50 Shades of Blue Podcast

50 Shades of Blue Podcast

Welcome to 50 Shades of Blue Podcast with author speaker Cheron K. Griffin aka Madame Butterfly. This is the show where we have authentic conversations with ordinary people, experts, and influencers. Each episode, we dive deep into love, life, dating, relationships, spirituality and anything you can or cannot imagine. Anything goes! Our goal is to provide you with thought provoking information and perspectives that you can use to enhance your own knowledge and understanding to change your world and make you smile. This show is not for the faint at heart. And if you have to clutch your pearls, don’t clutch them too tight. We want you to return on next week. Listeners can expect a lively and engaging discussion with plenty of humor, wit, and insight. The podcast is perfect for people who enjoy deep conversations about a variety of topics, from serious social issues to light-hearted anecdotes. No matter what the topic, Cheron and her guest are always ready to dive in and share their thoughts and opinions.


July 10, 2023 80 mins

I had the pleasure of hosting a remarkable guest, Krystal from Krystal Light Yoga, on my podcast. Our conversation was filled with a wide range of captivating topics, primarily centered around the transformative power of yoga. However, our dialogue extended far beyond that. We explored intriguing subjects such as the connection between yoga and enhancing one's sexual experience, as well as the fascinating realm of twerk yoga, among...

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Dating is a simple concept. However, when women use those terms, men often associate it with a focus on sex. In reality, dating is about gathering information and getting to know someone. What a person chooses to do with their body is their own business, and it shouldn't concern others.


In our candid conversation, we delve deep into the world of dating, cosmetic surgery, and more. I openly discuss my personal experience with cosm...

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In our candid conversation, Dedrick and I delve into the complexities surrounding love, dating, and attraction, particularly within the context of the Black community. We shed light on the prevailing difficulties in discovering Black Love in contemporary times. Dedrick shares his perspective on what captivates him about a woman, emphasizing the importance of her kindness, gentleness, and ability to listen.


We also address the pre...

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In this special video, we have the pleasure of welcoming Marisol to the blue couch. Marisol is not only a dear friend but also an incredible creative force behind various ventures, including the Baxter Graham purse collection and other innovative projects. Join us as we dive into Marisol's journey as an entrepreneur, her role in shaping the logo and catalyst for my podcast, and the incredible creative...

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Hey Butterflies! Let's give a warm welcome to my friend and special guest, Zo. He has been a true lifesaver for me, and I'm grateful to have him here. During our chat on the podcast, we delved into a range of intriguing topics that sparked my interest. We touched upon Zo's personal experiences, including his past of being abused by his ex-wife and having a mistress for five years. Now, I'm not here to call him out but rather to sha...

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Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a hilarious and thought-provoking episode of our show! Today, I have the fabulous Shekia Murray as my special guest. Shekia is not just a full figure model but also a delegate for Full-Figured USA Texas. Let me tell you, filming this episode for the second time was an adventure (Phewww!), but we finally nailed it!

Shekia and I delved into a wide range of topics, and let me tell you, the conversat...

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It's unusual and maybe even taboo for Black women to have these conversations publicly, but it's time.  Why should we sit back in the cut pretending that we don't.  Most of us have been raised in a church that told us to sit down and be quiet. Nope, not any more.  Personally, I don't have anything against church, but I'm not that person to sit and be quiet.  I'm a voice that needs to be heard and so is my special guest, Michelle.  ...

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Join me and my friend Michelle as we talk about sex over 50 which is phenomenal and her dating experience with men at the matured age of (I'm not telling).  A few times we definitely disagreed, but we agreed to  disagree.  Michelle's dad is a pastor, but she did handle her hadle even when I called her religious.  Of course, she quoted scripture and she definitely disagreed with me surrounding the topic of MASTURBATION.  The convers...

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Join Me and this weeks guest Gina Fatui on 50 Shades of Blue Podcast having an authentic conversation about Africans and Big Di*ks, Types of Abuse, Money Men and wherever the conversation takes us. This conversation is organic and fluid. Even my my guest was caught off guard because you never know what's going to happen on the blue couch. This podcast isn't for those who has sensitive ears. Sorry, not sorry MOM!

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