Being Creative

Being Creative

This podcast is a conversation about the journey of discovering the value of creativity through the stories of success and failure


May 7, 2024 37 mins

This lil podcast episode is full of lofty ambition with the gumption to get up off it's tukis and inspire listeners to live amazing lives. Let me know if it succeeds.


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This episode features 3 stories that will surely entertain you.

1. Dave the Deceptive Christian Used Car Salesman Who Seemed Heaven Sent (but turned out to be from the other place)

2. Touring with Canada’s Most Successful Lesbian Folk Group - Why It Was the Worst Experience in the Moment AND the Most Life-Changing Moving Forward

3. Being Creative with the most Narcissistic Narcissist who ever Narcissisted

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In this episode we dive down the rabbit hole into a warren of thoughts and ideas that may or may not be connected...from the dead internet theory, to computer gurus and the value of asking questions.


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This episode is about a road trip that involved dodgeball, mini vans, 911 & ambulances and the question that haunts the ER...what's it all about?

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True Stories, real talk about real people and the courage to be honest in the pursuit of adding value to the world in everything we create.  Enjoy!  Articles Referenced Huge Proportion of Internet is AI-Generated Slime, Researchers Find Nearly 50 News Websites are AI-Generated' a study says. Would I Be Able to Tell? SONGS FOR SCHOOLS - Music Resources for Elementary Schools Produced by Rik Leaf
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Do you know why creativity is the key to success? Do you know the #1 thing everyone needs, but not everyone has, to be creative? Do you know what to do to help?

That's what this episode is about.

Let me know what you think.

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This episode was fuelled by dark roast coffee, revelations gleaned from 70s glam rock and a collection of suppressed childhood memories from a religious upbringing.

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Hurtling headlong into 2024 one thing is's going to be messy, there will be obstacles to overcome and you can't afford to be your biggest enemy.

Which is why we need to have this creative conversation!

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There is no right way or wrong way to travel. But there is a right way for you.

Some people have money and no time. In that scenario, booking something like an all inclusive resort or a cruise is perfect. All the details are taken care of.

Other people have time and no money. In that scenario, doing your own research, booking your own flights, accommodations and adventures is ideal.

This podcast explores the process behind travelli...

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Words have power. Stories are important. They’re meaningful. Especially the stories we tell ourselves. Cause the words we use to craft the stories we tell define what we believe we’re capable of. 

Think about the bonkers stories people are telling these days. Stories that rewrite the past, distort the present and gaslight the future.

Some people are telling QAnon stories…where dark cabals of satanic pedophiles are haunting pizza...

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We’re coming up on Canada Day. At the end of Pride month. It feels like a fitting moment to have a complicated conversation.

We live in a world that loves to paint our uniqueness with broad brush strokes of hyperbole, stereotypes and generalization…but I claim an artist's right to reclaim the palette of possibilities and paint a picture that uses all the secondary and tertiary colours that arise when we allow life lived to interse...

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Intolerance. Accusations. Insecurity. So many years of my life were steeped in that cauldron of was exhausting.

I share my stories of confusion, chaos & untamed creativity with the hope that you hear the liberating power & joy that comes from disregarding the opinions of others & what a glorious revelation it is to realize…you should just be yourself.

Socials you can find me on IG @ rikleaf FB @tribeofone


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Great stories turn everything upside down...and let us touch the sky with our feet on the ground.

This episode explores what it really means to have the guts to get real.

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This episode is full of stories about creativity and community and what urinals, violent dudes and poetry taught me about changing the world. Stories about being brave enough to confront the dysfunction in others while being dysfunctional our own freaking selves and somehow making the world a better place in the process.

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More stories from the front lines of a chaotically creative life. In this episode we dive deep into conversations with pastors and religious leaders making startling confessions in the dead of night behind closed doors. And celebrate the stories of students who discover their voice and a language to share their struggles.

Where does your story connect to this chaotic creativity?

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Reading yet another news article of pastors screaming homophobic slurs at parents and their kids because Drag Queens want to read stories to children was reason enough to drop everything and record this episode

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This episode follows the unexpected journey from Christian church to jumping into a motorhome to go on tour with Canada's most successful lesbian folk group and how it all strangely felt exactly the same.

Leave your thoughts and comments if you'd like.

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I was recently in K'atl'odeeche First Nation, NWT and had a few opportunities to record conversations with Roy Fabian, a Dene elder and former chief of the Nation.

This podcast features excerpts from a number of conversations as Roy talked about personal power and the importance of being connected to traditional language and the land.

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Tapping into your creative energy is the key to facing the challenges in your life. You'll never be your creative best in a toxic environment.

Stories from the front lines of creative excellence.

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This episode is bigger than a new year. It's a new idea. Born out of failure, a lack of success and a story of the most bonkers meeting I've ever been in...and what I learned.

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