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Analog Spectrum

Analog Spectrum – Doug and Tony - are two Gen X 50-something guys who have managed to stay friends for around thirty years. They enjoy analyzing and debating entertainment, (pop) culture, and the general concepts of society through their unique, often retrospective, lens. They may know some things, but they don’t know a lot. They are doing this strictly for fun. Take that as a warning that you probably shouldn’t expect much; however, if we’re super fortunate, they might be able to bridge the gap between the analog years and our current digital days while providing an interesting perspective on several fascinating and noteworthy topics that clearly don’t matter all that much. email us at -- Twitter: @analogspectrum -- Facebook:


September 25, 2023 39 mins

The rules: Pick a movie the other hasn't seen, swap, watch, and discuss! Doug's choice was Disturbing Behavior (1998). In this 1990 horror flick, James Marsden, Katie Holmes, and Nick Stahl play 20-something high school students who face off against mind-controlled uber-jocks in small-town Washington State. Is it any good? That's not a rhetorical question because I really don't know. Tony picked Death of Stalin (2017), which featur...

Mark as Played

As promised, here is part two of our first automotive restoration podcast. "Part two of our first…" That doesn't make a lot of sense, but we've never been accused of making sense! I digress. In this episode, we peer under the hood of Tony's rapidly burgeoning WRX obsession. If you remember from the last episode, Doug is already several miles down the restoration road. Tony, on the other hand, has yet to leave the garage. Of course...

Mark as Played

For this podcast, we shift gears! Also, yes, that's a pun! Back on track, Tony just purchased a 2003 WRX, and Doug's been turning wrenches on an AC Cobra kit car for a few months. There is no avoiding it! We must talk about the rabbit hole that these two guys are currently sliding down. Welcome to their journey! Seriously, this is just the start of a gas-and-oil-fueled journey! I don't think this is the last we've heard of their mo...

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August 28, 2023 39 mins

Podcast 60! Another new format (we can’t leave well enough alone), and we discuss 1883! We can’t get enough of Sam Elliot!  Anyway, this show has been taking viewers on a journey back to the Wild West. Join us as we take a dive deep into this epic series. We’ll discuss the highs and lows, what kept us engaged, and what might have missed the mark. It's a thoughtful conversation about the show that's as Texan as it gets!🤠📺🎙️

If yo...

Mark as Played

Drew's last episode! These were posted out of sequence, so unfortunately, there isn't a grand gesture of appreciation for our departing guest host. Just know he had a fantastic run of episodes, and we've enjoyed having Doug's son on the podcast. He will be back!

Regarding the episode, this one is pretty simple and not too stressful. Drew went to Florida on vacation, and Tony took a trip to Montana. We did learn one thing: today's y...

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Get ready for an epic journey back to the heart of their gaming origins with this week's thrilling episode of Analog Spectrum! Join the dynamic trio of Doug, Tony, and the ever-entertaining Drew, as they delve into their beloved past of Dungeons and Dragons – a defining part of their teenage and young adult years. But that's not all! The excitement reaches new heights as they tackle the buzz surrounding the Dungeons and Dragons mov...

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In this week's episode, Tony, Doug, and Drew (still sitting in the guest chair) took on the intriguing world of artificial intelligence and ChatGPT! Tony unleashed a rant about Apple being a bunch of virtue-signaling capitalists using slave labor, and Doug didn't hold back either, calling Google out on similar shenanigans. If you're wondering if they've ever even tried GPT, the answer is "yep!" They got their hands dirty with that ...

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In this week's episode, Drew still hangs tough with us as we ponder "Sound of Freedom." Buckle up because they fearlessly wade into the realm of controversy to share their exciting perspective on the film and the surrounding debates. Did they like the movie? Well, you'll just have to tune in to find out! So, grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and enjoy some down-to-earth conversation on Analog Spectrum. Whether you're a Gen Xer...

Mark as Played

In this week's episode, Drew joins our Dynamic duo as they dive headfirst into the captivating vistas of open-world gaming. From the thrilling landscapes of Horizon: Zero Dawn to the highly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy and the futuristic realm of Cyberpunk 2077, no virtual stone is left unturned. But wait, there's more! Our intrepid trio tackles the burning questions: Are open-world games becoming too vast for their own good? Why do...

