Your Intended Message

Your Intended Message

Are you clear on your intended message? Are you aware of the possible unintended message? What’s the gap and why the gap? If your listener, audience or target market didn’t get your message as intended, who needs to change? Business communication can be highly exnihilating when it succeeds. It can also be deeply frustrating when it fails. In this podcast you will hear stories of success and stories of woe when it comes to communication. You can learn from the success and mistakes of others to improve your success as a business communicator. Imagine the difference when your intended message gets delivered and received more often.


June 1, 2023 40 mins
How to be more persuasive with emotional triggers Discover the word tricks to magically be more convincing

Episode 156 (James is based in L.A, California)

In this conversation with James I. bond we explore:

  • Why logic often fails to convince
  • How to sell using emotional word triggers
  • How to make ideas sticky
  • How to get people to make decisions faster
  • The power of poetry, analogy, alliteration, humor
  • 14 techniques to tap into brai...
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The Weed Words are words you need to avoid when you speak, because they choke your intended message. Unless you’ve living under a rock

Sweet words of praise – right? Just the opposite.

When you hear this phrase how do you feel?

Respected or insulted?


Why would a speaker use this phrase?

Is this speaker trying to build rapport by suggesting that you are living under a rock?

Is the speaker under the rock with you or standing on top...

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You can always sell more if you want to How has selling evolved and how must you adapt?

Episode 154 (Jim is based in Dallas, Texas)

In this conversation with Jim Pancero:

  • How the sales person has lost their power
  • The loss of trust in sales
  • Where is the sales person in the process of researching a purchase?
  • How can the sales rep save the customer from misinformation?
  • How are you conveying your distinct difference and advantage?
  • ...
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May 23, 2023 2 mins
Are you using or abusing the word VERY? Here's a Weed Word to remove from your speaking

The Weed Words are words and phrases that can choke your intended message like nasty weeds. These short clips will highlight one word or phrase each week so you can remove these weeds from your speaking.

Episode 153 


Stop using the word very because it is vague, lazy and deceptive.

Very is an adverb. That means its purpose is to modify a...

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Ten ways you can use the pause in your presentation for greater impact Why is the pause such a powerful tool yet abused

Episode 152: 

In this episode George Torok examines the power of the pause and presents 10 reasons and examples to use in your presentation for greater success.

  • Are you using the purpose on purpose to engage your audience?
  • What lessons can you take from comedy about the pause?
  • When are good times to insert the...
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May 16, 2023 2 mins
If I have you, how would you feel? If you were had how would you feel? What is gross about this phrase? Welcome to Weed Words, the weekly micro tip on words to avoid so you can have more credibility when you speak.


Thanks for having me

What do you feel or see when you hear this phrase? Thanks for having me.

I cringe. The visual associated with this phrase is yucky.

I hosted a radio show for 19 years and interviewed over 600 g...

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Why doesn't sales and marketing play well together? How can we get sales and marketing on the same team?

Episode 150 (Gary is based in Medellin, Columbia)


Because you are a loyal listener of "Your Intended Message" get your

FREE 'The Zero to 100 Million Sales Blueprint' endorsed by:

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- ...

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May 9, 2023 1 min
What does a bunch mean to you? When you hear the word, what do you think? When you say it, what do your listeners think? Welcome to Weed Words, the weekly micro tip on words to avoid so you can have more credibility when you speak.


Hey, I got a bunch. Do you want to buy a bunch? How many bunches do you want?

How excited do you get when you hear the word - bunch?


How do you think your clients or team feels when you talk - bu...

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Boost your productivity with less distractions What if you delayed checking your messages for at least 20 minutes?

Episode 148 (Ann is based in Toronto, Canada)

In this conversation with Ann Gomez we explore:

  • What is the warrior mentality and how can you apply it to your work?
  • Why are distractions so addictive and so damaging?
  • The conversation you need to have with yourself and then your team
  • Why being brilliant and driven can ...
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May 2, 2023 2 mins
In my humble opinion

When you hear this phrase what do you think? How do you feel about the speaker? Are you eager to hear a humble opinion?


