Fully Poseable podcast is a show about all things wrestling figures. Brothers Scott and Jef discuss all things wrestling figures. From new figures being released to older figures from the 80’s


July 14, 2024 106 mins

This week, the boys welcome back Rad Chad and Keith Baraukus back to the show. Rad Chad divulges that he has finally completed in MOC Hasbro series. How did he get the white whale Dusty. Keith talks about what he is collecting nowadays among all the figure companies.


In the news, FOCO showed off their latest bobbleheads for their magazine series. The Major Pod released their pink trunks Macho. Mat Maniacs are officially available...

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Ep. 441 Fullyposeable’s “Dory’s Junk”


This week for the summer of saying dude love, the boys welcome Scotts Tag team partner Big Josh on to the show. We discuss with Josh with what figures he is collecting nowadays, if he has been to any shows and how he books his matches. Josh also gives his predictions for what he thinks is going to happen in the future for WWE.


In the news, Fanatics announced one of their next exclusive Funk...

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This week for the summer of saying dude love, the boys welcome back Brian Breaker. Breaker comes on to chop it up with the boys. Breaker talks about the latest San Diego Comi Con reveals from NECA and other companies. Scott goes over all of the figures from his pile of loot from BBTS as well.


In the news, Zombie showed off his San Diego comic con figures.  Powertown Ultra series two renderings were shown off. The guys go over all...

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This week for the summer of saying dude love, the boys welcome back Brian from the LeJeNdary podcast on. Brian talks about his latest customs that he has received from Travis and Brian Breaker. Brian also talks about what he has been collecting lately. Brian also wanted to take a moment to talk about the passing of Willie Mays.


In the news, the boys go over Jazwares latest announcement. Another new wrestling toy company comes int...

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Continuing with the summer of saying dude love, the boys welcome Ryan Budds from Trivia with Budds trivia and podcast. Ryan comes on and wants to talk about the WWF Remco Hockey Rink. The three of them do a deep dive into that hockey rink. Ryan also talks about working on TV shows, being a comedian etc. Ryan has been a long time friend of the Toon brothers. We appreciate Ryan being on with us this week.


In the only bit of news th...

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This week Rucker from the podcast Boot To the Face joins us. Rucker in the nostalgia segment chose WCW Galoobs. Rucker also talks about his interviews with Mickie James and so many more wrestlers. Also Rucker talks about his collecting days. And what other toy lines did Rucker collect When he was younger?


In the news, Hasbro showed off their next Sgt. Slaughter figure. Top rope collectibles announced their most recent signing. Gr...

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This week, the boys welcome Mike Kanik from the major pod onto the show. Kanik goes over his collecting past. What toy lines did little Kanik grow up collecting? Regarding the BRG’s, what went into them deciding on the NWA look Road Warriors, and so much more.


In the news, FOCO shows off it’s latest Shawn Michaels bobblehead. Grapplers and Gimmicks continues to show off new figures. The Major pod announces their next lineup for t...

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This week Jef and Scott welcome Brian Myers onto the show to discuss the TNA Powertown figures. They go over the pre orders that are up on May 31st, so make sure to get your pre orders in for them. The pre order is for Moose, Jordan Grace, Eddie Edwards and Josh Alexander. In this interview we also discuss our shared love for the Immaculate Grid and Starting lineups.


Also on this show, there are updates regarding Top Rope collect...

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This week the boys have quite a bit of news with Shawn Ng being on. Shawn comes on to discuss his Mantaur figure and it’s release. Shawn also discusses his release of his PN News figure that should be hitting doorsteps here soon. Shawn also discusses his Comet Kid figure as well. Shawn goes in depth regarding his series two, ebay prices on his Mantaur figure and he has a polarizing wish list. Be prepared.


Also in the news, Grappl...

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This week the boys are honored to have Seth and Sheena from the Chick Foley show on this week. The four of them go over everything from podcasting to recent pick ups.


