Dissectible Me 5 minute anatomy

Dissectible Me 5 minute anatomy

Welcome to dissectible me. Human anatomy in 5-minute chunks. In this weekly podcast, we will cover everything from introductions to bodily systems, to some very focused but fascinating nuggets of anatomical knowledge. One rule, it must be covered in 5 minutes only! Whether you are a student exploring the content for the first time, a healthcare professional refreshing your anatomy knowledge, or someone with 5 minutes to kill, this podcast is suitable for anyone with an interest in the human body. So join us as we set the timer and rattle through the captivating microcosmos that is human anatomy. Narrated by Sam Webster & Chris Summers


May 20, 2023 6 mins

Completing our hernia series, in this episode Sam covers the anatomy of a hiatus hernia. What is it, how does it occur, what are its consequences and how do you treat them? 

Terms covered this week are hiatus hernias (and their types). The oesophageal hiatus of the diaphragm, the oesophageal smooth and striated muscles. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GORD).   

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In this episode let's prise out the anatomy of femoral hernias. What are they, where are they, and how do they differ from last week's topic of inguinal hernias? 

The main terms covered this week are femoral hernias and the femoral canal. The femoral arteries, nerves & veins. The fascia lata of the lower limb and its saphenous opening. 

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April 21, 2023 6 mins

This week let's explore the muscular canal found in the anterior wall of the lower abdomen, the inguinal canal. During our exploration let's apply this anatomy to a common medical condition, inguinal hernias. How do inguinal hernias occur & what is the difference between a direct & an indirect hernia? 

This week's terms are the anterolateral abdominal muscles (External & internal oblique muscles & the transversus abdominis muscle)....

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April 14, 2023 5 mins

This week let's re-enter the nasal cavity & focus our attention on its blood supply. Why does the nose have such a significant blood supply? What vessels contribute to it? And what happens when it breaks? 

The terms covered this week are Little's area or Kiesselbach's plexus & Woodruff's plexus. The blood vessels with the mnemonic L.E.G.S, Labial (Superior), Ethmoids (anterior & posterior), Greater palatine & Sphenopalatine arterie...

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March 31, 2023 6 mins

This week we explore the primary muscle of respiration that separates the thoracic & abdominal cavities. A muscle that was historically thought of as being the seat of the soul. In this podcast, we will dissect out the diaphragm's form, function, innervation, & blood supply. Whilst also explaining the origin of some of the terms we use to describe diaphragm-related structures.

The terms mentioned this week are the diaphragm and phr...

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March 24, 2023 5 mins

In this 5-minute soundbite, we will cover the very basics of the tube that connects your nose, mouth and aerodigestive tracts. Location, subparts, composition, function and dysfunction. We will also cover sensory and motor innervation. 

Terms covered this week; The pharynx and its subparts. Nasopharynx, oropharynx and laryngopharynx (or hypopharynx). The constrictor muscles and mucosa. The vagus and glossopharyngeal nerves. 

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March 16, 2023 5 mins

This week we cover the nerves of the hand. The major motor components & the sensory distribution of each of the nerves that meander into the distal extremity of the upper limb. 

Terms covered in this episode are the median, radial & ulnar nerves. The flexor retinaculum. The thenar eminence & the lumbricals. 

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March 9, 2023 6 mins

Adorning the top of your spine are two unique vertebrae. Arguably the most important of the lot. Your Atlas & Axis or C1 & C2. In this episode, we explore greek inspired etymology, vertebral osteology & investigate why exactly cervical spinal injuries are so dangerous. By the end of this episode, you should be able to look through the 33 spinal bones all jumbled up & easily pick these two from the bunch. 

Terms covered this week; A...

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March 3, 2023 7 mins

A fascinating topic this week, the pineal gland. The neuroendocrine structure that releases melatonin and helps regulate sleep cycles. Also, a structure that throughout history people have tried to assign all sorts of unusual functions. Join us this week as we try to unravel fact from fiction whilst covering location, function, and a smidge of clinical relevance.

Terms covered this week are the pineal gland, melatonin, pineal or pa...

