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Behavioral Grooves Podcast

Stories, science and secrets from the world’s brightest thought-leaders. Behavioral Grooves is the podcast that satisfies your curiosity of why we do what we do. Explanations of human behavior that will improve your relationships, your wellbeing, and your organization by helping you find your groove.


April 8, 2024 75 mins

Dive deep into the realm of behavioral science with Kurt and Tim this week as they explore the scalability of behavioral nudges and interventions through the groundbreaking research of Silvia Saccardo. Discover how Silvia's work sheds light on the effectiveness of interventions, from COVID-19 vaccination reminders to improving student sleep habits.

Unveil the nuanced impact of nudges and their effectiveness for motivated individual...

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Curious about how prioritizing happiness can transform leadership and workplace dynamics? Well, look no further than this week’s discussion with Gonzalo Camiña Ceballos, CEO of BeWay, a Mexico City/Madrid-based company paving the way in bringing the principles of behavioral science to the workplace.  In this conversation, Kurt, Tim, and Gonzalo dive deep into the realms of humanistic management, personal fulfillment, and the concep...

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March 25, 2024 73 mins

So many voices, who do we listen to? The loudest, most senior or most popular voice?

Our lives are rife with pivotal moments yet it’s harder to get decisions right. However, amidst this whirlwind, we at Behavioral Grooves recently made a resounding decision – to tune in and sit down with a guest who could help us untangle the intricacies of decision-making in the modern noisy world.

Enter Nuala Walsh, the insightful author of “Tune...

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March 17, 2024 72 mins

March always feels like one of those months where you hit a slump. Work is back in full force, there are no holidays in sight, and life can start to feel a bit overwhelming like you can’t catch a break. In other words, if you’re reading this, you might be feeling burnt out.

But what exactly is burnout? Is it real? Or is it just a dramatic way of saying “I’m tired”? Join Kurt and Tim as they chat with Dr. Kandi Wiens, author of Burn...

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We’re back to our regularly scheduled program this week and full of energy - or should we say Energy Rising?

Join Kurt and Tim as they embark on a captivating exploration of emotional intelligence in this episode featuring Dr. Julia DiGangi, author of "Energy Rising." Delve into the intricate relationship between neuroscience and emotions as Dr. DiGangi uncovers the transformative potential of understanding our emotional landscape.


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March 6, 2024 39 mins

In their final wrap-up, Kurt and Tim reflect on their recent series "They Thought We Were Ridiculous" and the insightful conversations they shared with leading figures in behavioral economics.

Throughout this engaging discussion, they delve into how small, dedicated groups have catalyzed significant shifts in both thought and practice within the field. They emphasize that behavioral economics didn't emerge fully developed; rather, ...

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March 4, 2024 35 mins

Join Kurt and Tim as they exhale a collective sigh of relief and take a moment to reflect on the completion of their monumental project, "They Thought We Were Ridiculous" (available now! Wherever you listen to podcasts).

In this captivating conversation, Kurt and Tim delve into the wealth of insights they've gleaned from their immersive and unexpectedly prolonged journey into the annals of behavioral economics history. From navigat...

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February 26, 2024 37 mins

Exploring the future of Behavioral Economics, we talked to three young researchers who are pushing the field further. A new generation of researchers is striving to understand decision-making in the developing world, how brains process economic decisions, and how bigger, more transparent scientific methods can shed light on basic principles of choice.


However, the journey toward new discoveries is not without its challenges. Beha...

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Eventually, Behavioral Economics emerged as an influential perspective. It’s become mainstream in Economics, and it’s helped inform programs and policies that affect real people every day. But where do we see this impact? Explore the pervasive influence of Behavioral Economics in our everyday lives and beyond, from shaping individual decision-making to informing government policy design. Witness the ongoing evolution of this once r...

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 Behavioral Economics was using psychology to understand economics, but what did economists and psychologists think about their unexpected marriage? Slowly, this fledgling field weathered a flurry of criticism from both sides as it doggedly held onto data-driven ideas about economic decision-making. This tension epitomized a broader struggle within Behavioral Economics, which aimed to harmonize insights from both disciplines while ...

