Arcane Ninja RPG

Arcane Ninja RPG

Follow the adventures of three graduating Magical Ninja from Claybelt Magical Ninjitsu Academy, the largest in Canada, as the dice dictate just how successfully they face the challenges that are threatening the world. Actual Play Storytelling


November 30, 2023 121 mins

The Russians are in Atlantis?! It cannot be! Why? ...and What!?! The royals have been murdered? Is Princess Metopia telling the truth? Has there been a coup? ...and How safe is it, really, to go biting on undead?

Tune in to find out!

Mark as Played

The White Bear Clan has come to Atlantis? Impossible! And why would they destroy the Shroomie grove? Will our heroes defeat them once more? Will they get answers? Tune in to find out!

Mark as Played
October 31, 2023 92 mins

Atlantis is like no other place our ninja have ever been to before, older and more majestic than the most ancient wonders that have withstood the test of time on the surface. The squad has emerged into the dry section of the city and they are being welcome by the Atlantean King and Queen themselves. What will the royal reception be like? Will they finally be able to return to the surface? Tune in to find out!

Mark as Played
October 17, 2023 103 mins

 They already failed once to catch the smoke-made hellcat wreaking havoc inside the oracle whale. But now they have extra help from the mushroom girl, Sprout, will it be enough? And once they catch it, what will the Atlanteans do with them? Will they let them go? Will they help the squad get back to the surface world? Tune in to find out!

Mark as Played
October 4, 2023 102 mins

Everything has gone sideways. The Oracle Whale is hurt and has hidden somewhere in the depths of the ocean. The hell cat that escaped from Leonora's boat is wreaking havoc and is proving difficult to catch. To cap it all, the Atlanteans are just abut to get involved. How will our ninja get out of this one? Tune in to find out what happens next!

Mark as Played
August 22, 2023 72 mins

The deep, pitch undulating, growl of the hell cat reverberates through the inside of the Oracle Whale. In the brain cavity, the lights turn red and the entryway seals shut, trapping Edelmira and Leonora inside. The air is running out. There is no time to waste, our ninja must jump into action. Will they be able to catch the smoke-made cat in time?! Tune in to find out!

Mark as Played
August 8, 2023 96 mins

Our ninja entered into the third mirror shard in search for the last fragment of the prophesy. Now they only have to resist the temptations in the room, for they have been turned into flies. As important as they know paying attention is, the Orange Fanta glass on the table sitting next to the half eaten stake, the dog lying on the floor, the sweat covered uniform of the practicing ninja, are all so alluring. Will they be able to re...

Mark as Played
July 25, 2023 58 mins

Our ninja got two parts of the prophesy and things look grim. The book recovered from the library of Babel told a heart wrenching story and left a troubling warning. Will our heroes-to-be find the answers they seek in the last fragment of the prophesy? Will they even be able to obtain it? Tune in to find out!

Mark as Played
July 11, 2023 87 mins

The prophesy is not complete? What?! Our squad has obtained one piece after suffering a great loss, but it looks like they are not done yet. What challenges await them? Will they succeed in obtaining the other pieces? What will be the price? Tune in to find out.

Mark as Played
June 27, 2023 76 mins

Absenthia, willing to sacrifice themselves, went in first. They placed their palm on the mirror surface and were sucked in at the point of contact, as if they had been made out of cloth. The others would not accept the sacrifice and followed in pursuit into the nightmarish mirror shard. What awaits them on the other side? Will they become trapped? Will they be able to recover the oracle? Tune in to find out!

Mark as Played
June 13, 2023 79 mins

Our ninja forcefully learn about whale anatomy as they search for the Oracle. Could it be that they may not return back once they enter? Will they learn their future? Will they finally understand why the adorable Gremilin, Pug Louisa, hatched out of its green dotted purple egg? Tune in to find out!

Mark as Played
May 31, 2023 81 mins

Our heroes finally found the Oracle Whale! Or perhaps it would be better to say that the Oracle whale found them. Will they find out why the Gremilin, Pug Louisa, hatched? What adventures await them inside a whale the size of a small continent? Tune in to find out!

Mark as Played
May 16, 2023 78 mins

The squad enlists Leonora to take them to the suspected location where the island of Atlantis once was, and where the Oracle Whale is suspected to be found. They set off in Leonora's motor boat, seemingly too small for the high seas, on a multi day journey. They hope the gremilin, Pug Louisa, will attract the whale just like the gremlin eggs are supposed to. Will they find the Oracle Whale? Will they survive the high seas? Tune in ...

Mark as Played

After an especially long day, it's time for some dinner. By the way, what does Pug Louisa Eat? Also, at the Drunken Master Pub:  Agarast Razor in "Sing or Die: An Operatic Experiment and Rave Party. What will the squad's first mission be? Tune in to find out what is all this about!

Mark as Played
April 18, 2023 83 mins

An adorable little creature hatched out of the Gremilin egg! What?! Impossible!? It was never heard of a Gremilin egg hatching before. What is the creature? Will they keep it? What will Commander C. Norris do with it? And, how did our young almost-ninja do in their test? Will they have to re-take it? Tune in to find out!

Mark as Played

Russian ninjas stealing the Gremilin eggs? What? Impossible! Gorroh, the four armed Germilin guardian faces off one of the intruders as our squad goes in pursuit of the rest. Will they find them? Will they be able to recover the stolen eggs? Will they graduate? Tune in to find out!

Mark as Played
March 21, 2023 45 mins

Our ninja-youngsters finally found their loved ones, only one more obstacle remains to finish their exam: to defeat the, extra tough, four armed giant, Gorroh. Will they succeed? Will the exam finally be over? Tune in to find out!

Mark as Played
March 7, 2023 126 mins

Will our ninja-to-be manage to overcome the giant snake presently trying to swallow Tony? Will they be able to rescue Carmen's granny, Abby's father, Tony's nona and finish their graduation exam? Will they pass their test? Listen to find out!

Mark as Played
February 21, 2023 111 mins

Our ninja-to-be continue to make progress in their graduation exam as they struggle on their mission to rescue their loved ones. Will they be able to enter the Jungle Layer in the restricted section of the Claybelt Ninjitsu Museum? Tune in to find out!

Mark as Played

The beginning of our story. It's starts on the day of our heroes-to-be graduation exam from the Claybelt Village Ninjitsu Academy. Tony, Carmen and Absenthia, are all grown up and are as ready as they will ever be: It's a heist!

Mark as Played

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