Climate Changed

Climate Changed

Climate Changed is a podcast about spiritual leadership in a climate-changed world. Hosted by Nicole Diroff and Ben Yosua-Davis, Climate Changed features guests who deepen the conversation while also stirring the waters. The Climate Changed podcast is a project of The BTS Center.


February 27, 2024 59 mins

In our final episode of Season Two, we’re joined by Dr. Shanon Shah, an advocate whose work is at the intersection of faith, human rights, and climate change. Shanon's multifaceted career includes journalism, theater, and academia in Malaysia before his relocation to London. A practicing Muslim, Shanon is also a scholar in the sociology of religion and the Senior Deputy Editor of the Muslim Institute's flagship publication, Critica...

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In this thought-provoking episode of the podcast "Am I the Right Person?," Ben engages in deeply insightful conversations with Margaret Wheatley, an icon in organizational leadership, and Debra Rienstra, author of Refugia Faith: Seeking Hidden Shelters, Ordinary Wonder, and the Healing of the Earth. Wheatley paints a grim picture of the future, citing escalating climate issues, political tensions, and social unrest. Despite this ou...

We explore how to navigate love and responsibility in a rapidly changing world, particularly in the face of climate change. We're honored to have Ray Buckley join us for this conversation. Ray is a teacher, storyteller, author, and poet of Lakota, Tlingit, and Scots descent. He brings a unique blend of cultural and spiritual wisdom, particularly the profound understanding of what it means to be in "good relationship" with the Creat...

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November 28, 2023 55 mins

In this eye-opening episode of our podcast, we bring you an enlightening conversation with Eileen Flanagan — a Quaker author, activist, and organizer who strives to make activism more effective. Co-hosts Dr. Keisha McKenzie and Nicole Diroff dive deep into topics that challenge us on how we approach climate change, social justice, and activism.

Discussion Guide for Small Group Conversations:

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In this episode of Climate Changed, listeners will hear from Dr. Susi Moser, an accomplished scientist and geographer. For Moser, any effort that builds community is actually significant climate work.

Moser has worked at the highest levels of climate science, including on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or the IPCC. This is the UN body responsible for assessing climate change, and their reports carry incredible weig...

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In this enlightening episode, we explore the notion of collective truth-telling through a poetic introduction and a compelling conversation with Rob Shetterly, the artist behind the portrait series "Americans Who Tell the Truth." We begin with Lilace Mellin Guignard's evocative poem "The Great Reimagining," a heartfelt call to rekindle our imagination and respect for our planet and its intricate ecosystems.

NEW Discussion Guide for...

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Nicole Diroff shares excerpts from Season Two of Climate Changed podcast featuring Rob Shetterly, Shanon Shah, Margaret Wheatley, and Debra Rienstra.

Nicole Diroff: Climate Changed podcast focuses on collective honesty and hope

Nicole Diroff: Hey there. I'm Nicole Diroff. Ben Yosua-Davis and I host the Climate Changed podcast. Over the past several months, we interviewed wise and insightful guests. We co...

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September 12, 2023 3 mins

Ben Yosua-Davis  00:00

Hi, I'm Ben Yosua-Davis, co host of the Climate Change Podcast. I am incredibly excited about season two of our show. In this season, we ask big questions about collective honesty and complicated hope, which feels really timely in a moment dominated by news of floods, wildfire, smoke and record breaking heat. I talk with Dr. Suzanne Moser about what it means to lead well in an era ...

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In season two of the climate changed podcast, Ben Yosua-Davis and Nicole Diroff will help you take an unflinching look at the devastating reality of climate change, not to scare the snot out of us. No, they and their amazing guests balance and honest view of the problems with clear direction about how we can take up our roles in this rapidly changing world.

The new season of Climate Changed podcast premieres on Tuesday September 26...

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November 3, 2022 56 mins

In this episode of the Climate Changed podcast, you will experience:

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In this episode of the Climate Changed podcast, you will experience:

  • Aram Mitchell leads a guided reflection called Flood on the Horizon
  • A conversation with Rev. Dr. Veronice Miles
  • Next Steps for Engaged Hope
About Veronice Miles

The Rev. Dr. Veronice Miles is a preacher, teacher, scholar, mentor, and artist committed to a life of minis...

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What is Wrong with Me? with Keyana Pardilla, Robin Wall Kimmerer, and Sherri Mitchell 

In this episode of the Climate Changed podcast, you will experience:

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In this episode of the Climate Changed podcast, you will experience:

  • A centering practice as Craig Santos Perez reads his poem, “Thanksgiving in the Anthropocene” from his book of poetry Habitat Threshold. Music: Hymn for the Brave by Miles Avida.
  • Ben Yosua-Davis and poet Craig Santos Perez have a moving conversation about raising children in a time of climate change. Craig also reads two of his original poems.
  • Ben and Nicole’s...
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In this very first episode of the new Climate Changed podcast you will experience:

  • Introductions by the co-hosts, Nicole Diroff & Ben Yosua-Davis
  • A centering practice led by Peterson Toscano
  • Remarks about the state of our world and churches by Rev. Mariama White-Hammond
  • Ben and Nicole’s deep and moving discussion ...
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In this episode of the Climate Changed podcast you will experience:

  • A centering practice led by poet, Maya Williams.  You will hear Maya read Emily Dickinson’s Hope followed by one of Maya’s original poems, Religious Imposters. 
  • Nicole Diroff has a deep and incredibly honest conversation with Corina Newsome
  • Ben and Nicole’s deep and moving di...
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June 8, 2022 59 secs

Peterson Toscano, host of Citizens Climate Radio, produces the new Climate Changed podcast. He finds hosts, Nicole Diroff and Ben Yosua-Davis, the perfect friends to talk him down when he is feeling overwhelmed by climate change. Their honesty, vulnerability, and resourcefulness provide him with fresh perspectives and much needed determination. 

Episodes One and Two premiere June 2022

Episode 1: How Do We Stop Doing Things that Mak...

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Ben Yosua-Davis and Nicole Diroff are the hosts of the new Climate Changed podcast. They also have something else in common. They are both parents.

Ben is a father to two amazing children. Michael, is his six year-old creative social butterfly. Genevieve is his sweet and ferocious two year old."

Nicole is a mother to a second grader.

Parenting comes with so many unique joys and challenges, and parenting in a climate-changed world ...

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Climate Changed is a brand new podcast about pursuing faith, life, and love in a climate-changed world. Hosted by Nicole Diroff and Ben Yosua-Davis. Climate Changed features guests who deepen the conversation while also stirring the waters. The Climate Changed podcast is a project of The BTS Center

In this extended promo you will about the podcast and from some of the guests who will appear on Season One including

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