And That's Why We Drink

And That's Why We Drink

Murder and the paranormal finally meet! Grab your wine and milkshakes and join us every Sunday for some chilling ghost stories and downright terrifying true crime stories. The world's a scary place. And that's why we drink!


February 25, 2024 111 mins

Episode 368 is here and you would tell us if we looked like corpses, wouldn't you? First Em brings us to 1600s England for the Haunting of Isabell Binnington who may or may not be Christine in a former life. Then Christine covers the former cold case of Sharron Prior. And you know what we always say, one man’s plate is another woman’s sixteen shovels… and that’s why we drink!

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It's episode 367 and we're ready to flabber your gasts! First Em takes us down a wild road of near death experiences and future predictions with the story of the Baba Vanga Prophecies. Then Christine covers the heartbreaking and confounding case of Natalia Grace. We're just sitting here talking about Cream of Wheat in a bar like any normal man... and that's why we drink!

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February 11, 2024 126 mins

It's Episode 366 and we're fresh off our Salt Lake City and Denver adventures! Today Em brings us to Kentucky for the absolutely bananagrams story of the Kentucky Meat Shower aka the Kentucky Meat Storm aka Carnal Rain and all the wild theories about what caused it. Then Christine finishes out her two-parter on William Heirens aka the Lipstick Killer. And did we just open a mocktail speakeasy?? ...and that's why we drink (mocktails...

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It's episode 365 and we're one year old in dog years! After seven years of podcasting we've finally reached one entire year's worth of full episodes. It also just happens to coincide with Gio's Gotcha Day! In honor of all these self-imposed holidays, we've got some wild stories for you today. First Em takes us to 1800s Wisconsin for the strange Nodolf Incident, but not before taking us on a deep dive into the history of hillside le...

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February 1, 2024 57 mins

Happy February, boozers and shakers! Join us for a lovely romp down food poisoning lane. We were hoping to leave potty problems in the past but not before we hear from a listener who may have hallucinated their own toilet exorcism. We also have some sweet and unnerving stories related to Third Man Syndrome and even a creepy Valentine's Day tribute. Oh, and don't forget the debilitating fear of elevators... and that's why we drink!


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It's episode 364 and we're on our backstage, gold star behavior! This week Em takes us to the intersection of the Bible and Corn Belts for their story on Acid Bridge and the "Seven Gates of Hell". Then Christine brings us the star studded, unsolved mystery of Natalie Wood's death. And did we just invent for vegetables? ...and that's why we drink!Don't miss out on the very last run of our On the Rocks live show. Get you...

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It's episode 363 and we're recovering from an infestation of prairie dogs, we mean some kerfuffles on tour that may or may not have included food poisoning and lost laptops... but we couldn't leave you high and dry today so we're digging into the archives of our live show audio to bring you a very special episode from Denver where we not only weathered altitude sickness but we also braved a bomb cyclone! First Em tells the ghostly ...

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It's episode 362 and our guts have left the building because we're going back on tour! But don't worry, we'll make an appointment with Dr. Leona to fix us. This week Em brings us to Vermont for the mystery of the Bennington Triangle, its multiple missing persons cases, and the wild theories behind them. Then Christine covers the terrifying case of Harvey Glatman aka the Glamour Girl Slayer aka the Lonely Hearts Killer and the woman...

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January 7, 2024 119 mins

It's episode 361 and we're not naming our ADHD, you are! Ok, we all are. This week Em takes us into the world of the exorcism of Clarita Villanueva and the nuances that mark the line between paranormal experience and mental health crisis. Then Christine covers the recent 2022 murder of Brenda Powell, a sad and perplexing story that has us revisiting why we drink this week. And who didn't have a childhood bossy streak to overcompens...

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January 1, 2024 61 mins

It's January and we'd like to welcome everyone to the Schiefer Schulz Manor! Wow, what an intro to the year we have in this batch of stories from you, dear listeners. Not only do we check in on Christine's trash pile du jour, but we hear from a volcano-ologist, a time traveling Toyota owner, and someone who worked on Project Blue Book! We also contemplate the benefits of gender neutral pronouns used for anonymity... and that's why ...

