Your Life in the Now

Your Life in the Now

Your Life in the Now supports you to create an amazing and fulfilling life with practical spirituality so that you overcome your resistive and often negative subconscious mind which blocks, distracts and sabotages you from becoming your real, true, authentic self. Together we will discover practical, proven methods so you experience your life and relationships in a passionate, healthy and joyous way. This is David Greenwood. Welcome. Isn’t it time to live your life in the Now?


November 20, 2023 10 mins

On my third podcast, I suggest that it is easy to live with an healthy AI program. For it is designed to protect and support you, so it no longer interferes with your desire to explore deeper transformational changes. 

Learn what it's like to feel alive, authentic, and experience the spiritual you. 

Here is the link to this and other podcasts, It is available now on Buzzsprout and will soon be on Apple and IHeart:

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In this second episode of having a mind free of negative conditioning, we explore more in depth the fact that our subconscious mind can be thought of live an AI, artificial intelligence.  We explore what it is like living with the freedom of this state of mind, this understanding that you don't have to be controlled by your subconscious programming, and how it really isn't the deeper, more real, spiritual you.  Begin to r...

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In this first of 3 podcasts focused on Freedom Within, I suggest that your subconscious mind is like an AI, artificial intelligence, which represents old, conditioned behaviors and beliefs. It is a program, not a living thing. It is designed to protect you, not control you, yet unfortunately it does just that due to irrational programming.

Learn how it resembles an AI and that it isn't the alive, authentic, spiritual you. It is...

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April 13, 2023 16 mins

Do you need to update your reality?  Ready to learn some facts that your mind probably can't comprehend?  Just try to hold these in your brain.  It's time to realize that we all live within a prison of our own unique experiences.  Some are positive, but many aren't.  Consider releasing those that seem real, but probably aren't.  Explore your reality.

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February 10, 2023 12 mins

Many people, including prominent astrophysicists, have speculated that we could be living in a matrix.  That some intelligence has created an order to our universe and that we are living our lives within that matrix.  Let's explore what that means, why it makes sense, and how we can thrive within it.

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December 13, 2022 18 mins

What does it mean to be mindful?  Together we will explore that the word does not truly capture what people mean, and how difficult it is to fully understand the state of mindfulness.  Nor can any word truly express that which is beyond thought, beyond the ego...but let's do the best we can to explore it more.

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In these short audio sessions we will explore the mystical insights, truths and guidance offered by well known and not so well known Inspirational Sayings.

Here is the second and equally ancient set of spiritual truths.  This time they are 3 short sentences that I pondered for many years.  

mystical truths
Inspirational sayings
Spiritual truths
Spiritual sayings

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In these short audio sessions we will explore the mystical insights, truths and guidance offered by well known and not so well known Inspirational Sayings.

Here is the first and certainly one of the oldest and most well known, Know Thyself.

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The is Part 2 of my interview on Higher Wellness Radio.

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This interview was recorded by Higher Wellness Radio as a part of their series of interviews with health and wellness practitioners.  This is Part 1.

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March 29, 2022 16 mins

The level of your curiosity just might be the deciding factor in how much you enjoy your life.   Curiosity helps you to break free of old conditioning, to examine your world around you, the people you are with, the things you think about.  Curiosity allows you to investigate first the outer and then your inner world, opening up the possibility of discovering truths beyond your limited reality.  Having a curious mind means having an...

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December 23, 2021 4 mins

Christmas can either be fraught with depression, hatred and despair, or joy, peace and fulfillment.  Meet the challenges that you may encounter from a new understanding.  You can embrace this more transformational time of year and allow it to help you create new memories, new beliefs as well an anchor in a new way of looking at all your future Christmas's.

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Learn why Conscious Manifestation works and when it doesn't!   The secret lies in the state of consciousness that is focusing upon manifestation.   

I always offer free consultations for you to breakthrough the old conditioning and create a healthier subconscious mind that no longer sabotages your desire to change.  

You will find that I have several programs available for you to achieve your goals that integ...

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Discover why Positive Thinking can become a Trap.

Learn when positive thinking is useful, and when it becomes a frustrating failure.  In truth, there is nothing wrong with wanting a positive, healthy outcome, but your subconscious mind might have other ideas.

I always offer free consultations for you to breakthrough the old conditioning and create a healthier subconscious mind that no longer sabotages your desire ...

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February 11, 2021 14 mins

Discover why Soul Mates often become Wound Mates.  

If you mistakenly think having your issues triggered by your Soul Mate is a bad thing, you run the risk of having your partner become your Wound Mate. 

Learn why having your Soul Mate trigger your fears is one of the best things you could wish for and desire. 

I always offer free consultations for you to breakthrough the old conditioning and create a hea...

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January 21, 2021 12 mins

I want to share the 3 things I like about being in a tribe, and the 3 things I don't like about being in a tribe.

Why do we have tribes?  What good are they?  How can they go wrong?

Explore the positive, and negative, aspects of tribalism and learn how to use it healthily and most effectively.  

Being a part of a tribe can be incredibly useful and rewarding, as well as the worst thing you could ever ...

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Have you ever seen the movie, "The Matrix"?  There's a critical scene in the movie where Morpheus offers Neo the choice of taking the blue pill, and remain in a state of trance-like ignorance, or taking the red pill, and wake up to reality and deal with life in an empowered way.  

Morpheus goes on to tell him...

"Let me tell you why you're here. You're here because you know something....

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September 8, 2020 32 mins

Have you ever seen a UFO? Of course you have!  How about a Sasquatch?  I doubt it!  Have you ever wondered how your reality is shaped by your own conditioned mind and might be stopping you from experiencing not just seemingly magical, mystical occurrences, but also more fully appreciating your daily life?  How does your subconscious denial mechanism rob you of these experiences? 

In this podcast we explore how your beliefs...

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August 22, 2020 23 mins

Have you had psychic experiences?  How did it affect your life?  Did it alter your beliefs? Could it lead to something even more amazing and transformational?

In this podcast we explore how your beliefs are affected by an encounter with psychic phenomena.  I will describe my own earlier experiences with this process and the puzzling, often frightening results of these encounters.

Equally important is how you respo...

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In this podcast we explore why it is important for you to become a Modern Mystic.  How difficult it is to believe your 5 senses because your conditioned subconscious mind often misinterprets data. Discover what it's like to experience life from a new perspective through the awakened mind of a Modern Mystic.

Here are the main points in this episode: 

* Learn what it's like to become a Modern Mystic
* ...

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