A Page in History

A Page in History

Hear fascinating, never-before-told stories from the world-famous NBC Pages as they discuss your favorite television and film stars in tales never meant to reach the ears of the general public!


June 26, 2023 92 mins

Join us for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Saturday Night Live! You'll hear untold stories and secrets of this iconic show. 

Discover the unexpected connections between Prince, Batman, and SNL. 

Uncover the shocking truth about the 15th Anniversary of SNL and the notable absence of a certain someone. 

Hear about Robin Williams' impromptu performance for a tour group, showcasing his incredible talent. 

Learn how to secure ti...

Mark as Played

Get ready for an unforgettable episode of "A Page in History" as we dive into the thrilling journey of this wonderful guest! Starting as an NBC Page in the late 80s, her career skyrocketed as she ventured into the world of television. From working at Conan O'Brien's show and the NBC News Democratic Convention to House Party and Sunday Best, she has experienced it all. But it was that fateful day when David Letterman pulled her into...

Mark as Played

This guest gets a special pass for today’s conversation because although she technically wasn’t an NBC Page, she might as well have been one! 

She was actually the department director, who oversaw hundreds of Pages navigate their own careers. But before she held that prestigious title, she was working in other roles for the National Broadcasting Company. 

She once worked on a team that helped create some successful folks that went ...

Mark as Played

Get ready for some star-studded stories through television history with this next guest.

Before David Hasselhoff had KITT, this guest had the opportunity to step into the role for a brief moment. He also duplicated this task for Michael J Fox, and Harry Anderson. 

And what do classic cars have to do with the Golden Girls? You’ll find out! 

And Johnny Carson was the real king of late night, you’ll hear what he was really like plus, ...

Mark as Played

In this episode, our guest had a BRUSH WITH GREATNESS that involved none other than the iconic David Letterman and a bona fide blockbuster star!

She also had the unique experience of being a bouncer for Saturday Night Live!

But before she took on the role as an NBC Page, our guest started her journey as a wide-eyed WNBC intern. Little did she know at the time that Pages were not security guards. She had the privilege of working alo...

Mark as Played

On this electrifying episode of "A Page in History," prepare to be captivated as we dive into the enchanting world behind Johnny Carson's timeless segment, "Stump The Band." Experience firsthand the enthralling journey of celebrated opera tenor, Luciano Pavarotti, as he sought profound enlightenment to grasp the complete narrative. Immerse yourself in the privileged role of our guest, who provided solace and wisdom to the legendary...

Mark as Played

Prepare to be enthralled by this extraordinary guest, a former NBC Page during the vibrant mid-80s era. He’ll recount a mesmerizing encounter with the legendary Frank Sinatra himself, observing in awe as the iconic "Ol' Blue Eyes" rehearsed before a momentous show. He’ll uncover the thrilling secret mission where he engaged Theo, the beloved character from "The Cosby Show," in covert surveillance. Marvel at the unique opportunity b...

Mark as Played

Get ready for an unforgettable episode of "A Page in History" as we delve into a clash of the Hollywood titans, where Rosie O'Donnell and Tom Selleck find themselves entangled in an unexpected and awkward predicament that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Prepare to be moved as comedic genius Chevy Chase goes above and beyond to make heartfelt amends to a group of disgruntled audience members, showcasing a side of him rarely...

Mark as Played

Prepare to be enthralled by the incredible journey of our next guest, as she takes us on an extraordinary odyssey from her humble beginnings as an East Coast NBC Page in the early 90s to her current stature as a highly accomplished journalist and writer.

Get ready for a delightful tale as she shares the story of how she surprised David Spade pretending to be in show business! 

And hold on tight for a humorous incident where the ico...

Mark as Played

Our special guest rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry including Gregory Peck, Jimmy Stewart, Charles Bronson, Bob Hope, Milton Berle, and Sammy Davis Jr. 

And he worked on iconic television shows like Cheers, Family Ties, and Taxi!

