Wits & Weights | Smart Science to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

Wits & Weights | Smart Science to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

For skeptics of the fitness industry who want to work smarter, not harder. Wits & Weights cuts through the noise and deconstructs health and fitness with an engineering mindset to help you build a strong, lean physique without the BS. Nutrition coach Philip Pape explores time-efficient strength training, nutrition, and lifestyle strategies to optimize your body composition sustainably. Simple. Science-based. No fads, no gimmicks, just evidence-based info you can trust. That's why they call him the Physique Engineer. From restrictive fad diets to ineffective workouts and hyped-up supplements, there's no shortage of lies and half-truths designed to keep you confused and spending your hard-earned cash (and time) on stuff that doesn't work. But getting in the best shape of your life doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. By using your WITS and lifting WEIGHTS, you can build muscle, lose stubborn fat, and achieve your dream physique. We bring you smart, time-efficient strategies for movement, metabolism, muscle, and mindset. If you're ready to separate fact from fiction, learn what actually works, and join a tribe of truth-seekers who are done with the hype and ready to put in the intelligent work, hit that "follow" button and let's engineer your best physique ever.


May 23, 2024 10 mins

Today, I want to introduce you to my favorite tool for dialing in my nutrition and reaching my physique goals: MacroFactor.

This app is a total game-changer when it comes to tracking your macros, monitoring your progress, and getting personalized recommendations to help you lose fat, build muscle, or maintain your results.

I explain all the features and what separates MacroFactor from others like MyFitnessPal, Chr...

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Do you feel stuck in a weight loss rut? Do you want to maximize fat loss without sacrificing muscle gains? Are you confused about whether partial reps are worth it or just a waste of time?

Today, Philip (@witsandweights) answers questions from Jonathan and Matt sent to the Fanlist voice message inbox. They were curious about optimizing training and nutrition for fat loss and muscle growth. You’ll discover whether incorpor...

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Today, we're diving into a topic that has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about weight loss and energy balance: the constrained model of energy expenditure, as proposed by evolutionary anthropologist Herman Pontzer.

If you're like most people, you've probably heard the old adage that weight loss is simply a matter of "calories in, calories out." This idea, known as the additive mode...

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Today we're answering a question about protein intake and supplementation. We'll cover the differences between protein sources, optimal timing, and what happens if you exceed your target intake.

Veronica asked 5 sub-questions:

  • Does every Whey Protein Isolate contain all essential amino acids?
  • Are Essential Amino Acids supplements needed if one meets the daily protein intake from animal protein?
  • Would plant prote...
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Are you feeling overwhelmed with dieting struggles? Do you think you have the right mindset, but it doesn't seem to be working? Discover when mindset isn’t enough and the secret to supercharging it for your health goals.

Today, Philip (@witsandweights) brings on Tanja Shaw, a seasoned Functional Health Coach, Kinesiologist, and weight loss expert dedicated to helping women overcome their struggles with food and achiev...

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Want to build serious strength and muscle mass in the most efficient way possible?

Today, we're talking about the importance of compound lifts and why they should be the foundation of your strength training routine.

Join me on today's Quick Wits as I explain what compound lifts are, why they should be the foundation of your strength training program, and how to prioritize them for maximum results.

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Have you ever wondered what’s sabotaging your fat loss? Could it be one of these common scenarios? Should you start your fat-loss diet now?

Today, Philip (@witsandweights) breaks down the roadblocks to achieving your fat loss goals. He explores the top 15 reasons why dieting may not be the best decision right now. He highlights a range of scenarios that can hinder your fat loss efforts, emphasizing the need to address thes...

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Want to pack on muscle mass but confused about how many extra calories you need?

Today, we're diving into a crucial concept for anyone looking to gain weight and build muscle: the 2500 calorie rule. You might have heard of the 3500 calorie rule for fat loss, which states that a deficit of 3500 calories is needed to lose 1 pound of body fat.

But when it comes to gaining weight and building muscle, the equation...

