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December 28, 2023 48 mins

Sam reflects on the incredible year and shares fourteen ways to avoid BS faith in 2024.

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(This is a repost of episode 51, which was a special Christmas episode from last season.) Today, we talk about what it means to love your neighbor at Christmas. By looking at the Parable of the Good Samaritan, we discover loving your neighbor doesn’t just mean the ability to identify needs, but the ability to become a different kind of person. Jesus doesn’t mainly describe what your neighbor looks like, but what you should look lik...

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December 12, 2023 70 mins

Dr. Tom Price helps us to understand the Incarnation. The Incarnation is the core of the Christian faith, which differentiates it from all other religions and philosophies. The Incarnation truly matters in your life today. This is an AMAZING Christmas episode! 

Dr. Tom Price (DPhil, University of Oxford) teaches Theology, Christian Ethics, and Apologetics at Gordon-Conwell, and he is one of the hosts of The Theology Pugcast.

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Do you have hope for the future? Part of having hope in the future is investing in its people--our kids. Veteran Pastor of Student Ministries Josh Newton joins us today to talk about students, the church, and what we need to know about our kids. Josh is wise, humble, and full of gospel grace for our kids and their families. He deals with misconceptions, gives valuable advice for parents, and discusses some of the bright spots with ...

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Dr. Ingrid Faro returns to talk about her outstanding new book "Demystifying Evil: A Biblical and Personal Exploration." Today, we focus on angels, demons, and other spiritual beings from chapter 11. You'll probably be surprised about how many different kinds of spiritual beings the Bible talks about. This is a wonderful discussion with Dr. Faro!

Dr. Faro is Professor of Old Testament at Northern Seminary. She writes and speaks...

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Dr. Dale Ahlquist dubbed G. K. Chesterton "the Apostle of Common Sense." Dr. Ahlquist joins me today to talk about the larger than life (quite literally!) figure, who played a great influence on the faith of C. S. Lewis. Dale Ahlquist is president of the Society of G. K. Chesterton, author of six books, including "Chesterton: the Apostle of Common Sense," and is considered the greatest living authority on the life and work of Chest...

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You know you want it--joy, I mean--so what are you waiting for? On today's episode, Sam explains how to find true joy. You probably won't like his answer, and you'll probably love it more than anything. Just in time for the holidays, this episode will help you reframe your life into a marvelous, joyful dance--don't hold the cheese.

#joy #faith #god #hope

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Dr. Gordon Marino joins me for episode 101. He is an existential philosopher, boxer, and boxing coach (he's coached Mike Tyson). We have a truly existential conversation, about as real as it gets. We talk about his book "The Existentialist's Survival Guide: How to Live Authentically in an Inauthentic Age." Dr. Marino shares his heart and we dig deep into real life issues. This is a special episode; I hope you check out his books an...

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For my 100th episode, I speak with Annie Crawford! www.anniecrawford.net. We talk about cultural apologetics, modernism, and the symbolic view of the world. She tells us the differences between science and scientism, and she points out how today we separate meaning from matter. Then we dig into That Hideous Strength by C. S. Lewis. She guides us through its themes and shows us how to live faithfully during times of trial and testin...

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The poems of Seth Wieck will stick with you. You'll find yourself waking up in the middle of the night thinking about coyotes, the prophet Amos, prisons, and Pharaoh. Fathom Magazine writes, "Seth writes with such a sense of place and depth and specificity. His stories will stick with you." Seth is a husband, father, and poet from Amarillo, Texas. He has won multiple awards for his work. We had a blast talking about his method, fai...

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Dr. Kenneth Calvert joins us today to talk about the very first Christians--those who turned the world upside-down! Be inspired and encouraged by the early church, which began under the heavy arm of the Roman Empire. Long after the Roman has fallen, the church goes on! Along with many stories, we talk about my favorite ancient Christian, Polycarp.

Dr. Calvert is the Professor of History and Director of the Oxford Program at Hil...

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October 7, 2023 71 mins

Should you celebrate Thanksgiving? How about Columbus Day? While media lately has been denigrating these two holidays, today's guest wants us to think a little deeper. His name is Dr. Jeffery Fynn-Paul, and he is a professor of history at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Dr. Fynn-Paul studies history in eight different languages, is an expert on slavery, and specializes in the economic and social history of Europe and the Medi...

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October 4, 2023 43 mins

Among other things, sin is a symptom; but what does this mean? Today we consider what your sin might be trying to communicate with you. In particular, we'll use the sin of lust or sexual sin as an example. We'll look at 12 things your sin of sexual sin might be trying to tell you.

#faith #god #temptation #spiritual #podcast

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Today I talk to my favorite musician, John Van Deusen. The Gospel Coalition named John’s album “Marathon Daze” the top Christian album of the year for 2022. John has produced music with Judah, John Guerra, Teniella Neda, and many more. If you haven’t heard of John, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out his work—start with his devotional album “Every Power Wide Awake,” also known as “I Am Origami 2.” His most recent album is a Christmas al...

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Today Dr. Thomas Millay joins us to talk about one of the most fascinating people in history, Soren Kierkegaard. We enter the “world” of Kierkegaard through his ideas about reading. This may seem trivial or unimportant, but actually, this is one of the most exemplary topics for our age. What is the purpose of reading? Do you read the right way? Do you think you’re a better person because you’ve read a lot, have substantial knowledg...

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September 13, 2023 60 mins

Today’s guest is Professor Nancy Pearcey.** We talk about her latest book The Toxic War on Masculinity: How Christianity Reconciles the Sexes. She traces the history of ideas surrounding masculinity, while at the same time encouraging men to be better husbands, fathers, and friends. We talk about her own tragic past, how she found healing, and how to deal with toxic men. She also debunks modern myths surrounding masculinity with th...

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Transposition, C. S. Lewis, evil enchantment, and seeing the world how it really is. There’s too much good stuff on this episode to describe here—you’ve just got to hear it for yourself. And by the end, you’ll want to become a recovering modern, too. Dr. Jason Baxter, who is a professor at Notre Dame, author, and speaker, joins us today for a lively conversation about truly seeing the world and yourself—and loving both. He wrote th...

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Do you know your purpose? And I mean your PURPOSE, not the tiny thing you decided you wanted to do or be, or not what someone else is trying to make you do or become. But, what is the PURPOSE that has been built into you, which you cannot escape, no matter how hard you try? Dr. Hans Boersma joins us today to talk about the Beatific Vision. What is this? It is the “magnet” that is drawing you right now towards something greater than...

Mark as Played

Everybody hurts. But, how are you dealing with it? What are your relationships like? Do people in church, at work, or in your own home know the REAL you? Are you struggling to overcome an addiction or a past abuse? Or, do you just want to become a healthier person? Where do you begin? Begin by listening to today’s episode on the ministry Celebrate Recovery! Scott Stubbert joins us to talk about his own journey with CR and how he ca...

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The Rev’d Andrew Lazo joins us today to talk about C. S. Lewis’s book “Till We Have Faces.” We help you understand the background for the book, its setting, and some of its major themes. We believe (as did Lewis himself) that “Till We Have Faces” is his greatest book. You will learn the connection between joy and love, the overarching theme of all Lewis’s books, and how to rethink your “ugly” parts. 

Andrew is one of the co-hos...

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