Cash Flow Fight Club

Cash Flow Fight Club

Cash Flow. You love it. You want it! We’re all seeking it, but what’s the best way to generate it? Google Cash Flow and get instantly overwhelmed. With so much noise and marketing hype out there, how do you know which approach is the best for you? We’ve wrestled with massive amounts of research, opinions and experimentation trying to find the best methods. Now we’re on a mission to find the best methods and give you all the dirty details - Fight Club style! In our signature Fight Club matchups, we bring together the heavyweights of business and investing to debate the risks, rewards and the inside scoop on the best ways to generate life-changing cash flow that can put you on the path to financial freedom. And after battling it out in the arena over 3 rounds, we crown the Champion. We alternate Fight Club matchups by going In the Champion’s Corner, where we’ll discover what it takes to forge a champion. Mindset, high performance habits, best-in-class behaviors and more of what it takes to be successful – in your finances and in life. So whether it’s passive income, real estate, side hustles or cash-flowing business ventures, we’re bringing you all the details in the most informative and entertaining show on the airwaves. Join us to see who’ll reign supreme! Who will take home the title of Cash Flow Fight Club Champion. And the 1st rule of the Cash Flow Fight Club – hit subscribe and don’t miss even 1 battle among the titans of Cash Flow. It’s going to be epic!


May 22, 2024 64 mins

Are you considering investing in land notes? Want to earn above-average returns without a lot of hassle?

Our latest episode explores whether investing in real estate land notes is truly worth it. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of this investment opportunity; how it beats the stock market with lower risk; discussing the potential benefits and risks involved. 

Watch or listen in to gain valuable insights into the world of lan...

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Tired of the daily grind? Ever dream of being your own boss? 

In this episode, Mike and Ligia share their story of transitioning from corporate jobs to becoming full-time real estate investors and coaches. After facing unexpected layoffs, they took the opportunity to reevaluate their lives and pursue their dream of financial independence through land flipping. 

They discuss the mindset shifts, strategies, and lessons learned along ...

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Are you an entrepreneur or business owner struggling with mindset barriers or operational challenges? In this episode, mindset experts Adam Hurd and Tom Marino share insights on mindset mastery, overcoming common entrepreneur challenges, and their unique collaborative coaching approach. 

Learn their strategies for overcoming limiting beliefs and achieving life harmony through Atomic Business Coaching. Hear real client success stori...

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Real estate offers so much variety and many ways to earn outstanding returns, build wealth and generate passive income. Discover how adversity can spark success in real estate. In this episode, Brandon Cobb discusses his unexpected firing that led him to entrepreneurship. Now the owner of real estate firm HBG Capital, Brandon shares strategies for land acquisition, development approvals, and syndicating deals with investors. Plus, ...

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This episode of Cashflow Fight Club features two great models for building a successful real estate empire: private lending with Jay Conner and syndication with Jen and Stacy Konkey. 

Jay shares how he financed over 500 single family rehab deals by educating private lenders on the benefits of backing his projects, providing passive investors high returns. Meanwhile, Jen and Stacy talk about how they have acquired and operated over ...

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Video virtuosos Danny “Coach Danny D” DelVecchio and Chay Nott go head to head in the ultimate marketing showdown! 

These two creative entrepreneurs know the power of video content but have very different approaches. Danny helps clients easily create video content for LinkedIn using virtual interviews, while Chay handles full physical production for e-commerce brands. 

Tune in to see who emerges victorious in this epic clash of vid...

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Are you looking to maximize returns while protecting your commercial real estate investments? 

In this episode of In the Champion’s Corner, commercial real estate and insurance expert Jeremy Goodrich discusses the ins and outs of CRE investing. Jeremy shares his unique journey from elementary school teacher to insurance advisor for large CRE portfolios. He offers invaluable insights into risk management strategies, agency complianc...

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In this episode, real estate investors Brandon Cobb and Alec Beardhall go head-to-head to compare the alternative investment opportunities of land development versus multifamily real estate. Brandon highlights the flexibility and multiple exit options of land investing whereas Alec notes the tax benefits and passive income potential of multifamily deals. 

Hear how Brandon forces value through rezoning vacant parcels while Alec incr...

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Are your retirement funds stuck in the volatile stock market? 

