Your Intended Message

Your Intended Message

Are you a business leader or promising business leader that wants to boost the power of your communication skills? Are you willing to cross-examine communication from various perspectives? Would you like to deliver your intended message more effectively? Listen to Your Intended Message to gain a powerful advantage in your ability to convey your message to your audience, team, clients or marketplace. Learn from the mistakes and success of communication experts from around the world from different scenarios. Imagine what that means to you when you improve the success of your next conversation, presentation or message.


November 30, 2023 24 mins
What are the words that sabotage your intended message? Stop saying these words that label you as a poor communicator

Episode 183 (repeat of #138)

In this episode George Torok offers his insights about:

  • Why your words matter and how to weed out the landmines
  • The common phrases that we use without thinking about their meaning
  • What perceptions people might form of you when you use these words
  • Why you need to be in control of what...
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How to clarify your direction and stay on track The magic formula of intent, responsibility and action

Episode 182 (Erin is based in Chicago)

In this conversation with Erin Marcus we explore:

  • The importance of being more in control of yourself
  • The need for black and white language in a grey world
  • How to develop and employ litmus tests for yourself
  • The importance of debriefing every event, project or activity
  • The role of both em...
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How to leverage the power of imagination What is your super-power that you might have forgotten?

Episode 181 ( Jeff is based in Utah)

In this conversation with Jeff Buehner we explore:

  • Lessons from the writings of the richest man on earth (its not who think)
  • How to direct your self-talk for better results
  • What are the seven secrets of Sultan Musa of Mali
  • The special language that you can use everyday
  • Why the words are less sign...
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Convey more confidence in a meeting or hallway conversation Be intentional with your body language

Episode 180 (Dianna is based in Dallas, Texas)

In this conversation with Dianna Booher, we explore:

  • Techniques to convey more confidence when surprised
  • How to speak up in a meeting with more intention and confidence
  • Nervous body ticks that can sabotage your message
  • How to train your body to send positive signals
  • How to slow down a...
How to read the body language of the room Master your body language to be more persuasive

Episode 179 (Melinda is based in Dallas, Texas)

In this conversation with Melinda Marcus we explore:

  • Why it's important to show  and move your hands when you speak
  • The perceptions of freeze, fight or flight response
  • What are the myths about body language
  • How to detect the hidden message by combining verbal and nonverbal
  • How to notice and d...
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Keep the communication open within your company People need to know and want to know

Episode 178 (Alicia is based in Chicago)

In this conversation with Alicia Webb, we explore:

  • How do discover gaps in internal communication
  • Lessons from the pandemic to stay in touch
  • The danger of out-of-sight on out-of-mind
  • Why people leave when they don't feel connected
  • The need to stay informed
  • How might you keep your people engaged
  • What opti...
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Leadership and innovation lessons from Amazon The communication tool that Amazon used to think clearly

Episode 177 (John is based in Washington state)

In this conversation with John Rossman, we explore:

  • The Amazon principles of leadership
  • How to drive innovation successfully
  • The launch of Amazon's marketplace business
  • How to build a trusted-customer experience
  • How did Amazon push past the online ecommerce leader (EBay)
  • Clarifyi...
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Get a better return from your trade show booth  How can you people to work the booth for maximum results

Episode 176 (Anders is based in Winnipeg)

In this conversation with Anders Boulanger, we explore:

  • The importance of sticking your message to a visual metaphor
  • How to find your visual metaphor
  • How to grab attention and attract the right people to stop at your exhibit
  • How to harness the power of engagement drivers
  • How to lever...
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A leader needs to communicate on many levels What must leaders learn about communication?

