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ELEMENTAL HEALTH PODCAST Seeking true health - Cutting through all the noise to find your true path to fitness.


February 7, 2023 49 min

New year New You....How is that going? What does it really take to make some lasting change and what to do if you have fallen off the fitness wagon.


Inside this episode:


The steps to getting back up when you are knocked down

Why lasting fitness can take time and a shift in how you view the world.

Mapping your values to positive actions and ignoring the negative noise in your head.



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Part 2 of how we build systems for fitness and ensure outcomes for our clients.


This week Matt goes into detail on how he has broken down a fitness plan for a woman in her 50's. 


Outlining the fundamentals and the approach that is specific for this person.


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Christmas can be an achilles heal of lots of guys (and girls)when it comes to staying on track with fitness and nutrition. This is our Christmas special....Breaking down what can help....


Avoid the noise and stay sane with Matt and Nick breaking down the nonsense chat we here about checklists to stay fit during the festive season.


A handy guide on what we think will help this year and how we think about Christmas, the feasts of...

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Simple Fitness Advice, The Tools and Tactics Needed For Results.


Nick and Matt work hard to cut through the noise and provide free information and insight from a good few decades of fitness coaching.


Episode 47

Let's break down exactly how we would set up a system for the average 40-year-old guy to kick-start their fitness journey and start seeing results.


Coaches Corner with Matt and Nick, this week takes a  look at the ...

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November 14, 2022 60 min

A man that lost 600lbs (42 stone), Justin has a got an amazing story and a unique insight into fat loss journey.


Overcoming adversity to become an advocate for health and fitness!


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This one runs deep, for most of us, we walk around with a weight on our shoulders that nagging voice that says we don't belong and a pretender in "this" space.


Imposter Phenomena (not actual a syndrome) is a very real issue for up to 80% of the population according to the stats but I think it's probably only the psychos and sociopaths that don't feel it.

What is it?

How do we overcome it?



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Ok, let's go there...is gym going a FUN activity...and are you actually in a cool club by liking the gym and the fitness world.


In this episode, Matt and Nick break down some issues with the mainstream fitness systems and try not to sound like two grumpy old men!


  • The PT game - does it make sense to you?
  • Toxic positivity
  • Do you even need to step foot in the gym to get fit?


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The pillars of FitLeanDad (my coaching brand) are Sustainable, actionable and progressive. In this episode, Matt quizzes me on why sustainability is important and what it means and how to break down building your own.


In this coaching corner episode, we break down what a system needs to look like to work.

  • Nick's pillars of fitness.
  • What it means to be sustainable in your approach
  • What a sustainable approach looks like?
  • Medici...
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Coaches Corner Returns - Matt and I get to the nuts and bolts of something that rears its head from time to time when coaching and in life.


Staying in your lane - when and how to manage the information and point of view as a coach and finding progress to answers when you are the one who needs to make a breakthrough.

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Jumping straight in to a Coaches Corner where Matt Strong is welcomed on to the podcast, we dive straight into Matt's view on fitness with a long road of experience to draw from.


3.23: Creatine, why we both agree it is a positive supplement and the clear benefits for pretty much everyone.


6.20: Matt's current personal approach and specific regime to stay in shape as a coach, including the "dark place" he takes himself to.



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The word discipline pops up in all sorts of domains. Why? And why is it seen as a hard thing that we rebel against?


Let's spend a bit of time thinking about the concept of the world and what lies beneath.

  Friend or foe, how do you view it?  

The biggest domino in your fitness journey that needs to fall first (IMHO) is energy. If you agree you might want to check out my (Free)

Supercharged Energy Reboot Challenge


Find and chat...

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The billionaire and the puaper have the same goals, the difference is the behaviours, habits and identity  - i.e DAILY ACTIONS.   "Habits and deliberate goal pursuit guide actions synergistically... habits are the efficient, default mode of response."   How do our daily actions create our reality, this may seem obvious but in this episode, I dive into some of the research and thinking around habits and goals.   A lot of people com...
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    It's about getting from Zero to One...


    30 Days to change your body. Lots of people, myself included, can easily get sucked in by a quick-acting glue! But does it really work and can you get results?


    I recently ran a 30-day challenge to try and get my guys moving in the right direction and building some real momentum towards their goals!


    Here are the results and how it went.


    As always I. am keen to understand how my audien...

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    It's about getting from Zero to One...


    Honestly, most of us are defeated before we have begun.


    In this episode, I break down the single biggest doctor in your success or failure.


    This is part of a solo-series I am putting out as I walk through my FLD30 Challenge and deliver the programme to the guys going through it.

    My goal with this series is to share some of the key takeaways and challenges to hopefully give you the tools ...

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    Maintaining Peak Fitness and Mastering Life with Yusef Smith - Propane Fitness.


    Until I met Yusef I was under the illusion that I was busy!


    Building a business, Treating patients during a pandemic and maintaining lean muscle is all in a days work for Yusef.

    Jumping from the corporate world into being your own boss and then jumping into the medicine and beyond.   Favourite Bits:  
    • Balancing business, fitness and being a doct...
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    Join Nick and self-confessed Truth Addict, Brendan Murphy, on a roller coaster ride to dig deep into the answers to finding health.


    I am proud to bring you, Brendan, in this episode of Elemental Health Podcast. he is a true seeker and is the happiest unpacking some of the most controversial topics on the state of current health and the global pandemic.


    The lines have become blurred between right, wrong and support vs control.



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    February 10, 2021 16 min


    Yes, you guessed I jump on the meat only bandwagon for 20 days and this is what happened....


    Listen like and leave a review (please).


    More about my coaching and how to join the free challenge:




    Find me on the socials




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    Facing challenges and failures, why new is not best and the benefits of a solid strength strategy


    Welcome, a friend and mentor Matt Shore to the Elemental Health Podcast!


    Matt Shore is a no-nonsense hard charger. A man of action, not words, however, I do my best to get him to unpack his strategies and mindset on this episode.


    I consider Matt a mentor in the strength space and someone with an incredible level of experience and...

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    I was referred to Mike by an old army mate who is by far the guy that has run further than anyone I know and told this is who you need to speak to....He was not wrong, Mike is the real ultra deal.


    In 2020 he ran over 4000 miles.

    100 Miles with zero calories...

    ...need I say more - its an epic start to 2021 for the Elemental Health Podcast


    Join the conversation today and find out the what, when and hows of Mike's drivers and met...

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    THIS is something different - Chris Pinner (of Innerfit) and I have a fireside chat conversation where the tables are turned and I become the hunted. Lots of amazing back and forth and finding this elusive strength and resilience in life and work.


    Favourite bits:

    • How to Carve out time for what is important
    • Why I (Nick) am not a wise man!
    • Resilience - What, when and how to create it
    • What a meaningful wellbeing company looks li...
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