YOUR HAPPY LIFE Podcast™ | Joyful Living for Faith-Based Women, Walk in Faith Toward the Future of Your Dreams

YOUR HAPPY LIFE Podcast™ | Joyful Living for Faith-Based Women, Walk in Faith Toward the Future of Your Dreams

Donna Uplifts With Her Positive Energy, Humor & Love As She Guides You On A Fun, Amazing & Life-Changing Journey. Are You Ready to Partner with God, and become a Happiness Creator™ as you Walk in Faith Toward the Future of Your Dreams? Donna Burgher will guide, encourage, and inspire you to amplify your happiness, enhance your faith, uplevel your mindset, and live intentionally so you can create the happiest, most fulfilling, successful, and abundant life God has planned for you. "For I know the plans I have for you… plans to prosper you… plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11 Welcome to YOUR HAPPY LIFE Podcast™, the show that will inspire you to embrace a happy mind and a joyful heart in partnership with God. You’ll be uplifted and encouraged to become a Happiness Creator as you walk in faith toward the future of your dreams. Get you ready to amplify your happiness and shift your energy because as you become happier it’s easier to create … Your Happy Life! Are you feeling stuck even though you have a strong desire to uplevel your life? Are your dreams unclear or non-existent? You, my beautiful friend, are meant for more, and it's time to take action. Are you ready to get unstuck and embrace a future filled with happiness, joy, and abundance? It’s time to open yourself up to unlimited possibilities and step into your greatness and create the life God has planned for you. Throughout this podcast, I'll explore topics like personal growth, spirituality, intentional living, mindset, happiness, God, Faith, Vision, Dreams, and Goals. And, I’ll offer you ways for applying these concepts to your daily life. I will inspire & motivate you to cultivate and embrace a positive mindset, amplify your happiness, and enhance your faith so you can become a Happiness Creator and experience God’s abundant blessings. Stay tuned as I will share practical & faith-based tips, valuable insights, tools, and strategies to help you unlock your potential and break free from those negative thought patterns, doubts, and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. “As we walk in faith, let’s envision a future filled with love, abundance, blessings, and miracles knowing that with God, all things are possible.” ~ Donna Burgher To Learn More Visit ***ABOUT DONNA*** Donna Burgher is a happy and successful entrepreneur with a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and experience as a multi-business owner. She is the Founder & CEO of CHOOSE TRUE HAPPINESS LLC, Host of YOUR HAPPY LIFE Podcast™, and Senior Partner of The Wellness Universe. Donna Burgher guides & mentors heart-centered, spiritual, Faith-Based Women to discover their God-given vision and purpose as they walk in faith toward the future of their dreams. She encourages and inspires these women to become Happiness Creators™ as they partner with God to amplify their happiness, enhance their faith, uplevel their mindset, and live intentionally so they can create the happiest, most fulfilling, successful, and abundant life God has planned for them.


March 24, 2023 12 min

Happy Spring! I love Springtime because it’s associated with new beginnings and fresh starts. 

As the winter fades away and the flowers begin to bloom, there's a sense of possibility and potential in the air. 

It's a perfect time to begin dreaming again and reaching for your goals so let’s take advantage of this new ‘spring has sprung’ energy that generates motivation to uplevel your life.

I truly believe that unlo...

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Did you know that happiness is not just a fleeting feeling or emotion but a state of being?

"Happiness is not just a “nice-to-have”, HAPPINESS is essential to your overall well-being and for living a fulfilling, successful, and abundant life." ~
Donna Burgher

Welcome to this special episode celebrating…  International Day of Happiness! On March 20th, people around the world come together to recognize the importan...

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Negative thinking zaps your energy, ruins your mood, makes you feel down, and prevents you from enjoying your happy life.

But not on my watch!

If you are tired of feeling stuck in negative thought patterns that are preventing you from living your happiest life… 

I’ve got good news… you have the power to overcome negative thinking and create a positive mindset, or as I like to say…. a Happy Mind. :)  

Because, the tr...

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Having a happy mind and a joyful heart is a powerful combination that can transform every aspect of your life. When you are in a state of happiness and joy, you feel a sense of lightness, freedom, and fulfillment that can't be matched by any material possession or achievement.

🎧 Grab Your Earbuds! :)

In today’s episode, I'll explore the powerful message of Proverbs 17:22  "A joyful heart is good ...

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Living a happy, fulfilling, successful, and abundant life is not about… wishful, pie-in-the-sky, rainbows, and lollipop thinking.

The secret to your success & creating your happy life comes down to several essential factors.

🎧 Grab Your Earbuds! :) 

In today’s episode, I will share one of those and you can start doing it today!

"For I know the plans I have for you… plans to prosper you… plans to ...

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We all have dreams, and in varying sizes… small, medium, large, and then there are those BIG dreams… so big many won’t even allow themselves to dream that big… or they may visit it for a few seconds and then they move on with their “real life.”

Do you dream big?  Some of you do but most do not… why?

Grab Your Earbuds! :)

In today’s episode, you will discover 3 of those reasons…and how to turn them around.


