And That's Why We Drink

And That's Why We Drink

Murder and the paranormal finally meet! Grab your wine and milkshakes and join us every Sunday for some chilling ghost stories and downright terrifying true crime stories. The world's a scary place. And that's why we drink!


July 21, 2024 87 mins

It's episode 389 and you're hurting "It's" feelings! This week is unexpectedly Tulsa themed as Em takes us to the Gilcrease House for some ghost stories. Then Christine covers the second part of her two-part series on the case of Suzanne Sevakis. And is Christine a victim of Em's humor? ...and that's why we drink!

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Welcome to episode 388, where we're screaming inside! This is the gossip episode; first we go deeper than even we usually go into our anxieties about adulting and the process of writing an entirely new live show, then Em brings us the salatious hauntings of Cock Lane (can someone please tell us why that's funny?), and lastly Christine covers a story full of sad, terrible gossip in the story of Suzanne Sevakis (part one, tune in nex...

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It's episode 387 and should we pause?? We might be having some technical difficulties but that also might be next week's episode, we're not sure because we're releasing episodes out of order! This week Em covers something in Christine's neck of the woods in the story of the Old Licking County Jail. Then Christine gives us a sneak peek into the new book with the stories of the murders (and a bonus ghost) from the Claypool Hotel in I...

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July 1, 2024 49 mins

Happy July! It's hot AF and our livers are bigger than they look! Tune in this month for some Whaley House themed stories chosen by Clam Boleyn herself. We're reliving our ghost hunt and On the Rocks tour and freaking out at all the ghostly photos y'all sent in. Come join us while we look back as we move forward to our brand new tour, which we're definitely not terrified about and currently still writing... and that's why we drink!


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Hello, our fruity little mangoes! It's episode 386, and what's the deal with Erewhon? This week Em takes us on a wild ride of an alien abduction in the story of the Allagash Four. Then Christine covers a heart-rending case in the disappearance of Blanche Monnier. And if we've taught you one thing this week, please protect those armpits! ...and that's why we drink!

We're going back on tour with a brand new show! Tickets are selling f...

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Hello and welcome to episode 385, we’re just here wearing two polos with double popped collars! Get into the spooky mood with us this week with Em’s tale of the mediums of Lily Dale Assembly. Then Christine covers a doozy, the case of Nicholas Alahverdian. And get someone on the trumpet so we can pitch season one of The Real Housewives of Lily Dale Assembly… and that’s why we drink!

PS. Youtube, we’re so sorry for the technical diff...

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Welcome to our birthday recap episode! We mean episode 384... we've got some sinister updates in the form of secret societies, allergy shots and toes holding toes. This week Em takes us on a wild ride of a story with the prison escape of Elias Henry Jones and Cedric Waters Hill. Then Christine covers the case of Inna Budnytska and the detective work of Ken Brennan. And let this be your sign not to put that last spritz of glitter on...

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Welcome to episode 383, if you learn anything from us today, don't eat 11 of anything all in a row! This week Em fulfills one of Christine's step-dad dreams when they cover the train-related ghosts of Ogden Union Station. Then Christine covers a doozy of a story she's so sure she's covered before but somehow hasn't... the murder of Travis Alexander by Jodi Arias. And, don't worry, we'll get that hair curled up in Em's ear out if Ti...

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It's episode 382, it's our birthdays and we're enduring some dusty water! This week Em has a surprise birthday story for Christine in the ghosts of the O.K. Corral. Then Christine covers the tragic murders of queer couple Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner. Happy birthdays to us! Always choose the bear... and that's why we drink!

On our birthdays we think you should treat yourself to tickets to our newest live show and/or pre-order ou...

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June 1, 2024 63 mins

WELCOME TO OUR BIRTHDAYS MONTH!! We're just vibing but don't worry we're also buying ourselves lots of presents. Speaking of gift-giving, Eva has delved into the bowels of our inbox to find the most specific stories as gifts to each of us this year, what a sneaky witch (not to be confused with the Stinky WitchTM). Join us on this birthday crawl space party that includes tea on the Duggars, onions glitching in the matrix and peeing ...

