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November 13, 2023 6 mins

You who are called by God. We know you have heard it.

Someone saying surely you misheard. That you don’t know what you are doing. You see the problems in the Church and the world, and you are ready with thoughtful and creative ways forward.

They may say you are too young. Too old. Too busy raising children. Or too single. Too ambitious. Driven. Too distracted. Too much.

They miss out on seeing you. The full you. The person God is c...

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"You're feeling vocational grief." 3MMM Host Eileen Campbell-Reed shares this realization, and what it meant for her. In this episode, an excerpt from our All Saints Day Virtual Service, we invite you to take time to honor your loss and grief. 

You may want to gather up a piece of paper and a marker or pen. As you listen, let yourself pay attention to your own spiritual well-being by giving a little space to your vocational loss...

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How do women thrive in ministry? Eileen Campbell-Reed explores this question by imagining a future where women in ministry are thriving - 5 "future stories" that look like this:  

  • Women  thrive  in  ministry  because  churches  pay  equitably
  • Women  thrive  in  ministry  because  leadership  is  collaborative. 
  • Women  thrive  in  ministry  when  men  focus  on  care  for  themselves  and  all  people.
  • Women  thrive  in  mini...
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August 23, 2023 7 mins

Episode 87: Baptized and Ordained 

Eileen Campbell-Reed tells about how women and queer clergy are changing ministry for good. Baptized and Ordained is a year-long community, advance reading and feedback group, opportunity for live events. Sign up and find out more: https://BaptizedAndOrdained.org 


Questions answered in the video: 

0:20 A new book & community 1:45 How women and queer clergy are changing ministry 2:38 You ...

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3MMM | Podcast #86: How Women Thrive in Ministry

Three Minute Ministry Mentor (3MMM) host Eileen Campbell-Reed is answering the question, how do women thrive in ministry?   She shares 5 ways to imagine future stories in which women are thriving. 

This conversation opens up more about Eileen's latest book: "Baptized and Ordained" (working title).  This book will explore how women clergy and queer clergy are changing the practice of ...

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May 31, 2023 10 mins

Have you ever  simply run out of words? 

3MMM Host Eileen Campbell-Reed tells us about how she did. And how she "learned to pray in God’s language" of silence. Perhaps you would like to give it a try?

How to Start Meditating - a simple, step-by-step guide to a practice of silence and prayer.  More: 3MMM Episode 199: Pray, Read, Write

How will you notice the quality of silence in your life? What is your calling in this season?

+ Dow...

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In this episode, we offer a Mother’s Day prayer. Yet, it is not like the ones Eileen Campbell-Reed grew up hearing.

This prayer is more of a psalm and a lament. It lifts up to God the painful and unspeakable facets of mothering and #mothersday. It also honors the gifts and graces of mothering. God in her wisdom sees and hears it all. There is no truth we cannot pray.  

+ For the full text of this prayer, go to eileencampbellreed.or...

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April 19, 2023 11 mins

Episode 83: Finding Our Way


Has anything changed over the past three years in your ministry? If your answer is yes - check out this new resource. 

Our goal in studying and seeking to understand the lives and practices of Christian ministers over the last 20+ years is to make this work more understandable. To support the people called to it. And, after the last three incredibly stressful and unprecedented years, to help renew the ...

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April 5, 2023 14 mins

Episode 82: Talking Through Tragedy

How do we talk children through tragedy? What about parents and teachers, especially when the tragedy has impacted children and the places where children go, like schools or churches? And what about caring for congregations as a whole? 

Last week in Nashville, we experienced what is reaching epidemic proportions in the form of another school shooting. This episode invites us to think about how we...

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Episode 81: Beauty of Motherhood

There is beauty in parenting. Not because the work is all glamorous or easy, but because God’s presence and grace is woven through it, even when it is messy and fraught and full of pain and tears and uncertainty.

In this FULL CONVERSATION with Erin Strybis, Kimberly Knowle-Zeller, Erin Robinson Hall and Eileen Campbell-Reed, find out what these mothers claim about rising in the dark, fears about the...

