The first 60 episodes are from portions of Genesis. Since Feb 2021 we began a daily commentary in the the book of Acts since it is certain that almost all major theological errors within the church arise by a misapplication, or a misuse, of the book of Acts. If the book is taken in its proper light, it is an invaluable tool for understanding what God is doing in the redemptive narrative in human history. If it is taken incorrectly, failed doctrine, and even heretical ideas, will arise (and consistently have arisen) within the church. Let us consider the book of Acts in its proper light. In doing so, these errors in thinking and theology will be avoided. The book of Acts is comprised of 28 chapters of 1007 verses (as in the NKJV). Therefore, a daily evaluation of Acts, one verse per day, will take approximately 2.76 years to complete.


February 21, 2021 9 min
In the beginning God created the sky and the earth. 

Although it can be challenging for us to go beyond the question “I wonder how we got here?”, it has many benefits to do so.  

When you realize that you are in physically and spiritually alive, there are likely to be one of two reactions –                         

Denial -  a desire to suppress the truth.    

Or perhaps  “Awe” –and a desire to know more

You can either say to God, ...

Mark as Played
Genesis 1:2-19  

On the first Wednesday the world existed diamonds were revealed in the sky. Even if there was a solid firmament of frozen water above the earth, it was clear enough to allow the stars to be seen.  In fact, it’s been theorized that the raquia which was the waters above, may actually have acted like a tuning device. The sound of the heavens may have been audible to the preflood world.  If this is true, then an orches...

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February 21, 2021 8 min
Genesis 1:20-25

Have you ever wondered about the question “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” You have the answer in these verses. God created the birds in a dazzling variety of types and kinds, including the chicken. When the first rooster sidled up to the first hen, a little while later there was mother sitting on the first eggs.

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February 22, 2021 7 min
Genesis 1:26

This episode provides insight into the amazing words of God: 

"Let us make human beings in our image and likeness"

Here is a poem to enjoy from a dear brother in Christ:

"The crown of God’s wonderful creation plan, Is God’s image-bearer, known as man, Angels tend to his needs unaware, And the domain of earth is under his care,

As special as God formed him to be Man turned away from the Creator, you see ...

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February 23, 2021 7 min
Genesis 1:27-31

27 So God created human beings in his image. In the image of God he created them. He created them male and female. 28 God blessed them and said, “Have many children and grow in number. Fill the earth and be its master. Rule over the fish in the sea and over the birds in the sky. Rule over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

29 God said, “Look, I have given you all the plants that have grain for seeds. And I...

Mark as Played
February 23, 2021 9 min
Genesis 2:1-3

2 So the sky, the earth and all that filled them were finished. 2 By the seventh day God finished the work he had been doing. So on the seventh day he rested from all his work. 3 God blessed the seventh day and made it a holy day. He made it holy because on that day he rested. He rested from all the work he had done in creating the world.


God created in six days and He rested on the seventh day. This set a pattern f...

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February 24, 2021 9 min
Genesis 2:4:9

4 This is the history of the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that Yahweh[a] God made the earth and the heavens. 5 No plant of the field was yet in the earth, and no herb of the field had yet sprung up; for Yahweh God had not caused it to rain on the earth. There was not a man to till the ground, 6 but a mist went up from the earth, and watered the whole surface of the gro...

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February 25, 2021 9 min
Genesis 2:10-15

God is complete in and of Himself. He lacks nothing and therefore anything that He has created is a demonstration of His own goodness and should reflect His infinite worth.  Man pursuing works doesn’t fit this particular picture very well and so what we need to do is look deeper into God’s intent for man in Genesis chapter 2, in the Garden of Eden – the spot where God dwelt and fellow-shipped with him.   Chapters 2 ...

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February 26, 2021 8 min
Genesis 2:16-17

16 Yahweh God commanded the man, saying, “You may freely eat of every tree of the garden; 17 but you shall not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; for in the day that you eat of it, you will surely die.”


The Bible also says that "Whosoever calls upon the Name of the Lord Jesus will be saved" in Romans chapter 10.   Does this really mean whosoever?  Do we have freedom to make this choice?  In...

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February 27, 2021 8 min

Adam was being used as a symbol of Christ to come. Just as God took a rib from the side of Adam while He slept, God formed His church through the death of His Son – His moment of deepest sleep. The soldier pierced His precious side and out came blood mixed with water. Two men with similar scars 4000 years apart – one received a bride of flesh and the other a bride of the Spirit. If God was willing to do that for us, we should respo...