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Has anyone ever asked you, “How are you feeling?”

Of course, you’ve been asked that.

Has anyone ever asked you… 

“Where are you vibrating at?” 

I know that sounds weird… but hang in there - I will explain. 

🎧 Grab Your Earbuds! :)

In Today’s Episode: 

I am going to talk about Why Your Vibration Matters. You will be scoring your own vibration level, and I will also share 5 quick ways for you to Raise Your Vibratio...

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The energy shifts as the New Year begins and it is an exciting time to imagine living Your Happy Life.

It is the perfect time to gain clarity and focus on your dreams, desires, and goals for the coming year ahead… and plant the seeds for your future dreams to manifest.

🎧 Grab Your Earbuds 

In today’s episode, you will learn how to avoid the pitfalls so many fall into when they begin a New Year.

And, I w...

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It's almost New Year's eve.

Each and every New Year… we get to decide if the coming New Year will be different?
Will it be better?
More adventurous?
Filled with more love, light & joy?

We get to decide what we want, how we want to feel, and what we want to do.

“If you desire different results, you must decide to do things differently.” ~ Donna Bur...

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Are you ready to improve your mood and increase your overall happiness? 

We have so many roles and hats we wear in our personal & professional lives so it's no surprise in this fasted paced world of go, go, go, you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. 

However, it is crucial that you find ways to keep yourself grounded and you create a healthy environment for yourself & your family.

In today’s episode, I wi...

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🎧 Grab Your Earbuds!

In today’s episode, you will discover 4-steps you can do that will raise your vibration, increase your productivity, and overcome procrastination...

... all before you get out of bed. :)

What I’m about to share may sound too easy… and at the same time it may also be a challenge for some… but like any good habit, it will get easier and you will benefit greatly from the positive impac...

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What keeps you from living Your Happy Life?

While there may be many reasons… such as circumstances, situations, environment, doubt, negative thinking, and limiting beliefs… … there is also one more.

In today's episode, I will share the most popular reason why women say they can’t live their happy life. and I will share ways for you to shift this and empower you to rise above it.

Are you on pins and needles???<...

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Do you feel like your dreams have been delayed?

Do you wonder, "Why aren’t my dreams coming true?"

If that's you, then in today's episode you will discover the top 5 reasons that delay your dreams and how to overcome them.

There are way too many unhappy people not living their dreams… or enjoying their everyday lives. They feel stuck not knowing how to go from where they are - which is basically, set...

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Are you struggling to Manifest Your Happy Life?

You're not alone.

Most people struggle because they don't have the three building blocks necessary for manifesting success.

In today's episode, I'm going to share with you the three building blocks upon which you can create and manifest your happy life.

🎧 Grab your earbuds.

In this episode, you will learn the follow...

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If you've ever felt A-Ma-Zing... and then a person or situation enters bringing yucky negativity into your space and your high vibe energy goes crashing down... 

... then this episode is for you.

🎧 Grab your earbuds.

In this episode, you will learn: 

  1. The importance of taking responsibility for your thoughts and feelings 
  2. How outside circumstances do not have to dictate how you feel or react
  3. How changing your thou...
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August 11, 2022 16 min

How Can You Make Decisions With Clarity? 

We’re all faced with making decisions… every - single - day. We have so many choices to make… it can feel overwhelming but it doesn't have to be that way.

🎧 Grab your earbuds.

In today's episode, you will learn how to apply this amazing, invisible tool that you can use daily to help guide you in making decisions with clarity.

Grab a pen and paper - you are going to wan...

Mark as Played
August 4, 2022 9 min

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?

If you wake up feeling happy, energized, positive, enthusiastic, and ready to conquer the day, then your vibrational frequency is high. In contrast, if you wake up feeling unhappy, bored, moody, or just feeling blah, then your vibration is super low, and that’s when you get to consciously choose to raise it. 

🎧 In today's episode, I will share 12 Ways to Raise Your Vibr...

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July 28, 2022 10 min

Are You Dreaming Big Dreams? 

Perhaps it's running your own successful business.

Or, maybe you are traveling the world, buying a new house, or … (fill in the blank). 

We all have different dreams and aspirations, and no matter what your dreams are, you can achieve them. I believe we can all move from where we are right now to where we want to be.

🎧 Listen to today's Episode 08: Dreams Do Come True as I take you through ...

Mark as Played

Are you feeling frustrated because manifestation isn't working for you? If you've been trying to manifest things but just can't seem to attract Your Happy Life, there's a reason for that.  

It might sound simple, but here's the thing; even though manifesting is about turning your dreams into reality, you must take proactive steps toward living Your Happy Life. 

Today we're going to explore the real reaso...

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Awareness is a superpower. The reason why I believe awareness is a superpower is that it has the power to change lives. The more aware you are about your emotions and actions, the better you understand the reasoning behind the things you do. And that's usually the first step to achieving success in life. However, becoming more aware of your surroundings and who you requires a little experimentation.

🎧 In today's episode, ...

Mark as Played

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