Mark as Played

In this week's episode, get ready for an amusing ride as they dive into the 1976 classic, "The Bad News Bears." It's a movie they loved as kids, and, looking back, it's packed with nostalgia and memorable moments. From the stellar performances of Walter Matthau, Tatum O'Neal, and the amazing Jackie Earl Haley to the overall genius storytelling, this film hits all the right notes. And hey, let's not forget, the kids in the movie are...

Mark as Played

Do you want to take the red pill or the blue pill? Join Doug and Tony, living in their analog world, as they revisit the 1999 sci-fi classic The Matrix and its mind-blowing implications for artificial intelligence. Along with their special guest Drew, Doug's son and a digital native, they explore how the movie predicted some of the challenges and dangers of AI, such as simulation theory and social separation. Tune in for a lively a...

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In this episode of Analog Spectrum, Doug and Tony welcome back Andrew, Doug's son and Tony's former victim. They discuss the 2021 Netflix-produced Gunpowder Milkshake, starring Karen Gillan and Lena Headey. Doug and Andrew really enjoyed what this little flick had to offer. Tony admitted that it was a movie. BONUS: they also revisit a traumatic memory from Andrew's childhood, when Tony made him cry by trash-talking him during a vid...

Mark as Played

In this episode of Analog Spectrum, Doug and Tony welcome a special guest: Doug’s son, Andrew!

They talk about what it’s like to be Gen Z and Gen X in a world dominated by millennials, how to grow an awesome mustache, and why nap time is the best time. They also review the 2017 movie “The Nice Guys,” starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, and share their opinions on the film’s humor, action, and plot twists. Plus, they digress qu...

Mark as Played

Here we are... talking about movies, music, games, and anything else that tickles our nostalgia! This is our 50th episode, and we're excited to share it with you! 🎉

We're also changing things up a bit. Now that we're on YouTube, we'll be uploading shorter videos more frequently because that's what works best on the platform. Don't worry, we'll still have audio-only podcasts for you to enjoy, but they might be shorter or less frequ...

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Back to tall tales about getting underway! Our hosts share a few salty tales of life in the Coast Guard after they left Key West and went their separate ways. Doug shares a few tales about the Point Camden (pre-Key West), and what it was like to be a recruiter. Tony goes off the rails with stories of clinic life in Yorktown, VA, and temporary assignments in Charleston, SC. There is a lot of stuff in this one – honestly, it is proba...

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May 22, 2023 61 mins

The guys are tired! Doug eats pistachios! They talk about their hats! David Cassidy! Much discussion about video games! This episode also has three quizzes:

  • Doug asks Tony to identify bands based on band members.
  • Tony asks Doug to guess sequels and spinoffs to ever-popular old TV shows
  • Then Doug plays “Tupac, Celine, or Elvis”

OK, as mentioned in the past, they can’t all be winners, but winners suck, and this one is a res...

Mark as Played
May 15, 2023 61 mins

The third time's a charm as Heath finishes his stint with us on the Analog Spectrum Podcast. 

Is Hollywood woke? If so, is it too woke? Is this a controversial subject? Hell if I know. However, Doug, Tony, and Heath discuss this potentially thorny topic. I know what you're thinking; there's nothing better than listening to the opinion of three middle-aged white guys as they talk about something they know very little about and proba...

Mark as Played

Heath joins us for another podcast! Am I the only one that thinks he should be a regular? Anyway, the episode started with us talking about the pros and cons of all these Hollywood reboots and remakes, and within the first ten or fifteen seconds, we went off the rails and just started talking about films we liked and those that we thought were crap. In our defense, there is an underlying theme of reboots, remakes, and sequels, so f...

Mark as Played

This is the most incredible podcast hosted by a couple of 50-something morons! It's indisputable!

What makes it so uniquely awesome? Well, I'll tell you… Our podcast will now include the usual audio-only format, but we've added VIDEO! That's right, we now have a video podcast. Find us on YouTube!

Oh, it doesn't stop there! We are expanding our Coast Guard podcast. In this episode, Heath joins us. He was a black hull and small boat ...

Mark as Played
April 24, 2023 59 mins

The rules: Pick a movie the other hasn't seen, swap, watch, and discuss! Doug's choice was The Hunter (1980). The Hunter was the last film Steve McQueen's last film. He was a true Hollywood legend. However, was his last effort any good? The guys at Analog Spectrum have their opinions about The Hunter. Maybe you'd like to share yours (email address below). Tony picked Defending Your Life, starring the comedy genius Albert Brooks and...

Mark as Played

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