Dementia Caregivers Community

Dementia Caregivers Community

Our desire with this podcast is to create a welcome listening space for you…the caregiver. Your listening space may be your kitchen table, a patio, front porch or fire pit. Your best listening space may be found while taking a walk, running an errand, or sitting beside a loved one. Welcome to our community!


July 10, 2024 13 mins

This letter is written by a loving musician and son who cared for his Mother living with Alzheimer’s.  Charlie and his family experienced a roller coaster of emotions while on their caregiving journey.  These deep thoughts eventually led to a song being recorded to release some of their emotions.  His message is one of encouragement and comfort.  Reach out for help, you are not alone!

To see Charlie perform his song go to alzTennes...

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Join Marketta and Tracey as they discuss some of the major dementia subtypes.  We hope having a better understanding of symptoms and behavioral expressions exhibited by your loved one can provide talking points as you seek accurate diagnosis, treatment options, and the best way to approach caregiving, including communication with your loved one and others.

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This episode reflects on processing the ambiguity, gains and losses, and stresses that accompany caregiving. Marketta shares an important lesson she learned caring for two loved ones living with dementia: Some things change and some things stay the same, and you might have no control over either.  

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Join us  for an educational and inspirational conversation with Neal Bowes, Certified Senior Advisor and Local Senior Living Specialist with Oasis Senior Advisors.  

Neal and Tracey will be discuss all things assisted living and memory care including reasons to consider senior living, when is the right time, as well as barriers a family may face when making the decision.  These experts take on issues like finances, feelings of guil...

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In Part 1, Sandra shared how she and her husband John walked "The Lewy Road" after his diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia and Atypical Parkinsonism in 2018. If part 2, Sandra has advice for care partners on a similar path, including the importance of giving yourself the same grace you give your loved one.  Sandra writes a blog, "Lewy, Dewey, and Me" with thoughts on caring for someone with Lewy Body dementia. You can find her blog her...

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Sandra and John built a beautiful life together.  Lewy Body dementia tried to derail that after John was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia and Atypical Parkinsonism in January, 2018. They walked the Lewy Road together.  According to Sandra, their journey was messy, frustrating, sweet, tender, heartbreaking, funny; all the things that life is.

Sandra shares thoughts she had while on her active care partner journey and in the hopes i...

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Many times individuals and families believe a dementia diagnosis immediately means a person should retire the car keys. As a primary caregiver or care partner, it is our job to address safety issues like this. 

When can we expect wandering as a behavioral expression to begin?

Will driving challenges and wandering behavioral expressions occur in every journey? 

Join us as we discuss seeking physician’s help, Silver Alert, tracking t...

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April 3, 2024 28 mins

Sincerely:  a letter from a former family caregiver and 25 year dementia care professional and supporter. Tracey Wilson, Regional Director with Alzheimer’s Tennessee shares one voice with a collective message from supported caregivers who attend Alzheimer’s Tennessee’s support groups. They would like to deliver a message to others who are perhaps a little uncertain about reaching out for assistance or encouragement... It's not what...

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March 20, 2024 25 mins

Communicating with a person living with dementia subtypes can be challenging and difficult to understand at times. Memory is only one factor in terms of cognitive decline.  Introducing yourself and gaining a better understanding of all of the A’s can help you overcome some of the challenges and try to formulate a game plan.

This video from Alzheimer's Tennessee's Caregiver Academy offers more on on how to engage with someone with d...

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Marketta shares what she learned about caregiving by facing her own fears and watching a small child do the same at North America's longest pedestrian cable bridge.

As Marketta tells us, fear can affect our decisions as a caregiver. It's also easier to face your fears when you are not alone. Alzheimer's Tennessee's Caring and Coping Caregiver Workshops are a great way to see how others face the challenges dementia care puts in our...

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This episode is the second of a two part conversation with Brady about his Caregiver's Journey. Marketta and Tracey pick up the discussion as Brady is faced with a tough decision about his father's care and living situation. Like many family caregivers, Brady realized his father could no longer live in his own home. Tracey, Marketta and Brady discuss the emotional, practical and financial issues that come with this milestone on the...

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This episode is the first of two following the journey of Brady as he cares for his father with dementia.  In Part 1, he shares the difficulty he faced when the roles reverse and the son finds himself forced to make decisions for the father. Plus, hear how finding the right Support Group made all the difference. Learn more about Alzheimer's Tennessee support groups at .

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As the disease progresses in a person with dementia, their behavioral expression often change. These changes may be alarming or even embarrassing for a family caregiver. While every person and every disease is different, some expressions are very common. Tracey and Marketta share a far reaching discussion that will help caregivers to be ready for whatever happens along their own journey. 

To learn more about behavioral expressions ...

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This letter is written by a former family caregiver.  Her husband received a diagnosis of Early Onset Alzheimer's the same year her father passed away from complications due to Alzheimer's. Her caregiver's journey as a daughter and wife lasted almost 15 years.

A feeling of deep admiration for the consistent kindness her husband and father displayed compelled her to write a letter from their voice of influence over her life. She con...

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December 27, 2023 19 mins

When we learn of a family in need we want to butter up a baking dish and make them a casserole. But for caregivers of those living with dementia the need for help goes far beyond what a hot dish can provide. In this episode of Dementia Caregivers Community hosts Marketta Puckett and Tracey Kendall Wilson discuss the best ways to offer help. Perhaps more importantly, they help families to get comfortable with accepting and even aski...

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December 13, 2023 30 mins

The Holidays are full of joy, but they can be stressful. Caregivers may be doubly stressed trying to make the season bright for their loved one with dementia and for the rest their family and friends. Two of Alzheimer's Tennessee's dementia care experts, Tracey Kendall Wilson and Cheryl Blanchard, have wrapped up a big box full of practical advice to help you ADAPT your celebration to a new reality. Plus, some bonus tips from peopl...

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November 29, 2023 6 mins

Ducks thrive in almost any situation. They swim in freezing water, fly in the air and walk on the ground. These ordinary looking water birds use their diverse traits to cope with whatever the environment requires.

What can dementia caregivers learn from that? Host Marketta Puckett explains how you can use your own varied traits and skills to deal with what ever comes your way.    

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Al first saw Ellen beautifully playing a piano with no white keys. For more than 40 years they were husband and wife as well as best friends. Today, Al is caring for Ellen who is living with dementia. 

From the first signs "something was wrong" to the tough decisions dementia forces on families, Al bravely shares his "Caregiver's Journey."

Our hope is to bring a sense of community and togetherness for those on their own journey.  W...

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Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia affect the caregiver as well as the person with the disease. The beginning of the dementia journey begins before getting a diagnosis. Marketta and Tracey discuss how a caregiver might know when it's time to see a medical professional.

Go to the Alzheimer's Tennessee website for more information. 

Contact Tracey at


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The Dementia Caregiver Community brings you a letter from a family caregiver, Carol to her sister Sandy, who passed away with Alzheimer’s disease. We hope this letter and others like it will help you connect with each other and find comfort and inspiration from the community of caregivers.


If you have a letter to share or want to learn more about this podcast and Alzheimer’s Tennessee, please go to  

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