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February 24, 2023 6 mins

In this episode let’s take a glance at some of the trickiest bones to identify, the bones of the carpus or wrist. More commonly known as the carpal bones.

Terms covered this week. The wrist movements of flexion, extension, ulnar & radial deviation. The carpal bones; trapezium, trapezoid, capitate, hamate, pisiform, triquetrum, lunate & scaphoid. The anatomical snuff box & avascular necrosis.

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February 17, 2023 5 mins

When it comes to the heart and its blood supply the coronary arteries take most of the limelight. But where does the deoxygenated blood go after supplying the muscle of the heart? How does it return to the circulatory system? In short, it travels through the cardiac veins our focus for this week's podcast. Names, locations and their anatomy. 

Terms covered this week; The great, the middle and the small cardiac veins. The coronary s...

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February 10, 2023 6 mins

This week let's take a first pass at covering some brainstem anatomy. Let's discuss the three subsections, the broad functions these have, and point out some of the fascinating features this vital area of the brain houses.

Terms covered this week, The midbrain, the pons and the medulla oblongata. The cerebral and cerebellar peduncles. The corpora quadragemina, which itself is made up of the superior and inferior colliculi. The red ...

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February 2, 2023 6 mins

Today let’s discuss the membranous layers of tissue that house and protect the heart. What they are, where they are, function, innervation, importance, and a smidge of clinical relevance to finish.  

Terms covered this week. Layers of the heart; endocardium, myocardium & epicardium. The two layers of the pericardium; the serous pericardium (itself divided into visceral & parietal) & the fibrous pericardium. The pericardial cavity. ...

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January 26, 2023 6 mins

In this episode let’s take a bite out of some dental anatomy, by covering the basics of the tooth. Let’s uncover some details of the organic living rocks that inhabit our jaws, made up of four tissue types with a rich neurovascular supply.

Terms discussed in today’s episode are gingiva, the crown & the root of a tooth. The four tissues are enamel, cementum, dentin & pulp. The gomphosis joint is formed by the periodontal ligaments &...

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January 20, 2023 6 mins

The tissue and muscle of the heart need a good blood supply. Enter the coronary arteries. A left and a right but also some other major branches to know about.

Terms, or arteries covered this week; The aorta. The right coronary artery & the posterior descending artery (PDA). The left coronary artery, circumflex artery & anterior interventricular artery aka left anterior descending artery (LAD).

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January 15, 2023 5 mins

In this episode, we explore the osteology of the shoulder. The bones, joints & mobility vs stability.

Terms covered in this episode; The bones of the humerus, clavicle and scapular. The articulations of the glenohumeral joint, the acromioclavicular joint and the sternoclavicular joint. Finally the bony projections of the coracoid process, the acromion and the spine of the scapular. 

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January 3, 2023 6 mins

A neuroanatomical review of the thalamus. What is it, where is it, what does it do, what happens when it gets damaged, that sort of thing.



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December 8, 2022 5 mins

Definitions, locations, anatomical associations, innervations and in fact most of the 'ations' involving the perineum. NB This is NOT to be confused with the term peroneal which is all things related to the fibula and calf of the leg. 

Terms covered this week; Perineum, pelvic floor & pelvic diaphragm. Perineal membrane, perineal body & urogenital triangle. Superficial & deep perineal pouches. Pudendal nerves, arteries & veins.  

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December 1, 2022 6 mins

Building on a previous episode that discussed the mandible, in this soundbite we cover the muscles that act upon the lower jaw to chew, the muscles of mastication.

Terms covered this week are four muscles: the temporalis, the masseter and the medial & lateral pterygoids. Some bony anatomy in the sphenoid bone, the pterygoid plates, the zygomatic arch and the coronoid process of the mandible. Finally, the nerve that controls them al...

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November 25, 2022 6 mins

In this episode, we review the anatomy of the thoracic apertures. What are they, where are they and what are the main structures that pass through their openings?

Terms covered this week; Superior and inferior thoracic apertures. The thoracic inlet and outlet (confusingly the same thing). Finally the well-documented clinical condition of thoracic outlet syndrome. 

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