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Let's get one thing straight today, babe, your eardrum is perforated. Episode 360 brings some big updates on Christine's ears and our astral realm hang outs! First Em takes us on a journey into the world of Third Man Syndrome. Then Christine covers the tragic but ultimately heartwarming case of the Clouse family murders. And does the little drummer boy drum too loudly for Christine's injured ears? ...and that's why we drink!

We can'...

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It's episode 359 and we've gotten into crypto... cryptozoology that is! This week Em takes us to Norwich, England to cover the ghosts of the Augustine Steward House. Then Christine brings us the heavy part two of her Dennis Rader series. And did we say "no comment"? We actually mean "here's our comment"... and that's why we drink!

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December 17, 2023 181 mins

It's episode 358 and despite all of our technical difficulties our husks can still podcast with the best of them! This week Em takes us into the claustrophobic, poop-filled streets of Mary King's Close. Then Christine brings us a big part one in the story of Dennis Rader (also known as the serial killer BTK, but since he gave himself that nickname, we're trying not to give him the satisfaction of using it all that often). Is this t...

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December 10, 2023 142 mins

Welcome to episode 357 where we're definitely not threatened by all of Em's healthy developments... This week Em takes us on another 101 deep dive, this time into the world of psychopomps, specifically the lore of the Grim Reaper. Then Christine covers the mind-bending tale of the disappearance of Steven Kubacki. And is it really just all about the psychopomps we meet along the way? ...and that's why we drink!

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December 3, 2023 158 mins

It's episode 356 and on Wednesdays we get the middle finger by text message! Tune in this week for some prank call talk as well as some creepy stories. First Em brings us a 101 class on mirrors - are they both an entrance and a dead end at the same time? Then Christine covers the heartbreaking and mysterious case of Darlie Routier. And for our next trick... and that's why we drink!

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December 1, 2023 67 mins

Christmas time is here and we're ghosts of the Victorian, dust-bowl children in the tintype photos mysteriously mailed to Christine! Put on a crackling fire (or crackling fireplace video) and settle in for some holiday surprises because we've got some doozies. First up, Eva gives Christine the gift of reading the first three stories that shed some very elucidating light on said stack of haphazard photos, including the mysterious an...

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Do gay people attract poltergeists? It's episode 355 and Em is taking us to a haunted U.K. theme park, Alton Towers, that just might be tied to a cottage-core lesbian couple. Take us to the haunted gift shop! Then Christine re-visits the Amityville Horror House to deep dive into the true crime and murder sides of the case. And, weigh in: do you need an Excel spreadsheet to have fun? ...and that's why we drink!

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It's episode 354 and we're having the worst post-Halloween, Monday blues of the year (on a Wednesday)! But at least there's a ghost cat named Dennis in our future: This week Em is taking us to the Old Idaho Penitentiary, home of some lovely celebrations for Dennis the ghost cat and the animal rescues of Boise, despite the wild hauntings. Then Christine covers the mysterious and tragic disappearance of Kimberly Avila, a gender non-c...

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November 12, 2023 162 mins

It's episode 353 and we're FINE! Like the sands of the hour glass, we're having a "menty b" about a mystery deadline and meanwhile loving our own Halloween merch. This week Em takes us on a very creepy ride through the story of the Black Monk of Pontefract. Then Christine covers the wild case of the George Brothers, aka the Oxy Kingpin Twins. And let us know if you have any guesses about Bartholomew Crispin... and that's why we dri...

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Welcome to episode 352! Where Christine shares some mystery photos from the 1800s, only adding to her haunted podcast studio. This week, Em takes us through the history of Vlad the Dad, we mean, Vlad the Impaler and the hauntings of Bran Castle. Then Christine covers the notorious and heartbreaking case of Martha Moxley. And can a manila envelope be a Dybbuk Box? ...and that's why we drink!

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