Killers, Cults and Queens

Killers, Cults and Queens

Cheryl Hole and Nikki Druce are on a whistle stop tour of the weirdest corners of the universe. They’ll be stopping to learn about the craziest true crime cases in history, spooky paranormal activities, truly bonkers internet mythology, very convincing cults and much much more. So don't be a killer or join a cult... just be a Queen. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


December 22, 2022 48 mins
Ho ho ho! Christmas has come early thanks to Cheryl Hole and Nikki Druce. High on the spirit of crimbo, they present an unreleased episode from season one… the pilot! So get in, we’re heading back 7 months to learn about the crazy Love Has Won cult. A tale of mother and father gods, colloidal silver and glitter covered desiccated corpses… what could be more festive than that… But who was mother god, and how did a potentially well i...

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Nikki Druce and Cheryl Hole are wrapping up a whirlwind of a series by visiting one of the most haunted mansions in America… The Winchester Mystery house. After a wealthy wife became a widow, inheriting so much money that she became the richest woman in America, she was plunged into a deep depression. Desperate for answers, she visited a medium who told her that her entire life was cursed, and there was only one thing for it… she w...

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Nikki Druce and Cheryl Hole are travelling to Canada to meet the WORST cult leader to have ever existed. After growing up in the stereotypical cult leader way (being told he was really smart and eventually dropping out of school), Roch Theriault spent his early 20s hell bent on creating a world for himself, one that he could control with all of his might… containing the most disturbing details Nikki and Cheryl have ever heard, they...

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Grab your passport and pack your life jackets because Nikki Druce and Cheryl Hole are heading to the Atlantic Ocean to the deadly Bermuda Triangle. The location of dozens upon dozens of missing boats, planes and ships, the true story behind the mysterious disappearances are tough to nail down. Are wormholes caused by electrical fog behind the deaths? Could waterspouts be launching up from the sea and swallowing planes from out of t...

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November 17, 2022 63 mins
Cheryl Hole and Nikki Druce are heading down a road they’ve never been before to the heinous sex cult Dominus Obsequious Sororium of NXIVM. Promoted as a self improvement community, NXIVM was an MLM of gargantuan proportions, allegedly giving advice to The Bronfman Sisters and even Richard Branson… but no one could have guessed the cruel underside ruled by sick leader Keith ‘Vanguard’ Raniere and Smallville actress Alison Mack. Who...
November 10, 2022 58 mins
Cheryl Hole and Nikki Druce are turning back the clock to travel to Chicago and learn about America’s most prolific serial killer H.H Holmes. The inspiration behind American Horror Story’s Hotel season, this wiley and manipulative killer started his dodgy and murderous ways way back as a young 20 something. After people went missing wherever he went, he decided to open up a horror hotel, filled with traps, rooms like something out ...

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Dust off your Ouija boards, because Cheryl Hole and Nikki Druce are holding a seance to contact the lost souls of Eastern State Penitentiary. Built in the early 1800s, the unique prison was designed to make it’s inmates find God and repent for their sins… that was until overcrowding and riots resulted in horrific torture and brutal killings. But how did a plan to help troubled souls atone turn into one of the most violent prisons i...

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October 27, 2022 57 mins
Cheryl Hole and Nikki Druce are diving back into the world of Creepypastas to uncover the science behind the internet's most popular spooky sleep story… The Russian Sleep Experiment. After researching a new stimulant on prisoners of war, soviet researchers find themselves in a gruesome tryst with violent and sleep mad creatures… but was it all as it seemed? And what actually happens when you deprive yourself of sleep for say, 11 da...

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Cheryl 'Creepy' Hole and Nikki Druce are back to uncover the horrendous crimes of The Manson Family Cult. Picking straight back up where we left off, Cheryl and Nikki arrive at Spahn Ranch, where Charles is just about to take his love for music to a whole new level… How did a chance meeting with a Beach Boy and the classic Beatles track Helter Skelter spiral into the brutal murders of at least seven innocent people, and how did Cha...

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Cheryl Hole and Nikki Druce are deep diving into the childhood of one of the most infamous cult leaders of modern day history, Charles Manson. After a rocky childhood spending most of his years in and out of schools for troubled teens and maximum security prisons, Charles heads to Berkeley to find a family of his own… Was Charles destined for the horrible fate he was racing towards, or was the nightmare ahead a product of his own m...

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October 6, 2022 49 mins
Cheryl Hole and Nikki Druce are *metaphorically* storming Area 51 to discover the secrets hidden at the mysterious military base. After a top secret mission at the order of President Dwight Eisenhower sent a huge team of military personnel to the now iconic Army base, UFO sightings started sweeping the nation of America. Flying saucers were flying through the skies, and real life (allegedly) spaceship debris was falling from the sk...

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Cheryl Hole and Nikki Druce are travelling to Spalding in Lincoln to learn about the chilling case of the UK’s youngest double murderers, The Twilight Killers. It’s a quiet Friday morning in April, 2016. A young teenage couple have been spending the last couple of days chilling out in a makeshift den in the downstairs of a suburban two bedroom house. They’ve been drinking, eating junk food and watching The Twilight Saga. Sounds lik...

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Cheryl Hole and Nikki Druce are turning back the clock to the 1500s, to travel to the “new world” (see: America). After a previous failed attempt, Queen Elizabeth the 1st was hell bent on colonising as much of the world as possible, and so, under the guidance of John White, 120 volunteers travelled 3,795 miles across the choppy Atlantic to create their new home… it was the last journey they would ever take, as just a few years late...

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Cheryl Hole and Nikki Druce are travelling to the ‘manosphere’ to learn all about the secret world of Incels and their gross revered martyr, Elliot Rodger. It’s a warm Saturday evening in the college town of Isla Vista in Santa Barbara, California. Students all over town are getting ready for house parties at some of the biggest sorority and fraternity parties of the UCSB. But by nightfall, an angsty incel had wreaked havoc on the ...
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September 8, 2022 46 mins
Cheryl Hole and Nikki Druce are diving into the world of creepypastas to meet one of the most deadly internet myths of all time… Slenderman. It’s a balmy Friday night in May in the suburb of Waukesha Wisconsin in 2014. 12 year old Payton is getting ready to celebrate her best friend Morgan's birthday at a sleepover, along with their friend Anissa. Just 12 hours later, Payton is found abandoned in the woods and barely alive after be...

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September 8, 2022 47 mins
Cheryl Hole and Nikki Druce are kicking things off with an insane bomb plot full of twists and turns… the wacky but totally true story of The Pizza Bomber. It’s a warm afternoon in August, 2003. A phone call is made to Mama Mia’s Pizza in Eerie, Pennsylvania. The resident delivery guy, Brian Wells, heads off to deliver the two large sausage and pepperoni pizzas… never to return. But how did a pizza delivery turn into one of the wil...

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Coming soon... Killers, Cults and Queens!

From Audioboom Studios, join iconic Drag Queen Cheryl Hole and resident spooky expert Nikki Druce as they embark on a whistle stop tour of the weirdest corners of the universe. 

They’ll be stopping to learn about the craziest true crime cases in history, spooky paranormal activities, truly bonkers internet mythology, very convincing cults and much much more. 

Out o...

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