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Dissect That Film

When you take couch conversations about movies and you turn it into a podcast, you get DISSECT THAT FILM. Hosts Brett, Dan and Angela take movies they love, hate and maybe have never seen and plot break them from beginning to end, and they each bring their own unique views on the movies brought to the table. Full of fun, humor and facts, DISSECT THAT FILM is the place to be. So bring your popcorn, your favorite drink and a comfy blanket and let’s get to slicing into the world of cinema.


July 19, 2024 124 mins

It's time to finally hop into the world of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli with 2008's PONYO. We found no better person to join us on this adventure than Paul from the Flicks and Friends Podcast. From the beautiful animation, music and story, PONYO really brings a lot of heart and soul to the screen and leaves you thinking about it long after its over. Can we keep this episode rated G or even PG talking about this kids film? Why is ham ...

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25 years ago, a story about genetically altered sharks came to the big screen and became a movie that most people would consider the second best shark movie behind Jaws. With some brilliant practical effects and vfx that may not have aged overly well, it revolutionized a new chapter in the long running sharkploitation genre. Special guest Wyatt from  @CinemaTripReviews  joins us to celebrate the wild, wet ride that is DEEP BLUE SEA...

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July 8, 2024 101 mins

Join us as we talk about the 1997 remake of Maximum Overdrive, TRUCKS. Along with that we did it all LIVE! Hot sauce, a bad movie and a look forward to what's coming up next on the show.



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July 5, 2024 91 mins

In 1975 with the release of JAWS, Italian producer Dino De Laurentiis decided he wanted to make a film that would rival Spielberg's masterpiece, and with the help of director Michael Anderson and actor Richard Harris, they would release ORCA. A movie about the one animal who can defeat Bruce himself. With great use of live footage and practical effects, ORCA looked like the film that could compete, but unfortunately it barely staye...

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June 28, 2024 100 mins

All the way back in 1969, Sir Michael Caine lit up the screen doing heists in awesome mini coopers. In 2003, director F. Gary Gray (Friday) took the helm of a proposed remake that would take what the original did, but bring it into the 21st century. With hard hitting actors such as Mark Wahlberg, Chalize Theron, Jason Statham, Edward Norton, and the late Donald Sutherland, this was bound to be a hit, and it was! For our finale epis...

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All the way back in 1985 prolific horror writer Stephen King was asked by the infamous Dino De Laurentiis to direct a movie based on a short story he wrote back in the 70's called Trucks. In 1986 after production issues, major substance abuse by King and a wild ride for the cast and crew involved we got MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE. Lets crank up some AC/DC, crack open a Miller and hunker down at the Dixie Boy as we tell them trucks WE MADE Y...

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June 14, 2024 93 mins

Back in 1990, Tony Scott, Jerry Bruckheimer, Don Simpson and Tom Cruise joined forces once again to give us a movie that seemed very familiar. But this time instead of fighter jets, we got race cars with DAYS OF THUNDER. Production trouble, hot headed producers and a budget that was spent on a lot of other things rather than the movie that was being made turned this movie into a nightmare that ultimately still performed well at the...

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June 10, 2024 80 mins

Looking back at the amazing month of May and our Reptile Month and looking forward to our Movies With Wheels Month in June. We also look back at guest spots and our involvement with the 8th Livestream for the Cure.



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June 7, 2024 112 mins

In 1974, legendary stunt driver H.B. Halicki decided to put all his money together and make one of the most insane stunt car movies of all time, GONE IN 60 SECONDS. 93 vehicles destroyed and a car chase that lasts 40 MINUTES! Halicki did it all! As we start our MOVIES WITH WHEELS MONTH, our car fanatic co-host Dan wanted to bring a movie that is near and dear to him and introduce it to a lot of people who may not know this even exi...

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May 31, 2024 87 mins

In 1980, the legend of the sewer gators came to the big screen from director Lewis Teague and writer John Sayles with the creature feature ALLIGATOR. With jokes about Robert Forsters' hairline, and massive alligator animatronic that barely worked, and an early credit from legendary actor Bryan Cranston, ALLIGATOR gave us a little bit of everything when it comes to an 80's creature feature. Does it do a good job? Does it work as eff...

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We're here to celebrate one of the best streaming services around, TUBI! This month we add to our Reptile Month by looking at another Jim Wynorski movie, CURSE OF THE KOMODO. 

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Music by DARKRAIZARD Check out all his mus...

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In 1999, we got so many fun and adventurous movies that ranged from THE MUMMY, LAKE PLACID and THE MATRIX. We also got a movie from one of the special effects masters from JURASSIC PARK and the writer of ANACONDA called KOMODO, about giant Komodo Dragons wrecking havoc on a small remote island off the coast of the Carolinas. With some great visual and special effects, this movie seems to have been long forgotten. Join us along with...

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It's time to go back in time with the Turtles and special guests Charlie and Pete of the Give Me Back My Action and Horror Movies Podcast as we look at the bookend to the 90's Turtles trilogy.  It's time to COWABUNGA our way to feudal Japan and watch the Turtles fight to survive and get back to their own time. Do they have what it takes to do it, or will it go bad like the reputation of this movie. It's time to time travel and diss...

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We back once again with our 4 turtle friends and special guests, Dustin and Paul of the Flicks and Friends Podcast, as we look at the sequel that was aimed more towards children and didn't show to much violence. Except, it was more of the same with more one liners, more mutant creatures and a whole lot of Vanilla Ice. Does TMNT 2 stand on the same level as the original, or are the Turtles toned down to much? This movie may have bee...

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Looking at all the fun we had in April and looking forward to our now named Reptile Month.


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It's time to hang with the turtle gang, Mikey, Donny, Leo and Raf as we look at their first big screen outing in TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (1990). As we venture into the sewers of NYC, we asked a special guest, video game podcasting legend Adam Blank of  @RememberTheGame , to join us and help us explore the origin of the turtles, the "violence" that would lead to a tamer sequel, and how the movie ultimately helped boost the popu...

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It's our final week on our MONTH OF 1991 as we look at the movie that our lovely patrons voted for, THE ADDAMS FAMILY, and we have a fantastic guest joining us to talk about it, the amazing Jason of BINGE MOVIES. 

They're creepy, kooky, and all together spooky and they are a joy to watch on screen. Starring the amazing duo of Angelica Huston and Raul Julia, THE ADDAMS FAMILY has become a spooky time staple for most people over the ...

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It's our 3 year anniversary here at Dissect That Film and what better way to spend it then by hanging out with some of the amazing people who helped start this whole thing and revisiting the movie that started it all for us, GODZILLA 2014. We discuss whether it holds up from the last time we discussed it? Does losing Bryan Cranston early in the film still hurt? And does Aaron Taylor-Johnson get better this time around? Lets find ou...

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It's Week 2 of our MONTH OF 1991 and we are joined by the famous Tony from  @HackTheMovies  to discuss the effects heavy, Screaming Mad George and Steve Wang directed, THE GUYVER. Ripped from the pages of the manga, THE GUYVER leads us into the underworld of insane aliens that can transform into weird human/animal hybrids and a device that can turn one man into a protector. Does this one bring the action and outlandish effects that...

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Join us for our look back at our MONTH OF 1986 and look ahead to our MONTH OF 1991. It's a livestream, so it's a free for all! Also, an added bonus: a LIVE episode of FRESH CUTS where we discuss GODZILLA X KONG: THE NEW EMPIRE.



Dissect That Film LIVE: 0:00:00-0:59:02 

Godzilla X Kong Spoiler Free!: 0:59:02-1:14:07

Godzilla X Kong Review with Spoilers!: 1:14:07-2:05:14

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