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March 20, 2023 11 mins

This week we are talking once again with Kim Knowle-Zeller and Erin Strybis about their new book, The Beauty of Motherhood.

3MMM Host Eileen Campbell-Reed tells us: There is beauty in parenting experiences. Not because the work is all glamorous or easy, but because God’s presence and grace is woven through it, even when it is messy and fraught and full of pain and tears and uncertainty. 

Download a copy of the #PandemicPastoring Re...

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March 15, 2023 8 mins

Graceful parenting. That’s not a description but rather an aspiration and a need.

Authors Erin Strybis and Kim Knowle-Zeller  talk with Erin Robinson Hall and Eileen Campbell-Reed about their new book. The Beauty of Motherhood: Grace-filled Devotions for the Early Years, written especially for progressive Christian parents. We want share the first part of our conversation.

Erin Strybis says when she was a new mom, the devotional bo...

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March 1, 2023 6 mins

We are talking about the mental wellbeing of our children and teens.

These years of forming identity, re-modeling the brain, and flying further from the nest are already a big challenge. Add three calendar years of isolation, disrupted schedules and rites of passage, missed friendships and opportunities. Then stir in what Dr. Joyce Ann Mercer calls the “triple pandemic of Covid-19, racial reckoning, and climate crisis.” The result ...

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February 22, 2023 5 mins

Leading in loss is one of the great challenges of this moment. Why?

The losses are monumental. The leaders are overwhelmed. And grief is rarely easy.

Our guest Dr. Joyce Ann Mercer shares wisdom for attending to loss and grief for pastors, priests, chaplains and ministers. No matter your role, if you are leading any faith based or religious organization at the moment, attending to grief is a top need. What we don’t need, says Dr. M...

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February 16, 2023 3 mins

Self compassion. Who needs it? Well, all the humans.

It is hard, however, to love others when we struggle to love ourselves. This can be reality for many people. Sometimes it is just a season. For others it is an enduring struggle. Have a listen to this conversation with Eileen Campbell-Reed and Dr. Joyce Ann Mercer of Yale Divinity school talking about self compassion practices. Dr. Mercer offers one practice from Dr. Kristin Neff...

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February 16, 2023 3 mins

We continue our conversation with Dr. Joyce Ann Mercer of Yale Divinity School about loss and grief. How do we integrate our losses into life?

What helps you to live well with your losses and griefs?


Learn more about integrating loss and grief, here. 


Download a copy of the #PandemicPastoring Report:  https://pandemicpastoring.org


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February 16, 2023 9 mins

How is grief, “another way of loving?”  Eileen Campbell-Reed welcomes Rev. Dr. Joyce Ann Mercer to talk about  about ambiguous grief. 

Rituals and habits in every area of life, from parenting and teaching to being in community and leading the people of faith, have been disrupted and undermined. Now is the time to reframe and reimagine how to live creatively with these losses. How do we start? Find out more in this wonderful  conver...

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February 16, 2023 6 mins

How can we shape our discernment practices? Consider how to discern renewal of purpose and vocation in your life with these questions.

Have a listen to this conversation from our recent “Tending the Fires” virtual event with Rev. Dr. Kadia Edwards and Rev. Dr. Duane Bidwell. More on these ministers, here.  


Download a copy of the #PandemicPastoring Report:  https://pandemicpastoring.org 

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February 15, 2023 5 mins

Our lives, our churches, and ministry itself have changed. And more changes keep coming from the ripple effects of the pandemic. These realities open up questions about vocation and purpose of work and life.

We recently offered a live zoom event for ministers, chaplains, professors, and lay leaders called “Tending the Fires.” Vocation is one of the fires in our lives that needs regular tending. If we want to keep our  purpose and f...

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February 10, 2023 5 mins

How will we honor what we have done before we look forward? Honoring the ways we spend our energy and love is a counter to false dreams of consumer culture.

During the recent “Tending the Fires” virtual event, Eileen Campbell-Reed talked with fellow pastoral theologian, Rev. Dr. Duane Bidwell. He works in medical education with the Veterans Administration. Duane has a “Ten Things I Did that Mattered” practice that invites us to hon...

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