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Welcome to the Aligned Empire Podcast, the gateway to unleashing your full potential and creating a massive wave of change, wealth, and impact. Join your host, Drea Brown, as she guides women on a transformative quest to harness the energetic powers of money, business, and self. This podcast is your invitation to build an empire that reflects your highest purpose, where you boldly step onto the global stage with unapologetic presence. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey that will shape the world.


May 21, 2024 59 mins
Join Drea Brown in an enlightening conversation with Kim Ward, a Pinterest queen and certified master transformation coach. In this episode, Kim dives deep into the realms of Pinterest marketing and personal development, sharing her journey of personal growth, resilience, and the secrets to Pinterest success.   Episode Chapters:
  • [0:02] Pinterest marketing and personal development...
In this Episode, Drea Brown delves deep into the energetics of money. and explores how understanding the relationship between energy and money can transform your life and heal generational traumas.   Episode Chapters:
  • [0:00] -  Harnessing the power of money through energetic frequencies. 
  • [7:33] -  Money mindset and energetic relationships. 
  • [16:19] -  Shifting energy and mindset...
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Join Drea as she engages in a captivating conversation with Angela, a former truck driver turned award-winning sales consultant and successful entrepreneur. Angela shares her remarkable journey of transforming clients' sales processes and scaling her own business to multiple six figures, all while working as a truck driver. Discover Angela's invaluable strategies for hosting virtual events and achieving outstanding results.   Episo...
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    April 30, 2024 36 mins
    In today's episode, Drea , takes us on a profound journey of self-discovery, interconnectedness, and the boundless mysteries of the universe. Prepare to dive deep into the interconnectedness of all things, the nature of reality, and the keys to finding your true identity.   Episode Chapters:
    • [0:00] -  Finding true identity and self-discovery. 
    • [7:53] -  The interconnectedness of ...
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    In this episode, Drea Brown interviews Jenna Faye, a seven-figure business mentor, about balancing masculine and feminine energies in business. Jenna shares her story of overcoming challenges to build a successful coaching practice and movement to empower women   Episode Chapters:
    • [0:00] Entrepreneurship, personal growth, spirituality, and healing.  
    • [5:42] Overcoming fear and se...
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    In this captivating episode, Drea Brown delves into the art of attracting clients and audiences through vibrational alignment and authenticity, unraveling the secrets to success in the world of entrepreneurship.   Episode Chapters:  
    • [0:00] -  Magnetizing clients and aligning with vibrational frequencies. 
    • [6:48] -  Entrepreneurs' energy and its impact on attracting clients. 
    • [16...
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    In this episode, Drea sits down with LinkedIn expert Karen Yankovic. Karen shares her incredible journey of focusing her business on LinkedIn and how it has led to immense success. She dives into practical strategies on how to build your presence and leverage connections on LinkedIn.
    • [3:04] Leveraging LinkedIn for business success.
    • [10:20] Using LinkedIn to attract ideal clients....
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    In this transformative podcast episode, Drea Brown delves deep into the profound power of surrendering and letting go. Through personal experiences and guided meditations, she invites listeners to release attachments, trapped emotions, and energetic blockages, ultimately leading to spiritual growth and success in business.     Episode Chapters:
    • [0:00] -  The power of surrendering...
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    In this enlightening podcast episode, visionary financial strategist Alyssa Lange joins Drea Brown to unveil financial strategies tailor-made for visionary women. Prepare to be empowered as you delve into the realm of financial success and entrepreneurship   Episode Chapters:
    • [0:00] Financial strategies for visionary women
    • [8:10] Launch goals, budgets, and cash flow projections f...
    In this illuminating episode, Drea Brown unravels the profound significance of alignment in the realms of personal and professional growth. Join her on a transformative journey as she delves into the importance of harmonizing one's purpose with their actions, uncovering the depths of emotions, and embracing the transformative power of alignment.   EPISODE CHAPTERS:
    • [0:03] - Align...
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    In this captivating episode, we join forces with Bec Cuzillo, a seasoned spiritual business coach, as she guides us through the realms of launching and scaling heart-led, abundant, and sustainable businesses.  
    • [0:00] Launching and scaling a spiritual business with Bec Cuzzillo. 
    • [9:37] Balancing business and motherhood with support systems. 
    • [20:43] Launching programs and the ea...
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    In this enlightening episode, host Drea Brown takes a deep dive into the profound exploration of purpose and meaning in life. She invites listeners to join her on a journey of self-discovery and shares valuable resources to help navigate the path toward a life of fulfillment and significance. Gratitude flows as she acknowledges the supportive community of engaged listeners.   Episode Chapters:
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    In this enlightening episode, Drea Brown engages in a captivating discussion with Anna Gryglewska, an accomplished event and sponsorship strategist. Anna's expertise shines through as she shares her invaluable insights on orchestrating remarkable events while navigating entrepreneurship. Join us as we unravel the art of planning events that leave a lasting impact without breaking the bank.   Episode Chapters:
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    February 20, 2024 24 mins
    SHOWNOTES - Embody Powerful Decisiveness       In this episode let us deep dive into the profound world of decision-making and the consequential art of taking action in both life and business. In this thought-provoking episode, your host, Drea Brown, invites you on a journey into the dynamic realms of choices and the dissolution of procrastination.   Episode Chapters:
    • [0:00] - ...
    In this episode of the Aligned Empire podcast, host Drea Brown interviews renowned business coach and scaling strategist Andrea Elibero. They discuss the importance of scaling and systems for solopreneurs, shedding light on the profound importance of these elements for achieving business freedom and growth.   Episode Chapters:
    • [3:37] Business scaling and alignment with a focus on...
    In this episode, Drea guides you through the process of harnessing boundless energy, a skill that has not only transformed her own life but also that of many clients, especially empaths and business owners.   Episode Chapters
    • [0:00] Unlocking infinite energy using a personal technique. 
    • [7:59] Expanding consciousness and releasing tension in the body. 
    • [14:31] Heart space energy ...

    In this captivating episode, the host, Drea Brown, explores the realm of high-performance habits and effective time management, guided by the insights of the esteemed guest, Trang Nova. Unravel the secrets of personal growth, self-awareness, and the profound impact of intentional living. You are invited to embark on this transformative journey of self-discovery.

      Episode Chapters:
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      In this enlightening episode, Drea Brown explores the profound significance of embracing both divine feminine and masculine energies in our lives. She delves into the societal prevalence of divine feminine energy and its transformative potential for humanity.   Episode Chapters
      • 0:00 - Embracing divine feminine and masculine energies for balance and impact. 
      • 4:21 - Balancing mascu...
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      Step into the realm of profound self-discovery and entrepreneurial spirit with a captivating episode of the Aligned Empire Podcast. In this enlightening installment, your host, Drea Brown, delves deep into the fusion of spiritual intelligence and entrepreneurship alongside the esteemed Dr. Robyn McKay, an award-winning psychologist and visionary entrepreneur.   Episode Chapters:
      • ...
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      January 9, 2024 42 mins
      We dive into the profound world of authenticity and explore what it truly means to embody your authentic self, your Truth, on camera. As women entrepreneurs, being on camera is crucial for making a significant impact in our businesses. We'll discover techniques to authentically express ourselves, connect with our audience, and overcome camera shyness. Get ready to unleash your true power and captivate your audience with your epic p...
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