wonderful counselor

wonderful counselor

This podcast consists of a series of messages through the scriptures. Unlike other podcasts however the emphasis is on those who have experienced being rejected and believe they have been disqualified from the love of others and even God. In other words, they are the Samaritans of today. Here in these fewpodcasts, you will meet those who society has shunned and hear how Jesus responds to them and to you. Episode 1) The Scandalous Woman, 2) The Castaways, 3) The Shut In, 4) The Condemned, 5) Jesus meets cancel culture, 6) Jesus meets people who identify as LGBT, 7)The Final Solution, 8) What is the greatest question 9, A Hobbit Sized God (Trial of the Century) and 10) Returning Jesus, 11) The Plank and the Speck, (biblical response in social media) 12) How Much Are You Worth? (Suspenseful) The following episodes are a mini-series titled the Crimson Ring 1) What’s Wrong with Being Right, 2) The Choice, 3) Lucifer meets the counselor, 4) Lucifer Tells his Story 17) The Netting, (Spooky Halloween Story) 5) Lucifer Meets the Risen Christ, 6) The Rise of the Father of Lies, 20) The Man Who Walked Upside Down (family fun) 7) The Beginning 8) Mystery Revealed, 9) The Great Persecution of 2023, 10) Betrayed with a Kiss and 11) Times Up, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death (The Meaning of the Crimson Ring) The Preacher’s Kid That Fought Like The Devil (The Prayer), The Preachers Kid That Fought Like the Devil (It Happened One Night), the Sacrifice, Am I My Brother’s Keeper, Out of the Ashes, and Out of the Mouth of the Dragon, The Forbidden Friendship, The Dragon’s Fire Returns, The Unforgivable Sin Blood 4 Blood, Ghost Town, Covered in Blood (The Taste of Freedom), Out of the Darkness and The Final Battle.


August 18, 2023 19 mins

As you wait for the next meteorite to come crashing down to earth sending mankind the way of the dinosaurs to be the new fossil fuel for the next generation of AI I have a question for you, maybe one of the most important questions of our time or any time. What is the most dangerous weapon in the world and who has it and more importantly is it aimed at you and me. See if you agree and if you do what are you going to do about it, wh...

Mark as Played

If you knew, I mean really knew the day you were going to die how would that effect your life. You have 24 hours how would you spend it. You have a message you can give to the world what would you say? Come journey with a man who is living out those questions. What can you learn from him as you journey from cradle to grave and beyond.  Find out in the latest podcast episode. 

Mark as Played
June 9, 2023 17 mins

Death isn't the end of the journey just the beginning. I wrote this episode for those who are grieving for if you dare to love your heart will hurt and the pain you feel is a small price for the gift of giving and receiving love. 

Mark as Played

Until you journey with those who were not free you will not understand how much freedom you have in America. Join me on wonderful counselor podcast in a journey back with a black family in the 50's in the deep South and after listening perhaps you will see how free you really are. Who knows maybe even be grateful for your freedom and then experience the greatest freedom of all. 

Mark as Played
May 29, 2023 15 mins

A Memorial Day Tribute to those who did not come home who dared to stand for something greater than themselves our freedom and the freedom of others.  Honoring the fallen hero's and their families who continue to live honoring their memory.  There are not enough words to say thank you. 

Ghost Town is a story of war in and out of our country in the 1950's. Who will dare join the war on loves battlefield to defeat Dragon's Fire. Hero...

Mark as Played
April 21, 2023 23 mins

Are you tired of the last few crazy years and just want to escape away from the latest news headlines of the day, go back in time before COVID, 9/11, Viet Nam all the way back to the 50's. If you are then it is time to use that God given imagination of yours. You are a 8-year-old sandy haired boy or girl depending on who is listening wearing your fire engine red and yellow PJ's, lying in your little bed while the big people listen ...

Mark as Played
April 14, 2023 29 mins

What is your unforgivable sin? Let me rephrase that what would someone do to you or someone you love that you couldn't forgive them for? Regardless of your religious beliefs or ideologies there is something you have done that still haunts you and something someone has done that you haven't forgiven. If you don't know by the time this podcast episode is over, I believe you will be able to answer the question and when you do that wil...

Mark as Played
March 30, 2023 18 mins

America is on the brink, a Dragon's Fire is threatening to destory us by hating each other but Jesus said don't be afraid for I have overcome this world. In my latest episode 8 there is a word for us now in 2023. Return to the 1950's with three boys and there dog shadow. Find out how to end the Dragon's Fire before it is too late. This is our only hope.

Mark as Played
March 17, 2023 16 mins

Two children meet a monster scarier than any nursery rhyme. For this is the deep South in the 1950's and theirs is a forbidden friendship. 

Mark as Played
March 3, 2023 16 mins

Dragon's fire had burnt through their world with a fiery furry leaving nothing but remnants of what was. Things that can not pass the test of eternity went up in smoke. The dragon once robbed of life was left like a serial killer that ran out of victims as it lost its purpose to destory. Yet for this little family it wasn't the ending it was the beginning. 

Mark as Played
February 17, 2023 15 mins

How to survive a nightmare. Terror may come in the night, but joy still comes in the morning. It’s not too late until you stop breathing. 

Mark as Played
February 11, 2023 18 mins

A story of brotherly love 

Mark as Played
February 3, 2023 25 mins

What would you do for love? 

Mark as Played

Just when you think you got it figured out something happens to flip your world upside down.  What happened give a listen and find out. 

Mark as Played

New mini-series less than 11 minutes in length per episode perfect for break with your legal drug of choice (caffeine) or the drive home. "Lord, I don't want to live take me home" Find out how God answers this prayer. 

Mark as Played

Are you wearing the Crimson Ring? How would you know? If you are how do you take off the ring before it is too late? Join me in this podcast episode and find out. Live looks very different when you are not wearing the Crimson Ring. 

Mark as Played
January 5, 2023 21 mins

"John's instructions were blood chilling, kill them all except Christina and her mother Grace. I want Grace to witness her daughter's marriage to me, then Christina once she wears the ring will have the honor killing her mom as she will watch another family's members head roll" This is how John Elton would end this mini-series. Will he have the last word or will someone else? Listen to find out in the dramatic conclusion to the min...

Mark as Played
January 1, 2023 21 mins

As I have been writing and recording the 11-episode mini-series The Crimson Ring, I have been asked what ever happened to the young woman in the Episode titled the Beginning. It seems audiences have been captivated by her, so I decided to devote this episode in part to tell her story.  "Christina sat in the ashes and poured them over her head and as she reached down, she felt the bones, and skulls of the mom's and dad's and childre...

Mark as Played
December 23, 2022 21 mins

I stand just before Christmas looking into the future 2023 it is almost here and with it will come the Great Persecution. I wish we had all been ready but nothing in our human experience could have prepared us for what was coming. We just walked right into it wide eyed and surrendered it all for what we thought we wanted. May our children if there are any that survive forgive us. Merry Christmas 

"When Herod realized he had been ou...

Mark as Played
December 16, 2022 15 mins

The mini-series continues episode 8 

Here is the cast of characters for tonight's episode 

John Elton AKA Anti-Christ, Mr. Lin the counselor who is on the run with his assistant Joan from the law, Meg our heroine sexually abused from age 8 to her thirties escaped and has dedicated her life to rescuing women from the sex slavery industry through the underground railroad, Gangi head of the Office an International Sex Trade Organizati...

Mark as Played

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