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November 26, 2023 8 mins

In 1973 I was Program Director of K-Earth in Los Angeles, formerly KHJ-FM. Automated at the time, it was the oldies music creation of the legendary Bill Drake. Shortly after I started working there Drake was fired as Programming VP for RKO. KRTH GM Hal Rosenberg and I hired GUY ZAPOLEON to create new music lists and recordings to replace the Drake/Chenault package. In my recent conversation with Guy we drifted into our Paul Drew st...

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Guy Zapoleon is a modern music savant. For the past fifty years he has guided contemporary music radio stations and corporations in identifying the right songs to play at the right time to achieve their target audience goals. Along the way, he discovered a generalized pattern in which contemporary music trends rise from innovation to mass appeal and ultimately to a downturn he calls doldrums. Then, the cycle starts again. He's a mu...

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November 19, 2023 30 mins

If WALTER SABO (aka Walter Sterling on WABC) was a baker he wouldn't own a cookie cutter or a recipe book. Walter is an innovator. For all of his decades of creating and consulting media programming, he has never relied on a formula. When I asked him what's wrong with the radio business these days he had answers I didn't expect. He also emphasized what's right: "(Radio is) the most elegant distribution system in mass media. It's el...

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November 17, 2023 31 mins

JOHN KOBYLT has been half of the most popular talk radio show in Los Angeles for 36 years. Now his partner, Ken Chiampou, has announced his retirement. The famous John and Ken Show is about to become the John Kobylt Show. That's where we start this conversation, with the obvious questions: when and what can we expect?

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November 16, 2023 27 mins

KEN CHIAMPOU and John Kobylt electrified Los Angeles with their brash, clear-spoken brand of talk radio when they arrived at KFI 36 years ago and they haven't stopped. It's the longest-running talk show in radio history that changed the direction of the talk radio industry. In this exclusive conversation, Ken tells Dave Williams why he's retiring and looks back on 40 years of friendship with John, and the lightning they've held tog...

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November 16, 2023 32 mins

MARK AUSTIN THOMAS is his real name. It's a beaut, ain't it? Well, so is the man behind it. MAT, as he's sometimes known to friends and colleagues, has made the most of his deep native intellect, his curiosity, and his passion for journalism. Now retired but by no means old, Mark shares his insights and philosophies.

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November 12, 2023 32 mins

JOHN GEHRON is a name synonymous with Chicago Radio; he began programming the legendary WLS in 1974 and built it into a music radio institution. He also created a national standard for the “smooth jazz” format while at Chicago’s WNUA-FM, followed with senior officer and COO titles at American Radio and Infinity Broadcasting, including the role of Senior Vice President of Programming for all of Infinity/CBS. When Oprah Winfrey decid...

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Bill Rogers & Camille Dixon are the voices of Disney, master voice actors with skills that enable them to cast Disney Magic on children of all ages. And, get this: they're married! How it all happened for them, and us, is a romantic story for the ages in true Disney style.

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November 5, 2023 51 mins

Jack Swanson is a superstar of news and talk radio. He has been a primary architect of the spoken word formats around the world. Radio towers may vanish but the desire for information and entertainment through new communications platforms has Jack excited. He says he wishes he could live another 50 years to see what comes next. We all hope he does.

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October 29, 2023 53 mins

Greg Tantum is one of the most successful radio programming executives in the U.S. He's also one of the happiest and most beloved human beings on the planet. That's not a coincidence. Through his decades of building great radio stations he has also built great people whose passion for the business he developed and nourished as if they comprised his own garden. Radio and people. To hear Greg tell it makes you wonder why the whole wo...

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October 21, 2023 33 mins

Andy Ludlum spent decades learning his craft and teaching it to others. He was my boss at KFWB, Los Angeles, and is still a special friend. I learned from him, I respect and like him. Andy Ludlum is a true Radio Master.

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May 9, 2023 55 mins

Chuck Blore was the most celebrated radio programmer and advertising genius in history. Everything he created sang of heartfelt emotion. His daughter, Jessica, was his most beloved creation. In this conversation, Jessy talks lovingly about her life with Daddy and his passing.

Audio and video bonuses, including the Master, himself, talking about his favorite ad. Special thanks to Dan O'Day for sharing his copyrighted video. And to m...

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April 22, 2023 44 mins

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

SPIKE O'DELL is one of the legendary personalities who owned the airwaves of WGN, Chicago when it was simply the best small-town radio station ever to dominate a major metropolitan city. WGN Radio and Spike were rightly branded, "Chicago's own..." and today, nearly 20 years after he retired at the age of 55, he is still beloved in the Windy City and in Davenport, Iowa, the first city he he graced his remarka...

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March 27, 2023 64 mins

This episode opens with a wonderful recording of BOBBY OCEAN at his dynamic best on San Francisco's iconic Big 610, KFRC. It was 1983, forty years ago and nearly twenty years after the golden age of music radio was forged by Bill Drake and starring legendary deejays Bobby Ocean, The Real Don Steele, Robert W. Morgan, Charlie Van Dyke, and many others. Together these brilliant performers combined their unique individual talents with...

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March 18, 2023 44 mins

"Hear ye, hear ye! Let it be known to all that a wondrous spectacle doth unfold. Lady Penelope, a veritable muse of the arts, shall now regale us with one of her own original sonnets!"

Stage and screen actress Penny Peyser has a fancy for iambic pentameter and has written a book of very funny sonnets. In this episode of we begin with Penny as Lady Penelope appearing in one of her wonderful YouTube performances f...

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In 1975 I was the program director for RKO Radio's Memphis radio station, WHBQ. I hired a talented, high-energy air personality named SHEILA, who, at the time was one of the few female pioneers into the man's world of top-40 deejays. Now, 47 years later, she is a successful novelist known as SHEILA YORK. I caught up with her, proud of the fact that I had brought her to WHBQ. This episode includes air...

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January 12, 2023 53 mins

ROBYN FIVUSH, PhD, is the world's leading authority on autobiographical memory and its connection to parent-child conversational practices, gender, and self-identity. Her decades of research have concluded that storytelling, especially among families, is how humans maintain generational development and well-being.

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December 22, 2022 55 mins

A licensed clinical social worker spent 20 years helping people survive personal traumas; when her son was killed by a friend she suddenly had to help herself and her family. JAMIE WEHMEYER tells her moving and inspirational story.

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December 3, 2022 49 mins

WARREN ECKSTEIN has spent his life helping people and animals bond and communicate through his unique “Hugs and Kisses” approach to animal behavior, care, and training.

He has hosted a call-in syndicated radio show for forty years, worked with the biggest Hollywood stars, has been featured on too many network TV shows to list, and has written many books.

Warren has also developed Warren Eckstein's Hugs & Kisses vitamin and mineral ...

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November 22, 2022 56 mins

DR. BENJAMIN NEUMAN is a biology professor and internationally known virologist who oversees the Texas A&M University Global Health Research Complex, which identified a variant of the COVID virus. He has also served on the international committee on the taxonomy of viruses and has been doing important research into COVID. With all that scientific knowledge you'd think he might be difficult to talk with and understand. Nope. He's a ...

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