Mark as Played
February 28, 2021 9 min
Genesis 3:1-6

3 Now the serpent was more subtle than any animal of the field which Yahweh God had made. He said to the woman, “Has God really said, ‘You shall not eat of any tree of the garden’?”

2 The woman said to the serpent, “We may eat fruit from the trees of the garden, 3 but not the fruit of the tree which is in the middle of the garden. God has said, ‘You shall not eat of it. You shall not touch it, lest you die.’”

4 The se...

Mark as Played
March 1, 2021 8 min
Genesis 3:7-13

 7 Their eyes were opened, and they both knew that they were naked. They sewed fig leaves together, and made coverings for themselves. 8 They heard Yahweh God’s voice walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of Yahweh God among the trees of the garden.

9 Yahweh God called to the man, and said to him, “Where are you?”

10 The man said, “I heard your voice i...

Mark as Played
March 2, 2021 8 min
Genesis 3 verse 14 and 15

In this episode the first gospel is presented in the Bible.  The proto evangelium.

The bruising of the Promise One is described in graphic detail in Psalm 22, which is surely an account by the Lord Jesus from the first person perspective describing the agony of the cross.

Psalm 22 

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?     Why are you so far from helping me, and from the words of my groaning? 2 My God,...

Mark as Played

Even though they had come to the end of the Garden of God, they had hope of a better day ahead and they exhibited faith that what the Lord promised would come about.

Genesis 3:16-20

16 To the woman he said,

“I will greatly multiply your pain in childbirth.     You will bear children in pain. Your desire will be for your husband,     and he will rule over you.”

17 To Adam he said,

“Because you have listened to your wife’s voice, ...

Mark as Played
March 4, 2021 9 min

God didn’t kill Adam or the woman, but rather chose an innocent animal in their place. In essence, He transferred their guilt to the animal and the animal suffered for their misdeeds.

This symbolizes God’s choice of the only sacrifice which is truly acceptable to Him, the death of Jesus Christ – the Lamb of God. Later in the Bible we see in the book of Hebrews that an animal cannot take away sins, but only temporarily cover them ...

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March 5, 2021 9 min

The disappointment in realizing that we have any part to play in our salvation apart from simply trusting in God without boasting is expounded from the understanding given in this episode about the meaning of the Hebrew names, Cain and Abel. 

Genesis 4:1-10

Adam had intimate relations with his wife Eve. She became pregnant and gave birth to Cain.[a] Eve said, “With the Lord’s help, I have given birth to a man.” 2 After that, Eve ga...

Mark as Played
March 6, 2021 8 min
Genesis 4:11-16

17 Cain knew his wife. She conceived, and gave birth to Enoch. He built a city, and named the city after the name of his son, Enoch. 18 Irad was born to Enoch. Irad became the father of Mehujael. Mehujael became the father of Methushael. Methushael became the father of Lamech. 19 Lamech took two wives: the name of the first one was Adah, and the name of the second one was Zillah. 20 Adah gave birth to Jabal, who was...

Mark as Played
March 7, 2021 9 min

While we’re pondering the life of Cain and his generations that were swept away in the flood, we should take to heart that God remembers those who meditate on His name.

Throughout the Bible, when a name is mentioned, it’s because it’s relevant to the story.

Genesis 4:17-26

17 Cain knew his wife. She conceived, and gave birth to Enoch. He built a city, and named the city after the name of his son, Enoch. 18 Irad was born to Enoch. I...

Mark as Played
March 8, 2021 8 min
Genesis 5:1-17

5 This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, he made him in God’s likeness. 2 He created them male and female, and blessed them. On the day they were created, he named them Adam.[a] 3 Adam lived one hundred thirty years, and became the father of a son in his own likeness, after his image, and named him Seth. 4 The days of Adam after he became the father of Seth were eight hundred ye...

Mark as Played
Genesis 5:18-32

18 Jared lived one hundred sixty-two years, then became the father of Enoch. 19 Jared lived after he became the father of Enoch eight hundred years, and became the father of other sons and daughters. 20 All of the days of Jared were nine hundred sixty-two years, then he died.

21 Enoch lived sixty-five years, then became the father of Methuselah. 22 After Methuselah’s birth, Enoch walked with God for three hundred ye...

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