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It's episode 381 and we're back on our cryptid bullshit! This week Em brings us the wild tale of the Mongolian Death Worm. Then Christine covers the tragic and bizarre case of Greg Fleniken aka "the body in room 348". And please tell us we're elegantante... and that's why we drink!

We're going back on tour! Don't miss out on our brand new live show coming to ya this fall!

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Episode 380 is here and tell us, do you know the difference between parlor rooms and sitting rooms? Great, neither do we! This week Em takes us to the house with many rooms, and many fireplaces, the Hannah House in Indiana. Then Christine brings us to Minneapolis for the unsolved disappearance of the Klein brothers. And if you have any tips on how to find a handyman, please let us know! ...and that's why we drink!

Don't miss out on ...

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It's episode 379 and we're experiencing technical difficulties and making big life announcements (Christine even screamed so loud she hurt her missing tooth)! Tune in to our intro for some surprise info and updates. Then we're digging into our audio vaults to share one of our earliest live shows: Houston, Texas in 2019! Em accidentally covers two stories involving the words "spaghetti" in the Spaghetti Warehouse (actually in Texas)...

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It's episode 378 and this week's theme is: butter! First Em takes us to Flint, Michigan for the hauntings of the Capitol Theater (plus a fun little sidebar on photoplays). Then Christine covers the truly shocking case of Cari Lea Farver. And are you the Kirk of your county? ...and that's why we drink!

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May 1, 2024 60 mins

YouTube! We're so sorry, yet again, about the weird glitch-lag. We promise we're working on fixing these mysterious lags but in the meantime the listener stories show must go on, even if the May stories aren't as important as our birthday month stories... oops, did we say that out loud?! Tune in this month for some fun, mystery themed stories including a current Starbucks arrest, a house haunted by a full body apparition of a burnt...

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Welcome to episode 377, in which we try to communicate with Linda via dowsing rods so we can just get a yes or no answer! This week Em takes us into the realm of reincarnation with the story of the Pollock Twins aka the Hexham Rebirth. Then Christine covers the wild case of Terry Peder Rasmussen aka the Chameleon Killer. And can anyone out there teach us the official rules to Kick the Can? ...and that's why we drink!

Don't miss out ...

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April 21, 2024 138 mins

It's episode 376 and we're getting our zoomies out! Tune in this week to hear about Christine's psychic journey and Em's travel spending. Then Em covers the wild tale of the Char Man of Ojai Valley. And Christine brings us the second part of her two-part story on Ruby Franke/8 Passengers. And how many tchotchkes is too many tchotchkes? ...and that's why we drink!

Don't forget to pre-order our new book!

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It's episode 375 and we've got a choose your own adventure of reasons to drink this week. Today Em brings us the holy grail of haunted houses, the Merchant's House in Manhattan. Then Christine takes us to Utah and into the world of mommy vloggers to kick off her two-parter on Ruby Franke/8 Passengers. Tune in next week and we'll hopefully have all our teeth and no creepy garden statues... and that's why we drink!

Can you believe we ...

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It's episode 374 and are technical issues bringing us closer together? We're so sorry, YouTube Boozers and Shakers, for the lag (we edited the audio separately so you won't hear the same overlapping issues there). We're making up for it with a new Compliment Christine segment. This week Em takes us way, way back to the origins and dark side of nursery rhymes. Then Christine covers the more recent Polish case of Krystian Bala. And h...

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April 1, 2024 41 mins

Welcome to April Ghouls: Two Boos and a Lie! This year for April Fool's Eva is bringing us some ghoulish energy and we're terrified. She has artisanally, hand selected two listener stories about "ladies in white", written a third herself and challenged Em and Christine to figure out which one is the imposter story. What impending foolishness! Can you pick the fake? ...and that's why we drink!

Don't miss our very last On the Rocks li...

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