Episode 175 (Andy is based in the UK)

In this conversation with Andy Bounds we explore:

  • Critical communications lesson from his blind mother
  • The preparation technique of "guess and ask"
  • What's more important than your intended message
  • Why the message is simply part of the process
  • How to cater your road show presentation to different audien...
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You can become a more confident public speaker How to beat speech anxiety and nervousness

Episode 174 (This is a repeat of the popular episode #103 with Natasha)

In this conversation with Natasha Bazilevych we explore:

  • How to channel your anxiety as positive energy
  • How to apply exposure therapy to your fears or anxieties
  • What can you learn from running marathons to help your speaking skills
  • How to develop your public speaking s...
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Power Words to influence people What can you say to get more of what you want

Episode 173 (Shelle is based in Hamilton, Canada)

This is a repeat of the popular episode #10 from Oct 2020

In this conversation with Shelle Rose Charvet we explore:

  • Recognizing that others don't think like you do
  • The danger of trying to dig your way out of a hole
  • Understanding the difference between suggestion and command language
  • How to find the peo...
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Don't try to impress me with big words Speak so I understand you

Episode 172 (Gary is based in North Carolina)

In this conversation with Gary Simonds we explore:

  • Recognizing the language of your profession and expertise
  • The challenge that language creates for your patients, clients, colleagues
  • Speaking to be clearly understood is not brain surgery
  • How clear understanding builds trust
  • How an analogy can help convey the message 
  • ...
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How can you inspire your buyers with the right narrative? Why is it important for the leaders to get the stories straight

Episode 171 (Bruce is based in Seattle, Washington)

In this conversation with Bruce Scheer we explore:

  • The dangers of radon acts and hence random results
  • Is everyone on your team telling the same story?
  • Why you need to identify the problem domain
  • Clarifying the real target buyer - the bully with the juice
  • Pa...
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What does a filmmaker and master storyteller say about AI? How might you use AI to help you tell your stories?

Episode 170 (Richard is based in Los Angeles)

In this conversation with Richard Rosser we explore:

  • Communicating through story telling
  • How can AI be use to enhance your stories?
  • How AI is similar to the Gutenberg Press
  • AI doesn't replace you because you need to separate the gems from the crap
  • Effective use of AI means ...
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How to promote your success without feeling guilty You can be proud of your achievements

Episode 169 (Lisa is based in Toronto, Canada)

In this conversation with Lisa Bragg we explore:

  • Why your success story can help others succeed
  • Change the conversation from failure to talking about success
  • Self promotion is self love
  • Why did bragging get such a bad rap
  • How bragging energizes you and moves you to more success
  • How a culture of...
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The mysteries, myths and magic of non-verbal communication How to better read and convey body language

Episode 168 (Richard is based near London in the UK)

In this conversation with Richard Newman:

  • Why your words alone might not convey emotion
  • Sending congruent messages from verbal and non-verbal channels
  • The mistakes we make when we only hear the words
  • Body language and tone of voice presents the palate
  • The three minds that ev...
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Stop wasting time in painful meetings and make them more productive Meetings can be useful when you prepare for the real purpose

Episode 167 (Mark is based in Toronto, Canada)

In this conversation with Mark Ellwood we explore:

  • How to protect ourselves from painful meetings
  • Clarifying and communicating the purpose of your meeting
  • How might we train for effective meetings
  • When the meeting is finished, how will you know if it was ...
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Use Intuitive triggers to persuade and sell more Why are so many important decisions based on intuition?

Episode 166 (Sunil is based in London, Ontario)

In this conversation with Sunil Godse we explore:

  • Why intuition is real and valuable to your decision making
  • What does scientific research say about intuition
  • How fast does it act and why is it so fast
  • How does intuition affect your level of trust with others
  • What is the connec...
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July 27, 2023 28 mins
Let's start by laughing at yourself Yes you can be funny if you are human

Episode 165 (June is based in Georgia)

In this conversation with June Cline we explore:

  • Why use humor in a business presentation
  • The risks of using humor and why some speaker avoid it
  • How laughter can bring people together and move them towards a goal
  • The undiscovered value of our flaws and foibles
  • How to find your humor even if you believe you aren't fun...
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Control your Mind so it Doesn't Control You Imagine Your Life when you practice smarter self-talk 

Episode 164 (Terry is based in Denver, CO)

In this conversation with Terry Tucker we explore:

  • The self talk journey when facing horrible circumstances
  • How to transition from blame to taking responsibility
  • The positive energy from helping others
  • How to listen to understand
  • Communication lessons from hostage negotiation
  • How to say c...
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