Women Road Warriors

Women Road Warriors

Women Road Warriors is hosted by Shelley Johnson and Kathy Tucarro. It’s a lively talk show designed to empower and inspire women in all professions from the office to the cab of a truck. We power women on the road to success. Our show is designed to entertain and educate all women and it doesn’t hold back! We feature celebrity and expert interviews on all kinds of topics that are important to women. Shelley and Kathy are fun and informative and any topic is fair game. You can learn more about us at www.womenroadwarriors.com. Shelley is a seasoned journalist, writer, producer, and interviews national celebrities, entertainers, and experts on all kinds of topics. Kathy is a heavy hauler in the oil fields of Canada where she drives the world’s biggest truck. She is a motivational speaker for women and the author of the popular book Dream Big.


February 27, 2024 51 mins

Have you found your true purpose? Do you have a toxic career? Is stress overtaking you? Too

often, women take a different route than the one that is truly theirs. They get

distracted by demands in their personal lives with no mentors to guide them.

Janna Lemur is a trauma, PTSD motivational speaker, writer, and spiritual

intuitive. She assists women, military veterans, and healthcare workers break free from the

shackles of PTSD, trauma...

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Did you know women often go undiagnosed for bipolar disorder? Symptoms manifest

differently for women than for men. Hormone fluctuations also make it worse for women.

Estrogen can bring it on sooner. If there is a genetic tendency toward the condition, cannabis

use can also bring it on at an earlier age. What is bipolar disorder? What is manic depression?

Are they the same thing? Psychologist Dr. Aimee Daramus is an expert on all o...

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Did you know that proper etiquette and manners will get you further in life and your career?

The way we treat others and conduct ourselves leaves lasting impressions. Are you being

polite or impolite? Are you unknowingly committing a major etiquette faux pas? Good

manners are something most people value and many people lack. There are certain

no-no’s and also things that will make you stand out in a good way today. Emily Post

was consi...

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February 6, 2024 57 mins

33-year-old Brandi Dodson is affectionately called the “Queen Bee” by everyone who knows

her. Brandi lives in Central Illinois with her husband and 12-year-old daughter. She grew up in

Midwest farm country. She works as a business system administrator for the Pete Store for

Peterbilt semis. Brandi is a true cancer warrior who wants to share the importance of living life

intentionally. She is teaching everyone when cancer strikes how...

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January 30, 2024 50 mins

Are you a high-performing woman who doesn’t feel aligned, inspired, motivated, challenged

, and purposeful with the work you are doing or the life you are living? There are many women

who feel just like you. Sarah O’Brien Hammond helps people design their dream life and

career to gain the confidence to go for it and design a roadmap to get there. She

is the founder of TheNOWNYC.com, a network for women, and the host of the

Below the S...

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January 23, 2024 52 mins

We’ve all been duped into thinking that the latest beauty product on the market will solve all

of our skincare problems and give us a leg up on fighting aging or acne. You may

be surprised at how many products just don’t work. There is a way to be a wise

consumer and learn what products are reputable with ingredients that do work.

Dr. Fayne Frey is a consumer advocate and dermatologist on a mission. Commonly

known as the Ralph Nader o...

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A secure financial future is something many women lack. Angela Duncan is a financial

expert who is on a mission to help women attain financial security and create

generational wealth. She was raised in Section 8 housing, on welfare, and worked

at a very young age. She faced many odds that were not in her favor but she didn’t

stop. Now, with over 25 years of personal finance study, Angela inspires hope

for women through financial literac...

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Dry January is a hot topic as many people decide to ditch alcohol for at least a month in

2024. Some people made resolutions to stop for good. Achieving sobriety is a process

whether you are kicking alcohol or drugs. Marci Hopkins is a respected figure in inspirational

and educational television. She achieved sobriety and now has a better life

than ever. She shares that inspiration with others. Marci Hopkins is the host

of a three-tim...

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Did you make a resolution to lose weight in 2024? Don’t get sabotaged this year. Learn why

most diets don’t work and why new diet drugs are not the solution for healthy weight

loss. Diets only work in the short term. By year two, 99% of diets fail and often

many people end up at a higher weight than before they started. Don’t be a victim

of the $72 billion diet industry. Ditch the diet mindset. Jump off the diet

roller coaster by changi...

