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June 14, 2024 107 mins
Teletext50: The Stories

A Byte High No Limit / illarterate co-production


In 1974, a brand new technology called teletext was being rolled out. It would, over the next few decades, have far-reaching implications, not only in the UK but worldwide.


These are the stories of those involved in the production, restoration and art of the blocky medium that graced UK TV screens until 2012. You’ll hear from the pioneers, those who made t...

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James Domestic grew up in Essex, is a compulsive songwriter, a musician, occasional DJ, painter, poet, and punk.

He holds a doctorate from the University of Essex, has toured the world and elsewhere with The Domestics, and made records with more bands than is healthy or sensible.

He was kind enough to speak to me in his Local, The Brewers Tap, Sudbury.

We cover a range of subjects and when it came to edit, I unashamedly did not lea...

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Bob Pape's Dead Lights,

Bob and I discuss Curious, Forgotten and Unusual films.

In this Episode

12:01pm (1990)

He Never Died (2015)

The Giant Claw (1957)

I Woke Up Early The Day I Died (1998)


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This Episode I had the pleasure of the host of Floppy Days, Randy Kindig.

11 years and 141 episodes so far and his quest to cover every home computer chronologically has only got him to 1984's Grundy Newbrain! what dedication.

Randy Speaks to me about his motivation and collection of vintage computers and we share our observations on how computing has changed since the days of individual quirky machines.


Please visit www.floppyda...

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Yes, The Unpublished chapter!!

Bob Pape is a computer game coder that came into prominence in the 8 bit world with his conversion of the Irem coin-op R-type to the humble ZX Spectrum.

Around ten years ago he wrote an account of how he made the game and described a less than glamourous world of coding that surrounded it in 'It's Behind You' 

This book is available on for free and is highly recommended.

Part two cover...

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Bob Pape is a computer game coder that came into prominence in the 8 bit world with his conversion of the Irem coin-op R-type to the humble ZX Spectrum.

Around ten years ago he wrote an account of how he made the game and described a less than glamourous world of coding that surrounded it in 'It's Behind You' 

This book is available on for free and is highly recommended.

Part one of this interview, or chat covers Bo...

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At 23:32:19 BST on 23 October 2012, Schoolboy Nathan Dane witnessed the close down of BBC's teletext service CEEFAX. The following years a pursuit to revive the abandoned service was realised with NMS CEEFAX, a fully working and up to date teletext service that can be used by anyone with an internet connection. Nathan's endeavours were now a national talking point from Radio Two, The press including The Guardian & TV's BBC One ...

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In this episode, I speak with the man in charge of Finland's YLE teletext service. He explains how he got into the industry, his battles with Nokia and the challenges for teletext in the future. Thanks to Dan Farrimond, who cleaned up this recording and provided the edits. There are some audio issues but not as many thanks to Mr Yak who, in my opinion is a wizard to get this to you.


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I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with the extra terrestrial political force of nature that is his Excellency Count Binface. We discussed Ceefax, ZX Spectrum and less important subjects including Boris Johnson, Sadiq Khan & Teressa May.

What does the future hold for Sigma nine's political big Beast?


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November 15, 2023 36 mins

It's Max Headroom month! One November evening in 1987 local Chicago TV was invaded by a masked Max Headroom impersonator. For the following 37 years the question of who and why persist.

Now well past a statute of limitations and the advantage hive mind of the internet we are still no closer to the definitive, but we do have theories!

Whitney Merrill is a Hacktivist, info security champion and Head of Global Privacy and data Governa...

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October 7, 2023 36 mins

Ricardo speaks to me about the CubanBoys  ,teletext, Eurovision and the Poundshop boys. Being championed by Radio One DJ's Jo Wiley and John Peel catapulted Ricardo and his band mates into superstardom when they were spotted by EMI records. Ricardo also speaks about his fascination with the Top 40 and his ZX Spectrum Coding career.

The Peel Sessions are now available on - Please consider buying Sam Ta...

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September 26, 2023 83 mins
Joe Banks, producer of the art project Disinformation, has been working with Very Low Frequency (VLF) radio since the mid nineteen-nineties. His installations have been exhibited and performed worldwide and been shown on national TV & radio stations including Sky TV and BBC Radio Four. His challenging investigations into Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) demonstrate the mind’s conscious and unconscious working in a conflicting s...

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September 6, 2023 93 mins

Dan Farrimond and myself reflect on the Chunky Fringe live show, with Jamie Nemeth and Jason Robertson.

The Audio was provided by Dan from his live stream that you can see with pictures on his YouTube channel.

Thanks again to @grimfandango and Jamie Nemeth and his awesome twitch channel.

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This is a live show hosted by myself and Dan Farrimond during Chunky Fringe, the teletext expo that took place at the same venue and day as the Digi Live 30 show held by Mr Biffo.

We speak to Jason & Rich from What's wrong with Wolfie? Podcast as well as teletext movers and Shakers Jason Robertson, Steve Horsley and Chris Bell.

The recording was kindly made by 

Ash Versus of Under Consoletation: The GamesMaster Retrospective Po...

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August 9, 2023 52 mins

Stuart Ashen is a Actor, Screen writer, comedian and critic. He has near 1.6 million YouTube subscribers and 600 million views.

I also got his name wrong in the intro, we discuss where it all started and the possible future trends as well as the challenges faced when running a large YouTube Channel.

Stuart gives me his thoughts on social media the recent name change of twitter to X.


Music is from Mr Nissness (

you c...

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August 2, 2023 10 mins

Dr Anderson has worked in AI for over a decade, she completed her Ph.D. in computed science and focused on machine learning and I was lucky to have a moment to speak to her about this remarkable technology.

But what is AI? How is it transforming our lives, at home and in the workplace?


Dr Anderson explains the ethical implications and givers her thoughts on how Human-AI collaboration is a key to augment human capabilities. 

If yo...

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Planet Sound was a cult music magazine that reached every teletext set n the UK, John Earls and his team championed many new acts of the 90s & 2000's including Artic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Razorlight, Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand, Keane, Editors, Snow Patrol, Klaxons, Kasabian, Hard-fi, Elbow, The Feeling, Scissor Sister, Guillemots, Amy Winehouse and Dizzee Rascal to name but a few!


John Speaks to me about his time at Telet...

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Tim, better known to his thousands of followers as @ceefaux uses the distinct looks of old Ceefax tv listings to inject his brand of humour on to the social media world of twitter.

His account is barley 15 months old but he has a amassed an avid following of fans.

In this episode Tim explains  to me and Dan Farrimond how he got involved, his inspiration and challenges for the future.

We even cover serious subject like AI and trampo...

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June 14, 2023 42 mins

"We were the first people in the World to do this sort of thing..."

Graham Norwood.


Graham is a prolific travel writer and Formula One fan, but before all of this he cut his journalistic teeth at BBC Ceefax.

Graham recalls the stories and events that the service reported on and conveyed to the public in it's unique way.

There is also a rare insight into how some Ceefax staff felt in the food-chain of BBC journalists. Were these f...

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May 31, 2023 104 mins


In this episode we enjoy the recollections of Patrick, @cgnfridays and Cody, @pranfunkels as they discus hacks and tricks to get free calls on phone systems like their hero, Matt Broderick and try not to get caught... with varying consequences. 

They explain what innocent, inquisitive kids can get up to with telephones and how they took over voice mail systems to create a BBS without the knowledge that the US Hacker community wer...

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