring me to a dark place. I won't let it! I see it for what it is ...

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It's so important to listen to your body. Sometimes your head will tell you to ignore what your body is saying because we just want to power through. Most of the time it's okay but there are times when you need to really listen because it could save your life.

This is the beginning of Week 5 and we're now on iHeartRadio too! Tune in. Subscribe. Tell your friends. I appreciate you. Thank you.

Are there topics you'd...

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Before you dive into this, please note there is strong language and listening discretion is advised.

Meet Christie Shinn

If you're familiar with Christie Shinn's work then you know she is creative, funny, down-to-earth and doesn't give a flying f*ck about haters.

Demon Bitch was created and inspired by mean girls. For some, it's offensive. For others, it's art. I personally don't think there's any hi...

Mark as Played

First off, I want to thank you for tuning in to WildOne Forever's The Morning Nosh. We're closing out Week 4! I cannot say this path is easy. I've never been one to monologue but it gets a little easier with each passing day. Note that I didn't say I'm getting better - just that this is getting easier to spew. LOL

Today's topic piggybacks off of a great conversation I had with my good friends, Jennifer Peda...

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