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If you ever wanted to know how to read someone’s mind; determine if your man is a good pig or a bad pig; or learn how to be feisty, this special New Year’s episode of Women Road Warriors is for you. Shelley Johnson and Kathy Tuccaro revisit great interviews with internationally famous mentalist Jonathan Pritchard who talks about mind-reading. They also chat with Michael Coogan, co-author of a book he penned with William Burton call...

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The holidays are meant for joy, laughter, and inspiration. That’s why Shelley Johnson and

Kathy Tuccaro produced a holiday bonus edition of Women Road Warriors with excerpts from

some of their great celebrity interviews. Sit back, relax, and get inspired by Hollywood actress

Valerie Bertinelli, former star of Hot in Cleveland and author of “Enough Already!

Learning to Love the Way I Am Today.” Get entertained with Hollywood icon and


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December 12, 2023 53 mins

Forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do when we have been

wronged by someone else. We can end up in a web of anger, depression, and

bitterness keeping us stuck in the past. Forgiveness is the solution that sets

us free. It is also a gift we give ourselves. It unlocks a power inside us and rids us of the anger

that destroys us. Have you ever noticed, there are no instructions on how to forgive? Katharine

Giovanni offers a step-b...

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Do you dread having to haggle over the price of a new car? How about getting the best

compensation package in a new job? Negotiation is something that many people

hate to do, especially women. It is viewed by many as something that only

experts are good at. The truth is that it is something we all have and we do it every

day. If you have ever negotiated with a toddler who wouldn’t eat broccoli, you

already have a head start on mastering...

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Award-winning country singer/songwriter Sam Roark says there is

always a ray of hope we can find if we are willing to look hard enough. She

believes fervently in the power of music for hope and healing. Music saved her life.

Everyone has a passion that can pull them out of their despair. Sam says if you can find what

makes your heart sing, you can change any situation with the hope you can find in it. Find

something that you love an...

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Digitally, we are more connected than we have ever been. We can tweet, text and message in a nano-second. The truth is humans are more disconnected than they’ve ever been in history. Basic communication is a lost art and loneliness is rampant. If you want to be a standout in your career and power up your relationships, there is a way to do it. Amy Daughters is a corporate keynote speaker, author, satirist, and journalist who teache...

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November 14, 2023 50 mins

Divorce is never easy. It can get downright ugly when there are kids involved. If there has been

domestic abuse, it can be even worse. It can escalate into a bitter custody battle with

custody arrangements that are not good for children. There is a way to win in

family court even when your ex is lying. Renee Rodriguez is a divorce coach, professional

strategist, and the founder of BestFoot Forward. She is a custody consultant, a Vi...

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Don’t miss this incredible interview on Women Road Warriors with Jean Peelen, who has had six careers. Jean has moved mountains as a mother, civil rights attorney, former chief of staff for U.S. Broadcasting, been shortlisted as a finalist for the show Survivor, politician, and author. She teaches women it is never too late and they can do anything. She is still crushing it at 82 as an author. She inspires women of all ages with he...

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The cold, flu, RSV and COVID-19 are major concerns for people everywhere. As the temperatures drop and people stay inside, your chances of picking up a virus rise. These viruses impact millions of people. There are ways to strengthen your immune system to protect yourself from infection. Dr. Michael Garko is a nationally recognized nutritionist who teaches people how to stay healthy and build their immunity naturally. He is the hos...

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Women often have difficulty meeting their goals when they are juggling too many things –

especially when they are in business. They end up with competing priorities and

never seem to get everything accomplished. This causes stress

and frustration. Nicole Schmied is a four-time entrepreneur who understands what it means

to have a few balls in the air. She is a mom, the founder of Smart Cookie Media,

and the creator of the podcast The Se...

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Many people struggle with anxiety. Women suffer from it more

often than men. Sometimes anxiety gets so intense that it can lead to panic attacks.

There is a better way to beat anxiety. Acceptance is part of that and you can

turn it into a strength and a blessing. Dr. David Rosmarin is the founder of

the Center for Anxiety and Harvard associate professor. He is the author of the

book “Thriving with Anxiety: 9 Tools to Make Your Anxiety W...

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