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to learn how private real estate investor Jay Conner has helped dozens of people grow their wealth through private lending on over 500 successful deals. Transitioning to real estate investing after leaving the manufactured housing industry, Jay now focuses on funding deals through private lending, bringing in capital from private le...

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Tired of trading your time for money? Learn how to put your cash to work for you! Tonight we've got the ultimate masterclass on generating passive income through hard assets. Tune in for an epic matchup between two heavyweight investment strategies - precious metals and oil & gas production.

Experts Ben Nadelstein of Monetary Metals and Rey Trevino of Pecos Country Operating go head to head in this episode of Cash Flow Fight Cl...

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How do you break free from an ingrained survival mentality of scarcity so you can begin to see prosperity, even in times of want? 

This week, we've got a heavyweight bout you won't want to miss as we enter the arena to go toe-to-toe with an ideological firsthand account of what life is like under dictatorial communism versus that of capitalism. Leading us through the rounds will be none other than our champions Mike and Ligia Deato...

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Financial freedom leads to lifestyle freedom. Bobby Larsen is using the power of real estate and multifamily apartment investing to build wealth, create cash flow and ultimately create financial freedom for himself, his family and his investors. 

Most investors only dream of the kinds of returns Bobby Larsen has achieved in his 15+ year multifamily career. In this latest episode, this industry titan is spilling all his secrets to s...

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Today on the Champion’s Corner,  we're joined by real estate investor and educator Patrick Grimes. Patrick has lived an inspiring life journey going from engineering whiz to real estate millionaire, proving that with grit and determination, you can bounce back from even your hardest falls. 

Strap in for an adventure as we go behind-the-scenes of Patrick's engineering days, real estate ups and downs, and his ultimate reinvention thr...

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Benjamin Nadelstein grew up in a supportive family with a passion in theater arts. As a young adult he was pulled away from his East Coast home in Martha’s Vineyard by the allure of the West Coast. Along the way, his interest in economics sparked and became a full-fledged passion, an obsession even. 

Benjamin dove deep into educational content and, encouraged by his mother, found a career with Monetary Metals, a company pioneering ...

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Today, we have a special guest with us - Seth Williams, a seasoned real estate investor who has found his niche in the often-overlooked sector of vacant land investing. Seth's journey from a career in banking to achieving success amidst the economic turmoil of the Great Recession is nothing short of fascinating. As he reveals how he turned vacant lots into profitable ventures, you'll be inspired by his innovative approach and resil...

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Curious how Jen and Stacy Conkey took their multifamily investing knowledge from a Facebook group to a full-fledged academy? Tune in to this latest episode of the Cashflow Fight Club podcast to hear their story of entrepreneurship and community building.

As the power couple behind the Remote Multifamily Investing Academy, Jen and Stacy share their journey from meeting on a dating app to building a thriving business and community to...

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Tapping into your network can open so many doors! In this episode of the Champion’s Corner, real estate expert Yonah Weiss discusses how focusing outward on serving others through charitable initiatives and intentional networking on LinkedIn transformed his career. Yonah shares invaluable tips for leveraging your connections and finding your unique ability to help people. Learn how shifting your mindset to one of service can profou...

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Are you looking for ways to create cash flow and pursue the life of your dreams? This week, we bring on two productivity experts – Paul Minors and Daniel Whitworth – for an insightful discussion on growing businesses through efficiency and automation. The episode provides practical tips on automation, recurring revenue streams, and scaling without losing focus on your strengths.

Paul has grown his part-time side hustle into a seven...

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In this episode, commercial real estate broker Dan Lewkowicz talks about triple net leasing - an often overlooked asset class that can generate significant passive income. 

Dan is the Senior Director at Encore Real Estate Investment Services, a boutique net lease investment sales firm. He shares his expertise on evaluating deals, understanding lease structures, and the tax benefits of owning net leased properties. 

Whether you're a...

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In this episode of the “Cash Flow Fight Club” podcast, we sit down In the Champion’s Corner with real estate investor, author, and podcast host of his own show - Bronson Hill. Bronson shares his fascinating journey from working in medical device sales to building a successful business in real estate and private equity. Listen in as Bronson offers valuable lessons on cultivating the right mindset, continuously learning from others, ...

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