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February 26, 2024 39 mins

The notion of merging psychology with economics initially faced staunch skepticism, with errors perceived as random rather than systematic. However, everything changed when psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky joined forces, armed with groundbreaking ideas about human decision-making. Their meticulous research not only introduced a fresh perspective on understanding people’s choices but also ignited the flames of Behavior...

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February 26, 2024 38 mins

For decades, neoclassical economists clung to the belief that humans are rational decision-makers, but a daring group of social scientists dared to question this notion. Join us as we explore their pioneering work, from the revolutionary concept of bounded rationality to the eye-opening Cab Driver Study. Through meticulous observations and rigorous analysis, these trailblazers shattered the status quo, ushering in a new era of econ...

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February 18, 2024 78 mins

Feeling indecisive? Ever wondered what it takes to master the art of decision-making? Join us on a thrilling journey with Elspeth Kirkman, the brilliant mind behind the groundbreaking book 'Decision Scape: The Art of Getting Perspective.' 

In this episode, Kurt and Tim dive deep into the captivating world of decision-making as Kirkman takes us on an adventure through the intricacies of perspective. What if decision-making was more ...

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February 15, 2024 3 mins

Anticipation mounts as the countdown begins! Prepare to immerse yourself in the riveting saga of They Thought We Were Ridiculous, set to premiere and stream on your Behavioral Grooves feed come February 26th!

Two great podcasts. Three years of recording and research. Interviews with the Nobel Laureates, esteemed professors, and policymakers at the heart of a movement. It all combines to tell the unlikely story of how a group of t...

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Could a simple question be the key to unlocking deeper, more meaningful relationships?

Join Kurt and Tim on a special Valentine's Day episode of their podcast as they explore the transformative potential of simple questions in relationships with Topaz Adizes. Author of "12 Questions for Love" and founder of the innovative project {THE AND}, Topaz shares insights into creating intimate spaces for conversations and mastering non-judg...

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Ever wonder how to boost your retirement savings? Could the subtle art of behavioral economics hold the answer? Join Tim in this solo-sode as he explores this with guest John Beshears. Uncover the impact of automatic enrollment on participation rates and the potential downside of increased debt. Beshears' research reveals unique strategies, like framing savings as "fresh starts." Maximize your savings and delve into the evolution o...

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It's time for a throwback episode!

Dive into the land down under of behavioral sciences with Bri Williams, a trailblazer in applying behavioral principles to the business landscape. As a devoted follower of visionaries like Dan Ariely, BJ Fogg, and Richard Thaler, Bri recognized the need for more than just frameworks in the business community – they needed practical tools. Founder of PeoplePatterns, Bri transforms the abstract conc...

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January 21, 2024 42 mins

Set sail into the uncharted waters of behavioral science with Kurt and Tim on a captivating journey led by PhD candidate Linnea Gandhi. Together, they explore the revolutionary concept of Nudge Cartography, a groundbreaking initiative that seeks to map the intricate landscape of behavioral nudges – those subtle interventions designed to shape human behavior. If you're scratching your head wondering, "Nudge Cartography? What's that?...

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What is resilience, and how can we cultivate it in our lives? In this episode, delve into the fascinating world of resilience with an exclusive interview featuring Dr. Jonathan DePierro, author of the insightful book "Resilience." Join Kurt and Tim as Dr. DePierro defines resilience as more than just bouncing back; it's the ability to adapt, recover, and grow stronger in the face of life's challenges.

Discover the practical applica...

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Kurt and Tim kick off the new year with communications expert Ben Guttmann in an episode on simplifying messages.

Ben's seemingly simple lessons pack a punch, offering a treasure trove of insights into mastering clear and concise communication for both personal and professional success. Join Kurt and Tim as they navigate through Ben's five key principles, uncovering the secrets to crafting communications that truly hit the mark. Fr...

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