Do you feel that they are truly humble? Do you believe that their opinion is valid? Do you prepare yourself for a less than humble opinion? Do you think, Who asked for your opinion?


The words humble and opinion do not belong in the same sentence. Put them together and warning bells ring in...

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April 28, 2023 34 mins
The mind of a scientist and the passion of an entrepreneur How to get people to understand your message

Episode 146 (Hasan in based in Munich, Germany)

In this conversation with Hasan Ibne Akram we explore:

  • Why does an engineer need to be a T shape communicator?
  • How does a scientist talk to investors and get the money?
  • How  engineers and scientists can communicate with business executives
  • Why is empathy critical to effective co...
Mark as Played
April 25, 2023 1 min
I just want to

When the person starts their talk with this phrase, how do you feel?

Whose interest are they speaking to? You or themself?

Does this make you feel valued?

Not me!

Why would you care what the speaker wants?

Why would the speaker believe you care what they want?

What would you listen to what they want?

The speaker isn’t talking for your benefit but for their own purpose.

It’s about what they want.


When you see this p...

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Why is sustainable leadership critical to team success? What is the science of effective leadership?

Episode 144 (Niels is based in London, England)

In this conversation with Niels Brabrandt, we explored:

  • What is the science behind effective leadership?
  • Why leaders must discard silly motivation phrases
  • What are the tools of sustainable leadership and hence sustainable teams
  • What is the difference between transactional and trans...

Welcome to this series of mini reports about the words that can sabotage your intended message.

We expose the Weed Words that get in the way of your message. Listen in to learn about these rascals and how to avoid these mistakes.

These alert will usually be less than two minutes yet offer value tips in a fun way.


Are you talking to me?

Are you talking to me?

Did you want me to listen to what you say?

If you want me to listen,...

Mark as Played
April 13, 2023 35 mins
Are you ready to better engage your workplace team? What are the benefits of better engagement in the workplace?

Episode 142 (Paul is based in the Netherlands)

  • How workplace engagement contributes to profitability
  • Why core values and non-negotiables become more relevant
  • Why leaders need to become better listeners
  • How the pandemic and younger generations are reshaping the workplace
  • Why people need a direction and purpose
  • What's ...
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How to participate in more productive conversation What must you do in the first minute?

Episode 141 (Chris is based in The Netherlands)

In this conversation with Chris Fenning we explore:

  • How to structure your conversation before you speak
  • How to clarify the conversation in your head from the spoken one
  • The three step GPS model to frame your conversation like a story
  • Why you might need to zoom in and out when discussing detail...
Mark as Played
March 30, 2023 28 mins
How to prepare for that critical job interview Prepare for the standard and the unexpected questions

Episode 140 (Fatemah is based in Los Angeles, California)

In this conversation with Fatemah Mirza we explore:

  • How to feel more comfortable with job interviews
  • How to address those standard questions
  • What "tell me about yourself" really means
  • How to mitigate your red flags and time gaps
  • How to tell enough without telling all
  • Test...
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Pubic Speaking is a Skill that can be Learned even for the CEO How to feel more confident and sound more natural

Episode 139 (Tim is based in Beverly Hills. CA)

In this conversation with Tim Hart we explore:

  • The challenge of negative self talk
  • How to make that connection with your audience
  • The importance of addressing your leadership communications skills
  • The power of stories and especially secret stories

About Tim Hart:


Mark as Played
If you knew the words can sabotage your message, would you stop using them? Here's your opportunity to become aware and clean up your messages.

Episode 138

In this episode George Torok offers his insights about:

  • Why you need to select your words thoughtfully
  • What common phrases could you stop using to be better understood
  • What are the perceptions that people might form based on your word choice
  • Why it's important that the words...
Mark as Played
Where do you start when fixing your website? What is the purpose of your website and how can you make it work for you?

Episode 137 (Chris is based in the UK)

In this conversation with Chris Davidson we explore:

  • Why your website might not be working
  • How to test the results of your website
  • How to sharpen your target focus
  • How to leverage content on your website
  • Guidelines to boost the power of your site blog
  • Advertising or SEO wh...

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