Winning Mindset Mastery

Winning Mindset Mastery

We can have talent, education, training, skill, and motivation. But without one crucial ingredient, we won’t reach our goals or full potential. No matter how hard we work. What is the most crucial ingredient? A Winning Mindset. Without the right mindset, we get in our own way. We unconsciously set up many of the obstacles that keep us from reaching our goals. If you feel left behind in the race of life, if you know you were made for more… Even if you have already accomplished great success and think you have “arrived” but feel it’s not enough and that something’s missing, this podcast is for you. Award-winning author and Business Accelerator April Shprintz will inspire, motivate and guide you in your quest for the consistent, winning mindset that will help you not only achieve, but EXCEED your goals in life and business.


March 20, 2023 6 min

In this episode, host April Shprintz discusses the misconception that money is the solution to all problems, and emphasizes the importance of understanding what you truly want in life. She gives examples of entrepreneurs who set revenue goals without considering their desired outcomes, and explains how identifying your true desires can lead to faster achievement and greater happiness. Tune in to learn how mastering your mindset...

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In this episode, April Shprintz discusses how limiting beliefs can hinder one's success and happiness. She gives examples of common limiting beliefs and offers practical tips for overcoming them, such as reframing them and challenging yourself in new ways. This episode will inspire and motivate you to break free from limiting beliefs and pursue the life you truly want.

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In this episode, April Shprintz, an award-winning author and business accelerator, talks about the subject of self-doubt, which can be tricky for anyone who is a confident person. She explains that everyone encounters self-doubt at some point, whether it is because they are pushing themselves outside their comfort zone or are in a completely new area. April shares how self-doubt can be a time and energy suck, making it difficul...

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Looking at your life through a lens of lack…

This is a habit that can hold you back from getting so many good things in life.

If you find yourself constantly saying things like, “I don’t have time”, or “I’m not getting enough sleep”, or “I can’t afford it”, guess what? You’re looking at life through the lens of lack.

That focus on lack brings a feeling we all hate. It feels uncomfortable, “low”, “sad”

So how do you combat thi...

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Selling is a critical skill. If you’re a sales rep, your job depends on you mastering it. If you’re a business owner, you have to sell to keep your doors open.

But let’s be honest: The traditional style of selling makes a lot of people, sales reps and prospects, VERY uncomfortable.

Well, here’s some good news…

There’s a different, and some would say better, way to sell

A way that will make the sales process so much more enjoya...

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Getting twice as much done in half the time…

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

We’d all like to accomplish a lot more in a lot less time. But how?

On today’s episode of Winning Mindset Mastery, April shares some ideas with you that will help you do that.

She shows you how to quickly and easily tap into the power of your brain’s “supercomputer”. And how to make it your unpaid personal assistant.

She also gives you a key tactic that ma...

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Recently, someone asked April, “How do I keep fear from preventing me from doing all of the things that I most want to do?”

It's a valid question, don’t you agree?

But April’s belief is that fear doesn’t keep us from doing anything. She believes the main culprit that keeps us from reaching the next level is resistance.

So how do we tell the difference between fear and resistance? And how should we respond when we discover it’s...

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Being the exception to the rule…

And getting what you want.

Do you see how this happening for you could make a massive difference in your business? Your career? Your life?

But when you really want something that seems unreasonable to expect, or even impossible to get…

How to you get it?

How do you become the exception to the rule?

In today’s episode of Winning Mindset Mastery, April reveals two inspiring personal stories.

One from...

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April’s convinced mindset is the foundation of pretty much everything, including happiness. When asked why, she has two responses, both of which she shares with you in today’s episode.

Take the advice she gives you today, and you’ll experience life in an easier, better way. You’ll also find solutions to problems faster.

And if you’re one of those “dopamine driven” goal seekers who reaches your destinations then feels a sense of l...

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You experience a series of bitter disappointments. Bad things keep happening. You can’t seem to catch a break. You struggle to believe things can turn around.

Has this unhappy situation ever happened to you? If so, here’s some good news…

Things can turn around. You can stop this downward cycle of negative momentum. You can enjoy victory after victory. You can get to a MUCH better place!

And April can help you. In this episode, ...

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2023 is underway and we’re all going after our goals big time. But there’s something fundamental that holds lots of us back.

It’s a sneaky habit that may be keeping you from getting what you want…

The scarcity mindset.

This mindset can wreck your plans and keep you from enjoying the success you long for.

We tend to associate the scarcity mindset only with money. But it can affect so much more. The scarcity mindset can hold us...

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A wonderful opportunity…

With the beginning of 2023, that’s what we have in front of us! So how can you make the most of it?

How can yo...

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Christmas has come and gone. The New Year isn’t here yet. This week feels a little “off kilter” for lots of people. Maybe you’re one of them.

You have big goals for 2023. But you don’t want to wait until next week to get started. You want to make progress now! So what do you do?

You may be wondering what April recommends and what she does herself. In today’s episode of Winning Mindset Mastery, she reveals two super-simple activ...

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It's almost Christmas. So today, April wants to give you a gift…

A gift that will give you a shortcut to creating the life you want. A gift that will give you so much momentum, you’ll feel like you’re pedaling a bicycle downhill.

As you listen to this episode of Winning Mindset Mastery, you’ll discover

·      What you REALLY want. This is the driving force behind your pursuit of any goal

·  ...

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The Holiday season is upon us…

It’s a time we look forward to every year. But for a lot of us, it’s also a time we dread. We try to pack so much activity into such a short time span. We put enormous pressure on ourselves. We have unreasonable expectations of ourselves and others.

If you’re nodding your head in agreement, and if this sentiment hits a little “too close to home”, guess what? April can relate. She often does the exa...

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In today’s episode of Winning Mindset Mastery, she shows you how to continually up your reframe game.

As you listen, you’ll discover

·      How a lost opportunity may be a blessing in disguise

·      Why you want to show up when you feel like quitting

·      How to make your confidence and your belief in yourself increase by larger and larger amo...

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In today’s episode, April reveals a simple paradigm shift, a gratitude “hack” that could skyrocket your mindset practice results to new levels. 

When she started practicing this herself, she noticed three amazing benefits, one of which was this: she enjoyed a lot more wins! She reveals the other two in today’s episode of Winning Mindset Mastery.

As you pursue your goals, following April’s simple advice in this episode wi...

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It’s something we all feel from time to time. Maybe you even feel overwhelmed all the time. It’s not a fun feeling, is it?

Overwhelm is stressful. It drains our energy. It can harm our quality of life.

But here’s something to consider…

Could it be possible you are causing your own overwhelm? Is it possible you can do something about it? That you could make it better?

If you feel overwhelmed, guess what? April can rela...

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“When’s the best time to hire a salesperson?”…

“Should we hire folks that work for commission only when we’re early on if we’re not good at selling?”…

These are questions lots of business founders ask, especially as they are scaling up. In today’s episode, April answers them. Her answers may surprise you.

She also cautions you to never hire salespeople out of fear. She reveals the harmful consequences that can happen if you do.


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In today’s episode of the Winning Mindset Mastery Podcast, April tells you about three mindset hacks she uses in her own life and business.

If you’re an entrepreneur or an employee wanting to make a great impression and big impact in your current role, these can make your work easier, less stressful, more productive.

They can also have a positive impact in your personal life.

As you listen, you’ll discover

·   &nb...

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