He even received a call from NBC Chairman and CEO Grant Tinker who thanked him for being a real superhero and presented him with a token of the Network's appreci...

Mark as Played

In 2005, he embarked on an unforgettable experience as a West Coast Page, a position that opened doors to the exhilarating world behind the scenes of television. 

But before being an NBC Page, he worked for Late Night with Conan O'Brien! He'll explain how he got that gig! 

As a Page, he'll recount the time he led a group into the Tonight Show dressing room of none other than Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger himself!

You'll hear what ...

Mark as Played

Strap in and prepare for an electrifying ride of a show that will leave you exhilarated, astonished, and utterly amazed! 

Our next guest was an NBC Page in Burbank, California, in the mid-70s. And she's the author of a new book entitled: "My Peacock Tale: Secrets Of An NBC Page."

You'll hear a treasure trove of untold stories that will have you on the edge of your seat. Including tales about Richard Pryor, Sid Caesar, John Travolta...

Mark as Played

This special guest got his start as an NBC Page through some truly non-traditional means. It involved a mouth and no trumpet! He’ll give the details!

Now, imagine the sheer excitement of stepping foot into the legendary Saturday Night Live studio for the very first time. You’ll hear what it was like and how our guest stumbled upon the one and only Paul Shaffer! 

You’ll go behind the scenes and hear the fascinating process of how th...

Mark as Played

As we kick off our second season of "A Page in History," we have a special guest leading things off with a two-part episode! 

From his early days as an NBC Page, selling tickets for the Tour, he went on to superstardom to craft scripts for iconic shows like "3rd Rock from the Sun," "That '70s Show," and "King of the Hill," this guest's talent knows no bounds. He also wrote for shows on Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel, and Amazon St...

Mark as Played

In this installment of Part Two, which marks the celebratory continuation of our second season of "A Page in History," we delve further into our captivating dialogue with a wonderful Hollywood writer!

From his early days as an NBC Page, selling tickets for the NBC Tour, he went on to superstardom to craft scripts for iconic shows like "3rd Rock from the Sun," "That '70s Show," and "King of the Hill.” He also wrote for shows on Nick...

Mark as Played

I'm an enthusiastic admirer of my upcoming guest, and I promise you're in for an extraordinary experience! This talented individual, along with his dedicated team, possesses a remarkable ability to transport audiences to diverse places, which all help to tell a story!  

His artistry entails the intricate design process and the profound responsibility of its creation. You have all seen his work, but today, we'll pull back the curtai...

Mark as Played

We have a genuinely remarkable guest whose journey through television and entertainment is extraordinary.

Our guest will take us through her early days at WNBC local advertising and promotion, then later onto the Network and beyond!

She'll share the excitement of being a talent escort for the iconic "Saturday Night Live," and she'll talk about the moment she realized that network news was not for her once the "Scud Stud" made his a...

Mark as Played

On this episode of "A Page in History,” WWE, Madonna’s Kiss, Chris Farley, and more! 

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a scoop hotter than an NBC Page wearing their polyester pants in late summer! Our next guest may have shared a smooch with Madonna long before she made headlines at the MTV Video Music Awards!

Then he'll talk about his memorable experience watching the royal purple one Prince rehearse before his live television ...

Mark as Played

We are thrilled to introduce our next guest, who had the incredible opportunity to work on the Page Desk during Saturday Night Live's 25th Anniversary. He also collaborated with numerous cast members throughout his tenure, including iconic figures like Billy Crystal and Dennis Miller. In fact, he continued to work alongside them for nearly two decades, and he's here today to share all the exciting details of his journey.

Can you be...

Mark as Played

This guest embarked on his media journey as an NBC Page in the early 80s and has remained deeply entrenched in the industry ever since. His Page career has been peppered with riveting tales that are sure to captivate you. For example, we'll dive into the electrifying moment when Andy Kaufman made a surreal appearance on David Letterman's show, only to have wrestling legend Jerry Lawler wipe the grin right off Andy's face. Brace you...

Mark as Played

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