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This conversation is from my appearance on The Healthification Podcast hosted by Kate Galli.

Kate invited me on her show to  discuss becoming the strongest, leanest, healthiest version of yourself without dieting. We dug into the common mistakes smart people make when they're not using their wits to build their best body. I shared insights on the importance of minimum effective dose to achieve health and fitness resul...

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Are you dreaming of having the perfect glutes? Have you ever wondered how your diet and genes influence the shape of your butt? Ready to find out the most effective workout routines and strategies to sculpt your dream glutes?

In this exciting episode, Philip (@witsandweights) welcomes Sue Bush, the co-owner of Physique Development, a certified personal trainer, fitness nutritionist, and competitive physique athlete. Sue, a...

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Is walking exercise or not? Does it even matter?

Today, we're tackling a recent controversy sparked by Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, who made waves on social media by claiming that walking is not exercise. As someone who's always preaching the importance of strength training for building muscle and transforming your body, I wanted to weigh in on this topic and offer some perspective.

Join me on today's Quick ...

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What is the sweet spot between shedding fat and preserving muscle? How can diet breaks and refeeds help you achieve your fat loss goal? Is rapid fat loss the secret sauce to fine-tuning your physique?

In this episode, Philip (@witsandweights) uncovers the truth about the ideal rate of fat loss, exploring the full spectrum of approaches from slow and steady to rapid and aggressive and everything in between. He explains the ...

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Is the pursuit of being skinny the key to happiness?

We're diving into the complex relationship between the desire to be thin and the pursuit of happiness. In our appearance-obsessed culture, it's easy to fall into the trap of equating being skinny with being happy. But here's the thing: this oversimplification often leads us astray when it comes to setting and achieving our physique goals.


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Today we are answering two questions from the community. One from a powerlifter who has the dilemma of trying to maintain strength for some upcoming meats, but without gaining too much fat and a long time, and the other from a food tracker concerned about taking a break from logging and worried about regaining all the weight.

Here are the two questions:

1. How should you adjust your nutrition for an upcoming power...

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How long should you rest between sets? What to do if you're gaining too much on a bulk? Can women over 50 overcome menopause weight-loss resistance and is it a thing? How to train when transitioning from bulking to cutting?

In today's episode, fitness expert and coach Jeff Hoehn joins Philip (@witsandweights) as a co-host. They dive deep into various fitness topics in this Q&A session, including the challeng...

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Your mindset during menopause can make a huge difference in your success for fat loss and body composition. Perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause are extremely important and profound transitions for women!

There is a significant psychological component and an opportunity to reframe this phase of life when combined training, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. Learn all about mindset for menopause fat-loss in today&apos...

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Are you worried about regaining fat after a successful cut? Is reverse dieting really a shortcut to a faster metabolic rate, or just a fitness fad? Are you ready to ditch the reverse dieting rollercoaster?

In this eye-opening episode, Philip  (@witsandweights) dives into the controversial world of reverse dieting. You’ve probably heard the buzz about how it can boost your metabolism, prevent fat regain, and make future we...

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What's the difference between tracking and "counting" calories?

It's a little bit of art. It's a little bit of science. You will definitely learn why one is different than the other and what's important and how to do it, effective tools for the job and how to make this part of your journey so that you can get results.

This is a module from the Crack the Calorie Code course in Wits &a...

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On this classic episode (a replay of Ep 60), we’re examining the world of programming and coaching with my special guest, Andy Baker. We get into programming principles for lifters of different ages and experience levels, whether your goal is to improve strength, performance, or body composition, or just have fun but effective workouts. We also talk about Andy’s career as a coach,  training principles and methods, and what he’s bee...

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Are you struggling with weight due to thyroid issues? Confused about the role of minerals in thyroid function? Do you need a roadmap for exercise and nutrition with a thyroid condition?

Today, Philip (@witsandweights) welcomes Haley Fountain, a women's health coach who balances modern nutrition with ancient wisdom and behavioral science. Haley is certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and specializes in Ho...

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