Business Breakthrough Radio

Business Breakthrough Radio

Business Breakthrough Radio is a podcast for Christian business owners and leaders all over the world that have so much information that they’re hungry for. Our hope is that through this podcast we can really begin to help you really dive into those key things that are holding you back from the success that you’re after. Business Breakthrough Radio is powered by Higher Impact, LLC and hosted by its Founder and CEO Karl Diffenderfer.


November 9, 2023 29 mins

Based in the book of Jude, Pastor David Diroll breaks down the exhortations to contend, remember, and to build that are ultimately rooted in our identity in Christ. The most miserable experience is not being who you are. Knowing your identity in Christ, strengthening yourself, and giving your soul nourishment liberates us to be the most joyful versions of ourselves. We can joyfully live in our identity while we leave a legacy for g...

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The next thing that we need to look at with our employees and accountability is the word Fear. A lot of times we're afraid of losing employees.

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In this episode, Karl has identified the 7 key people every team needs to have to achieve success. Karl also shares a free tool that can help you identify what pieces your organization is missing to help you fill the gaps.

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September 12, 2022 40 mins

In this episode, Karl Diffenderfer is joined by Chris Gittings of Cogent to talk about results-based networking and how to maximize that inside of our business. 

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September 9, 2022 36 mins

In this episode, Karl Diffenderfer is joined by Dave Ashworth of Quantify to discuss the 7 ways to look at the cashflow in our business. For any business, it is important to understand your cash flow, and there's a lot of things that you can do. These are pretty easy things that need to get done for improvement but get overlooked a lot.

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September 5, 2022 10 mins

Karl Diffenderfer talks about principles that are near to his heart. As business owners and business leaders, we need to apply these things into our lives. These principles are true for everybody and they are also true for us. It is to test ourselves and to see how we're doing at representing God well in our faith and in our workplace.

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In this episode, Karl Diffenderfer is joined by her daughter, Arctura for a fun conversation. She will ask Karl some questions on how to become a kingdom entrepreneur. What does it mean to follow Jesus in our every day, in every moment through our business? We're going to start to unpack that a little bit and talk about that.

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August 30, 2022 8 mins

Lots of business owners run into some problems in their businesses and we aren't expecting to have these happen, and we're not sure how to deal with it, how to process it. And these SIX A-T-E-S are great ways to begin to deal with these problems. And so ultimately, if you're a business owner and you want to have freedom in your business — which most business owners do, some don't, but most do— then you're going to want to focus on ...

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August 26, 2022 27 mins

In this episode, Chirag Sagar of Mission Matters joins Karl Diffenderfer to discuss how to start a podcast and how to do it successfully. We are going to answer questions like, what are the target audiences of a podcast? How do we make sure that we're actually reaching that audience? Why do we even want to do a podcast? What's the point? What are maybe some of the numbers around that and many other details.

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June 28, 2022 3 mins

Business Breakthrough Radio, hosted by Karl Diffenderfer, is a podcast for business owners that discusses a variety of topics impacting organizations of all sizes today. Learn from Karl and his guests on how you can find breakthroughs and unlock new success in your business!

New episodes every Monday and Friday!

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