Work Together and WIN

Work Together and WIN

Want to know how a married couple with four kids started and grew a business to multiple-six figures? TEAMWORK!! Join Keri and Shereem Herndon-Brown as they give you the inspiration and information on how any husband and wife team can serve their marriage, support a family and start and succeed in business!


May 11, 2021 26 mins

Big things take big…… guts/courage/you know what word I want to use! Living life “afraid” is paralyzing and you will get nowhere if you don’t do whatever you want to do “afraid”

Fear can be a great motivator to your success. In marriage, you ask yourself “4ever, ever, ever, ever?!!” In family you’re like “can I afford a kid or two or 8?!” and in business, more t...

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Imposter Syndrome is the term that keeps a lot of people stuck in neutral. You “think” you don’t know enough to teach someone else. Not true.

We’re all at different points in our lives, marriages, parenting and businesses. If you’re entrepreneurial and you have something to teach, there’s someone out there who wants and needs your teaching. 

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April 24, 2021 28 mins

The term “business coach” used to be reserved for a select few. Business coaches are supposed to give you information and inspiration to get your business to the next level.  You can't follow everyone. Find someone that you feel like is doing what you want to do and follow them. Check them out. Receipts. Do they have a co...

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April 13, 2021 26 mins

To start and grow a business, you have to believe in it. Whether you think it’s a calling, a passion, a purpose, or even a ministry, the courage to start something that will reveal your strengths but also probably expose your weaknesses, can be terrifying. Plenty of people become frozen with fear and never start and definitely never grow. 

Today’s episode is all...

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April 5, 2021 25 mins

One of the hardest things for any business owner to do is to stop working with clients or customers, assess what they’re doing right and wrong, fixing it and taking the time to prepare for the future. Much like corporate America, entrepreneurs can get caught in a rat race and instead of working on their business and building towards the future, they stay stuck on the hamster wheel of the every day pr...

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March 26, 2021 27 mins

If you think all entrepreneurs floss out like Puffy or Jeff Bezos, you’re wrong. The myth that starting your own business equals quick cash or a yacht needs to die right here! We all start and grow businesses for different reasons, and while some entrepreneurs are ballin’, most are not. Entrepreneurs are courageously crazy people who value their time AND their money and we need to set the record stra...

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March 19, 2021 22 mins

When you’re married to your business partner, you’re going to have disagreements. Do they carry over from the bedroom to the office? Or vice versa? How should you communicate with your spouse/business partner when there’s a conflict?

Today’s episode is all about communication and conflict. Listen how we deal with both and what you should do too.

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March 12, 2021 32 mins

Nobody likes paying taxes, but it's necessary. The goal is to pay as little as possible and starting a business means making sure you have your taxes and titles in order. 

Unsure of how you’ll get taxed as a couple in business? We’ll share our experiences with you so you can get ahead. 

Great information when starting and growing a business. 

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Are you concerned about how you’re going to “do it all” as a spouse, parent and entrepreneur? It can be a a lot but there’s a way to make it happen. First you have let go of the term “work-life balance” because if you want to start or grow a business with your spouse, and make real money, work-life balance is a myth. You cannot give everything equal time. To stay sane and get rich, you should blend y...

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February 26, 2021 21 mins

Have you ever wondered why some MarriageFamilyBusiness couples win and others don’t? One of the key reasons is that they know how to work separately and then bring themselves back together. 

Opposites attract, and there’s a good chance one of you will like to work at night and the other early in the morning. Sharing is not sexy, but being productive is. Whether ...

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February 20, 2021 28 mins

Does your spouse want to start a business? Do you support their idea? Nothing is more important when starting a business than the support of people you love, especially your spouse. When we started our business 15 years ago, Shereem had to help me get on board. This is common and it’s important to talk about. 

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February 12, 2021 28 mins

People will pay you for what you know. All you have to do is offer it, for a fee. In this week’s episode, we take the fear out of “starting a business” and encourage couples to start with a side hustle and gradually grow into a full blown business. No marketing budget, no product, just your mind as a tool to make some money.

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February 12, 2021 22 mins

So many couples want to start a business, but how many can really see it through? One of the key ways to start, grow and sustain your life as a business owner is understanding “why” you’re actually doing it.

Is it to be your own boss?

Do you want more flexible work hours for your marriage and family?

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Join Keri and Shereem Herndon-Brown of MarriageFamilyBusiness as they discussed in this episode, how to Work Together and Win. 

In the new year, everyone is hungry for change.  Are you at your best in your marriage? How are you doing juggling your family? And  are you thinking about starting a business?

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