True Fit

True Fit

The feeling of inadequacy and the fear of being yourself are all too common today, and they shouldn’t be. Jim Beqaj, leading adviser in recruiting and personal development coaching, takes the first 20 minutes of your week to help you breakdown a roadblock in your life that’s keeping you from fulfillment. From career and personal life, to the every-day mundane, Jim will help you tackle the things you’ve been avoiding, like calling out false promises, quitting your job, or dealing with your noisy neighbours. Every Monday morning, you’ll find trusted, honest advice without any sugar coating - and a thought to walk away with for the rest of the week.


July 4, 2022 13 mins
We're in a unique time. When it comes to finding a career that is your true fit, we're facing so many options - embrace the opportunity! In this episode, I reflect on an enlightening week spent in London working with former Prime Minister of the UK, Tony Blair, and the Tony Blair Institute, and seeing where opportunity led me. So what are the doors that you're going to open to see what then opportunities are for you? Because t...
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One of the things I've realized in my coaching practice is that people don't often think about their dreams. Instead they talk about making more money or getting a promotion, but never the journey that will get them there. At the core of it all, there's a hesitancy to have the courage to make something happen in the first place. In this episode, I unpack how to communicate your dreams, where to find courage, and how - when you...
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Many people are facing uncertainty when it comes to understanding how to get to the next level in their careers - including me. Even coaches need coaching! In this episode, I reflect on the fact that we can't always get to where we want to be on our own and the value in seeking help. Finding the right person to guide you on your journey can make all the difference in sparking creativity and finally finding some clarity.
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There is a fair degree of confusion in our world, so it's more important than ever that your authenticity comes through accurately. Sometimes our message misses the mark for the wrong reasons. In this episode, I unpack why sometimes, in delivering your message, it is essential to see yourself from an outsider's perspective. Doing so makes you better able to be a better communicator of who you are and what your message is. 
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June 6, 2022 24 mins
If your workplace was your own business, would the people working for you be any different? Who is really in the proper role? At the core of every successful business are people. Happy people will always create a powerful and long-lasting organization. So why are so many companies missing the mark when it comes to using their people effectively? I discuss some stories of common missteps managers take on their path to success a...
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Given recent events in Texas, I've been doing a lot of thinking around common sense and what it means to "do the right thing". It's easy to spot the epidemic of self-interest and self-preservation in our modern day world that is keeping people from making good decisions, or even making a decision at all. It's time for that to end. In this episode, I unpack how we all have a role to play in doing the right thing, and advocating...
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Many people are looking around at their lives and just can't believe what they're seeing. It seems that our world is in need of desperate repair, and the solutions seem obvious, but for whatever reason things just don't seem to change. Today, we've got a big black cloud hovering over society, and sometimes it can feel all consuming. I reflect on my perception of the world around us and how to prioritize the time to find your h...
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The ability to be open isn’t easy. It can take people years to come to terms with the fact that the truth will set them free. But leading with truth and transparency also means you need to find a way to foster an environment where when people are honest, they don’t feel like they’re getting punished for it. So how do you do that? In this episode, I discuss the different sides of a difficult conversation, how to be mindful of t...
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I’ve had an emotional week, both good and frustrating, that led me to unpack a theme around “making things work”. Whether it’s a job or a relationship, it’s natural to find yourself getting complacent about parts of your life that aren’t making you happy. But the thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re in an age where happiness matters, and the great resignation is a signal to companies that people are choosing their w...
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There was a lot of great feedback from last week's episode about mentorship, and what surprised me was that not many people have connected the dots between mentorship and succession planning. An organization can only be run successfully by people who love and are good at what they do, so how do you find those people?

I'm taking some time to dive deeper into the responsibilities of leaders and mentors and what it mean...
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April 25, 2022 11 mins
Mentorship is a loaded word and for good reason because good mentors can make a huge impact on a person. But bad mentors can do serious damage. Mentorship is so important but it’s being facilitated all wrong. I discuss some thoughts on how an organization should approach mentorship and along with it, their succession plan, in a way that really speaks to the heart of their people. 


Be You: The Worl...
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There is a lot of fear for many women in the workforce around what will happen when they decide to add "mom" to their resume.

How will their colleagues and managers react?
What will happen to their job?
Will they still have the same level of respect that they've worked years to build, or will it all have disappeared by the time they come back from parental leave?

Typically the only way to know is to a...
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April 11, 2022 11 mins
People across all industries these days are struggling to push innovation through to the desk of their senior leaders. There is a lot of fear around change, but a lot of key decision makers are so hesitant to cannibalize themselves that they’re missing out on incredible opportunities. I explore all the ways organizations can do more to lift up the ideas within their people, and share some encouragement for innovators to stay a...
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April 4, 2022 16 mins
Here's the thing: no one will give you anything you don't ask for. Whether it's an answer you're looking for, a sense of validation, or even a gift. Usually it takes a lot more than hope and optimism to get something you really want.
It is really hope, or is it actually fear that's holding you back?

In this episode, I address how to take back the power you've been giving to other people so you can finally s...
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March 28, 2022 12 mins
It's easy to be a pessimist these days. Sure, there's nothing wrong with sitting in your feelings for a bit, but when it starts to impact the people around you it's time to make a change.

This week, I address a couple of things on my mind, from the ludicrous job market and the number of companies that are desperate for new hires, to a recent example of standing up when it seems like no one else will.

I also d...
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March 21, 2022 16 mins
These days there are all sorts of ways that people aren't taking advantage of valuable time to really create a life filled with joy - both personally and professionally. In this episode, I discuss how actively choosing to take a step back and take the time to reflect can make a massive impact on your well being, and a lot of times that means being blatantly honest with yourself and others. After all, life is no dress-rehearsal...
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March 14, 2022 15 mins
Recently, a woman that I coach exclaimed to me, "it's all your fault!".
I happily accepted the blame, because after being offered an opportunity she decided to hold out for a better one.

We've just celebrated another International Women's Day, so I wanted to take some time to celebrate the important women in my life and talk about what makes coaching women so rewarding. Working women have a lot of complexity, the...
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If current events have taught us anything lately, it's that courage isn't hard to come by. But we don't need to be in a highly stressed and dangerous situation in order to be courageous, or to figure out what makes us happy. They say life is all about the journey, so how's your journey been so far?


Be You: The World Will Adjust is a weekly, Toronto podcast hosted by leading adviser in recruiting and perso...
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I constantly talk about how we need to focus on the things that we're really good at, and STOP trying to get better at the things that we're really bad at, or don't like doing. So what happens when you look around the room and make a list of the people that you manage and make that list of their best skills? Even more future looking: what happens when parents focus on the things their kids are really good at, and encourage the...
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Nobody likes it when they aren't picked for something they really wanted - it can feel embarassing, disappointing, and  rejection can be brutal when you really want something.
In this episode, I share some insight on how to handle disappointment.

How do you move on after things don't go as planned?
And - what might be even harder - how do you stay optimistic about opportunities that are yet to come, when you'...
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