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You But Better is the #1 self-improvement podcast on the face of the planet. 10 billion downloads. 10 million lives changed. 10 thousand hi-fives from presidents, CEOs, and super-models. WARNING: This podcast may cause success, happiness, self-actualization, inspiration... and buying cool products! WARNING: This podcast will transform you into a BOSS! Featuring your hosts: Seph, the master of mindset. And Lex, the zen-philosopher of life hacking. Don't just be you. Be you but better.


January 23, 2024 34 mins

On today's Inner Views episode, Seph and Lex sit down with none other than Crispin Jorgensen, author and radical lifestyle design guru famous for pioneering “Sticker Therapy!”

Crispin is known for helping everyone from world leaders to Midwestern single moms find their joy by sticking stickers.

Crispin is also the New York Times best-selling author of “Stick To It: The Art of Peeling Away.”

Once a h...

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Better Yous, today we have a special treat for you! 

Our friends Brian and Julian are consummate podcasters and comedians who have themselves a Cuban Cousin Kiki every week. Their podcast is called "Guantanamo Baes." 

We are featuring one of their hilarious episodes for you called '#NotAllPriests'

Can Cuba's crackdown on public dissent give us a fun little Da Vinci Code moment? 

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Today’s Inner Views guest is the most distinguished influencer of our time or any time!

He goes under many names: Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, or simply Santa.

Today on You But Better we are talking with Santa Claus!

Santa is over 2,000 years old. Originally from the region of Lycia in the Roman Empire, Saint Nick has been delivering bags of gifts for kids for millennia. We ...

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Get ready to experience some of the very best self-improvement advice from our guests in 2023, presented in rapid-fire style!

This is YBB 2023 Wrapped Part 2 (of 2).

Featuring these incredible guests from 2023...

Emma, "Love Tips From The Advice Columnist Who Channels Jane Austen"

Monica Guzman, "Mónica Guzmán on Becoming a Curiosity Crusader"

Welmer Enquiry, "He...

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Friends and Better Yous, the year is coming to a close!

2023 has been an INCREDIBLE year in the BetterYouniverse.

Not only did we achieve billions more downloads, we also secured many additional lucrative sponsorships that made us richer, money-wise!

But this episode is not about that.

YBB 2023 Wrapped is all about thanking our MIND-BLOWING Inner Views guests from 2023 and celebrating their HAR...

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What's the best time of day to ground yourself and start hustlin'?  If you said 'the morning', we love where your head is at!

In today's 5 Minutes of Genius mini-episode, Seph encourages Lex to lead one of his famous "improvised meditations."

This 5 Minutes of Genius meditation is PERFECT for injecting your entire day with incredible energy!

Get ready, Better Yous... You...

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In today's Inner Views episode, we’re talking to a world-renowned genius who will help you understand when to move, why to move, where to move, and how to move.

Gemma Von Biltmore is the world’s number-one influencer on moving.

Gemma has been called “The Martha Stewart of Moving,”  “The Carnation of Relocation,” and “The Migration Counselor to the Stars.”

Gemma is the author of 33 New York Times best...

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Today's Inner Views episode will teach you how to understand and harness the energetic frequencies of Hollywood, Reality TV, Crystals, and Aliens... These topics are SO important!!

Today we interview Rob Schulte, a California-based producer, podcaster, and media genius.

Rob has produced multiple podcasts for Team Coco, including the podcasts Literally with Rob Lowe, Parks and Recreation, 3 Questions with And...

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October 31, 2023 22 mins

Welcome to a special Halloween episode of You But Better!

Today we have a spooky Halloween tale for you.

This story is called... The Nachos Story

This story was submitted by one of our Better Yous. It could be a story from our audio guy, Duane, or maybe not. It honestly could be from anyone. 

This story will show you how to face a terrifying and impossible situation… and still come out on top!

Enjoy The Nac...

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Today's incredible Inner View will teach you how to thrive with the power of bass guitar!

Byron Edelman is one of the most accomplished and influential living bass guitarists. 

