People Like Us: Inside Philadelphia

Too Crowded with Angels

November 15, 201828 min
In the 25 years since Philadelphia was released, we've made great progress in the fight against AIDS, but we still don't have an AIDS-free generation. Coca-Cola through its partnership with (RED) believe we can. Visit to learn more and donate today.

Nearly sixty people living with AIDS were cast in PHILADELPHIA. Today, they’re all gone - all but one. We hear her story and discover what her life is like today. A key actor in PHILADELPHIA has AIDS and may not make it through the film. Will Jonathan Demme have to replace him? Tom Hanks drops 30 pounds to play the role of the dying attorney - and Denzel Washington tempts him with candy bars. The cast and crew of PHILADELPHIA bring Christmas to a an entire family - parents and children - with AIDS. PHILADELPHIA is released, becomes a surprise hit, and leads to an Oscar for Tom Hanks. But much harder than making a hit is making a difference: Hear how PHILADELPHIA made that difference and changed us all.

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