Women of Color An Intimate Conversation

Women of Color An Intimate Conversation

Women of Color: An Intimate Conversation (formerly An Intimate Conversation with Women of Color) is a podcast for Women of Color who want more out of life. This show is for women who have had enough and want change, especially those who have been waiting to choose themselves and live boldly. In each episode, hear from women from different backgrounds, countries, and ages who have embarked on personal journeys, sharing their stories of empowerment, overcoming, and their path to living a dream lifestyle. Join Deneen L. Garrett, a Dream Lifestyle Coach, and keynote speaker, for new episodes on Fridays. For more resources, visit deneenlgarrett.com.


February 28, 2024 29 mins

Join us for an empowering and uplifting episode of Women of Color: An Intimate Conversation as we welcome Miara Shaw, also known as Maven Miara, a distinguished life business strategist and leadership facilitator. In this episode, Miara shares her passion for leadership development, particularly with women entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of unlocking one's gifts and talents to share with the world.

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Episode 147


In this episode, Deneen L. Garrett, Women of Color: An Intimate Conversation podcast creator & host, discusses the final phase of living a dream lifestyle, which is the "Drive" phase. After covering the Dream and Decide/Design phases in previous episodes, the focus now is on taking action and making drea...

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Embracing Change: Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs

Episode 148

This podcast episode delves into the importance of challenging limiting beliefs for women of color to unlock their full potential. Santana Innis, a master certified coach, discusses the significance of identifying and questioning these beliefs.

One common limiting belief Santana mentions is the notion that women...

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AMBITION IN LIFE: The Power of Ambition and and Finding Fulfillment: Insights from Bianca B. King

Episode 146

Tap in as Bianca B. King, CEO & Founder of Pretty Damn Ambitious, discusses a redefined version of ambition. She describes it as the joyful and diligent pursuit of success, informed by one's ideals. Bianca emphasizes that ambition should not be ...

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          Dream Life: Living a Dream Lifestyle: Step 3 - Decide 

The "How to Live a Dream Lifestyle" series emphasizes the importance of dreaming big, designing a clear vision, and taking action to drive towards living the desired lifestyle. It encourages individuals to believe in them...

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In this compelling episode, Bryetta Calloway, a seasoned Author, Executive, and Speaker, shares profound insights on extracting valuable lessons from life’s experiences. Unveiling the essence of her latest book, "Life Lessons," Bryetta explores the transformative power of learning from every moment, shaping a narrative of resilience and growth. Join us as Bryetta inspires a mindset shift, urgin...

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February 6, 2024 10 mins

In this episode of "Women of Color: An Intimate Conversation," host Deneen L. Garrett jumps into the Dream phase of her "How to Live a Dream Lifestyle" series. She reminds us of the three steps to living a dream lifestyle: Dream, Design/Decide, and Drive. This episode focuses on the first step, dreaming, and encourages listeners to think about what they want and remove any limiting thoughts or beliefs. Deneen emphasiz...

Career Growth: No-Fluff Advice to Accelerate Your Career with Pink Careers


In the episode, Richa Bansal, Mom, Wife, Author, Leader, and Founder of Pinkcareers, emphasizes the power of pause and its ability to facilitate reflection on one's current work and its alignment with long-term career goals and aspirations. Richa highlights that a career is not limited to a short timeframe but rath...

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Deneen L. Garrett, a women's empowerment speaker, dream lifestyle coach, and the creator & host of the show, asks two thought-provoking questions then introduces those new, to the podcast. Deneen shares how the podcast is an extension of a successful panel organized by her for LGBTQ+ women of color and allies. Inspired by the positive feedback received, Deneen wanted to further elevate the voices of women of color and...

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In this 2020 re-release, delve into Episode 14 as Sonia Jackson Myles, CEO of The Sister Accord®️ & The Accord Group LLC, passionately emphasizes the profound significance of recognizing our unique assignments in spreading love, eradicating hate, and championing social justice. Sonia connects the essence of having breath in our bodies with a purpose – a responsibility to contribute to a better...

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n this captivating 2022 re-release, Kristina Thomas, a dedicated Mother, Healer, and Entrepreneur, explores the transformative power of Harnessing Energy and Healing. Join us as KT delves into the realm of Reiki and virtual cleanses, explaining how these practices foster holistic healing for the mind, body, and spirit. Discover the profound impact of Chakra crystal healing and the strategic use of crystals to align an...

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In this 2020 re-release of episode 5, Dr. Damary Bonilla Rodriguez, emphasizes the importance of finding every opportunity to be a voice, make a difference, and positively impact others. She emphasizes that regardless of the scale of the opportunity, whether it be on a smaller or larger platform, it is crucial to find one's space to create positive change.


Dr. Damary shares her own experi...

In this 2021 Re-release of a Special Father’s Day episode dedicated to his daughter (and son), Marketing Leader, Business Coach, Content Creator, Public Speaker, Podcast Host, Podcast Producer, Stephen A. Hart, marketer, podcaster, brand strategist, speaker, and entrepreneur shares his journey from being raised in Jamaica to becoming a husband, father, and successful professional. Stephen discusses his creative genes ...

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In this 2021 re-release, founder at Backstage Capital and Runner, Arlan Hamilton, explores the notion that making a difference doesn't always require grand or monumental actions. Control What You Can Control.  This episode emphasizes that even small gestures or actions can have a significant impact on someone's life. Arlan provi...

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In this 2021 Re-Release episode, Visual Artist Linda Simien Kelly shares how being an artist is not just about creating beautiful artwork, but also about embracing life and connecting with people. The episode emphasizes that artists should possess a love for life and a desire to connect with others. They should be able to express their inner thoughts, mind, soul, and heart through their art. By doing so, they can conn...

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In this 2020 Re-Release episode, CEO & Founder Simone E. Morris, initially believed that excelling at her job would lead to rewards and promotions, but she later realized that networking and building relationships were crucial factors in advancing her career and highlights the distinction between having a mentor and having a sponsor. While a mentor helps with skill development, a sponsor is someone who...

December 24, 2023 19 mins

In this solo episode, Deneen L. Garrett, Creator & Host of this podcast, Women of Color: An Intimate Conversation, shares her personal journey with podcasting and the challenges she faced when speaking solo on episodes. While she had no trouble interviewing guests and moderating panels, speaking solo required her to tap into her vulnerability. Despite this challenge, she decided to push hersel...

In this 2020 Re-Release episode, the concept of holding space is explored as a form of healing. Minda Harts, Workplace Consultant, Speaker and Author, and MY favorite Podcaster, emphasize the importance of taking the time to heal and introspect before being able to support and be of use to others. Minda highlights that holding space allows individuals to openly discuss their experiences, both positive and negative. Th...

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About this episode

In this episode, Mom/attorney/author/singer/songwriter, Aria Elan highlights the importance of using one's voice to advocate for marginalized groups. The discussion focuses on Overcoming Obstacles:  The Importance of Exercising Your Rights and the silencing of women of color, LGBTQ+ youth of co...

https://www.womenofcoloranintimateconversation.com/absolute-uncertainty-inspiring-story/About this episode

In this re-release from 2020, entrepreneur Chantele Gray encourages you to bet on yourself and emphasizes the importance of personal development and success. She shares her own experience of initially hesitating to bet on herself due to family influence and fear of disappoin...

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