Byron has performed bass with everyone from Primus to Stevie Wonder to Lana Del Ray.

Byron is also a massive fan of self-help and an accomplished author, with multiple New York Times bestsellers, including:

Getting Down to Bassics: How B...

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October 17, 2023 43 mins

Today's Inner View is a stone-cold CLASSIC episode from the YBB archive!! We are resurrecting this episode because it is one of our most listened to and beloved by our Better Yous.

JT Walker is America’s number-one expert on the power of walking and one of the most accomplished walkers the world has ever seen.

JT has won over 200 walking competitions and walking races worldwide, and he has used his competitiv...

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Better Yous, Seph and Lex are out today! They're speaking at a mastermind summit on how to sell online courses about how to sell online courses.

Today, You But Better's audio engineer, Duane, is taking over the pod!!

One of the biggest problems in society is that people can’t chill. It's probably holding YOU back.  

But through Duane's epic success at chilling, he's come to unders...

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Better Yous, today's Inner View is going to teach you so much about how to be a multi-talented, prolific creator! Today, Seph and Lex sit down with Chad Kultgen.

Chad Kultgen is a screenwriter, a novelist, a musician, an impressionist, a squirrel photographer, and most importantly, one of the most prolific podcasters on the planet. 

Since writing The Incredible Burt Wonderstone and being the showrunner for Ba...

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September 26, 2023 39 mins

Peri Wrinkle is the world’s #1 self-made billionaire turned biohacker and anti-aging expert.

Peri is the author of the instant New York Times bestseller, Ageless Alchemy: How to Reverse Aging and Biohack Your Way to Immortality.

He has racked up millions of followers on his Instagram and YouTube channels where he shares tips on everything from how to make the perfect green smoothie to how to bathe your genitals in...

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Better Yous, today we have a very special episode for you! We previously interviewed comedy writing legend Mike Sacks, "Mike Sacks: Lover of Women, Fighter of Truckers, Underground Comedy Legend"

That Inner View was so popular and created so many questions from you, our listeners, that we've decided to feature an episode of Mike Sacks' own podcast, Doin' It with Mike Sacks.

The episode is...

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In this episode, Seph and Lex rank the top 5 best live self-improvement events in the world!

Remember, if you want to take your self-actualization to the maximum elevation, you must listen to podcasts... especially this one!

BUT! If you want to blast off into space and become a cosmic being, you must attend live self-improvement events. There's simply no other way to improve yourself. So get out there and be ...

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In this moving and frightening Inner Views episode, Seph and Lex talk to author and activist Cameron Trundle. 

Cameron is a crusader for truth and justice. She reminds us that self-help and energy work can be dangerous. It can make us pay the ultimate price.

Cameron wrote and self-published the excellent and spine-chilling book, "You Are Not Fireproof: The Flammable Dangers of Reiki." This book reached t...

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You can go further.  You can push yourself, geographically and spiritually.  And you can do this all while avoiding bird attacks.

Why not learn from someone who has walked the walk and traveled on the airplanes and boats of truth?

On today's Inner Views, Seph and Lex learn from a storied voyager: Bethany Platanella.

Bethany Platanella is a travel writer and globetrotter. She has previously worked as ...

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You ask, we answer! In this incredible Mailbag episode of You But Better, Seph and Lex answer some excellent questions from our BetterYous. Including:

"Should I quit my job as a nurse to launch my soup business?"

"If Pet Smart limits the number of parrots I can buy, how will that affect my ability to do The Comfort Cleanse?"

"How should I write a best-seller if I hate reading, typ...

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America is divided! Us vs. Them. The good guys vs. the bad guys. Better Yous vs. Shet Heads. (You'll soon learn what that last one means.)

The solution might just be curiosity!

In this stunning Inner Views episode, Seph and Lex learn from author, speaker, uniter, and curiosity crusader Mónica Guzmán.

Mónica Guzmán is the author of I Never Thought Of It That Way: How to Have Fearlessly Curious Conver...

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