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A weekly treatise on committing to one’s heart instead of hiding inside a career of acclaim, acceptance, and complacency. In 2022 at 33 years old, I left my career as a doctor, where I could earn $400,000 per year. I owed $200,000 in student loans. I quit because that life was killing me. And it wasn’t medicine’s fault. I have plenty of friends who love medicine, who love taking care of patients. It was my fault; I never wanted to be a doctor. I needed to find out what I wanted. My life was on the line. Since, I’ve started a furniture company. That was a surprising plot twist. And I write. Every Thursday, I pen an essay aimed at sharing what it took (and what it takes) to own a life I love, and share the audio version here. If you’d like to join one of my free courses or check out other things (including books) that I’ve written, head over to my website Join my newsletter ( and get first book for free today.


May 23, 2024 5 mins

Turns out, owning a sense of self kinda matters.  Essay Link:

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Life was "... not so clear to me as I have for a long time imagined." Thanks to Rousseau, I've seen my motivations for what they are: obscured by the lies of my whys... until I'm ready to see the truth. 

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Mark as Played
May 9, 2024 5 mins

I went to medical school to secure my family's love. I found out what love really is while becoming a psychiatrist. And ultimately, I left medicine to put that love into practice.


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Good days deceive. Bad days reveal. Thanks to my dad, I remembered the difference. 


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Mark as Played

The only way to live a life without regrets is to have regrets. Regret is where our story starts... as I came to understand this week by watching The Devil Wears Prada. ----more----

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Mark as Played
April 11, 2024 4 mins

Sometimes, I just simply do not know what's best for me. 


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April 4, 2024 4 mins

I wasn't one for the jungle gym. I'm a kickball guy. I knew that once, it's just taken me awhile to remember it. 


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March 28, 2024 4 mins

To play the game, the battle to figure out who we are, we have to pay the cost of admission. House rules. 


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Mark as Played

"Fighty, we're all on the road back to who we were in high school." 


Along with the wrong lessons, I lived out a few of the right ones too. My first book is a summary of all 32 of those lessons, available now on Amazon.

Mark as Played

To get where I want to go, some things cannot be sacrificed, like the present. 


Every Friday morning, I send an email from the trenches, where I'm working to build a life I love. If you'd like camaraderie on your own journey, follow this link to join our community.

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March 7, 2024 3 mins

The biscuit tastes like shit without a dash of risk. 


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Mark as Played
February 29, 2024 3 mins

With a story at our back, we take a step into the dark and write our own. 

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Mark as Played
February 22, 2024 3 mins

When you're no longer interested in looking back, it's time to stake something in the ground. 

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Mark as Played
February 15, 2024 5 mins

Over nine years, I learned the implication of unrequited pride: in the truthful places. 


On Amazon and Kindle, get my first book for $2.99 (a limited-time sale). Thank you to everyone who's supported the book's launch. Let's keep livin' a life we love.

Mark as Played
February 8, 2024 7 mins

There are some things, once compromised, that the health food store's promises can't even keep alive. 


Now available on Kindle, you can purchase my first book 32 Lessons from 8 Years Lost in Medicine. For all the support since its launch, I cannot thank everyone enough. Let's keep on livin' a life we love.

Mark as Played
February 1, 2024 4 mins

Snoozing is harmless. Everyone snoozes, I thought to myself, when I chose to snooze today. After all, it's only nine minutes.

But nine minutes matters. Ask my throbbing ankle.  


My first book, 32 Lessons from 8 Years Lost in Medicine, just published on Amazon. If you’d like a copy of the e-book, here’s a link to purchase.

Mark as Played
January 25, 2024 4 mins

I don't always know why I'm doing things. If it feels right, I try to trust the process. But on Monday, after an episode of inverse déjà vu, I knew precisely why I did what I'd done: 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨.

( I recently published my new book 32 Lessons from 8 Years Lost in Medicine. If you’d like to a copy, here’s a link to purchase the e-book.)

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January 18, 2024 3 mins

I exercised. I slept. I hung out with friends. I meditated. And yes, I was happy. But something was missing. I always knew it.

Last week, I published my new book 32 Lessons from 8 Years Lost in Medicine. If you’d like to a copy, here’s a link to purchase the e-book.

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January 11, 2024 3 mins

There comes a point where one must be unreasonable. You have no choice. 

This week, my new book 32 Lessons from 8 Years Lost in Medicine released on Amazon. If you'd like to buy a copy, here's a link.


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January 4, 2024 7 mins

People ask my wife and I why we moved to Asheville. Often, we haven’t had an explanation other than it felt right. Often, I've thought we’re kinda crazy. But last night, I felt a little less crazy and a little more alive, knowing that there in a shed while picking up furniture I couldn't wait to get to work on, my mountain biking stoke had survived to the other side, alive and well in Asheville.

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