In the news they all go over another wrestling figure line. Grapplers and Gimmicks announced a few more figures for Kurt Fuller. AEW and Youtooz will be teaming up. And in the Mattel news The 70’s 4 pack is announced for on sale date


In the nostalgia segment, the ...

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This week the boys had to record early, so they were a little light on news. So the boys do filler with blind reactions. They also go over what figures they have received.


The boys talk about Toyfare magazine. A magazine that was put out in 1997. Jef was able to find the first issue. In the magazine, they have the top 10 toys in September 1997. They also discuss toys that were supposed to come out, but never did.


To round out t...

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This week in honor of the NFL draft, the boys draft up wrestling figures. Who was the first overall pick in this year's Fullyposeable Draft.


In the news, Jesse Ventura is rumored to be in talks with WWE to come back. Does this open up his license for figures? Also Jeff Jarrett will be getting a Ringside exclusive from Jazwares


And the boys round out the show with questions from the listeners


Thank you to everyone for keeping ...

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This week the boys remember a bay area legend Shooter Tony Jones. They also do a live unboxing, did they get the Alister Black auto figure?


In the news the boys go over the recent signing by AEW. Spoiler, it isn’t a wrestler. Also Jazwares announces the on sale date for the Daniel Bryan and Young Buck ROH figures. And Steve and Bill answer some questions from Ringside at Wrestlemania


And the boys welcome Shawn Ng on to the show...

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This week the boys go over everything that happened in Philadelphia. From the meetup to drunken nights at the WWE hotel bar. The boys also go over Wrestlemania itself.


The show is all about the news. In the news Zombie Sailor showed off his figures at Wrestlecon. Grapplers and Gimmicks showed off their latest figure of Marty Jannetty. And the boys go over everything from Mattel’s unveilings at the WWE Superstore.


Thank you to e...

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April 7, 2024 49 mins

On this episode of Fullyposeable, Jef and Scott hype up the meet-up that already happened. The boys go over their latest toyspotting. 


Since this show was recorded early, The boys couldn't get to all the Mattel reveals, but did get to some Powertown news as well as the Major Pod dropping 3 new pre orders for the BRG's. And Steve Ozer was active on the message boards


Thank you to everyone that came out and celebrated #Figlife Me...

Mark as Played
March 31, 2024 67 mins

This week the boys are getting pumped up for the Figlife Meat up. They are looking forward to everyone being there. Scott and Jef also go over what they purchased and what was on their porches.


In the news, they finish up the Mattel Revealed show with the WWE news. What all did they show off? And also what news was revealed at the last minute before recording. Jazwares vault went live with their figures and what was gone within t...

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Scott is back from Seattle and he gives us a weather update. The boys do go over some of the figures they have received and picked up.


In the news Junk Shop Dog got in their Hogan figures. Jazwares vault announced that their figures will be going up on March 27th. The ROH Figures and Malakai Black figure will be available on the launch. Steve Ozer was on the message boards answering some of the listener questions.


In the nostal...

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This week the boys welcome Shawn Ng back onto the show. Shawn brings a bunch of information regarding his Mantaur figure. Also Jef shows off the Mantaur figure (Can be seen on Youtube) Shawn also drops a hint on his latest signing. Shawn also has news regarding his Taka figure.


Also in the news, FOCO shows their latest set of Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. Zombie Sailor shows off a wrestlecon exclusive. Steve Ozer was back on the...

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As the weeks get closer, the boys are getting more and more excited for the Figlife meet up. Scott and Jef also go into what they have purchased lately.


In the news, Grapplers and Gimmicks showed off their Waylon Mercy figure. Major Pod did the a Wrestling collector shop exclusive. Powertown dominated the news with their pre orders. Remco style figures officially up on powertowns website. Epic Toys showed off their recent two new...

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This week, Scott goes over everything he got for his birthday. Including one huge gift. Also the boys hit up Stockton Con, but did the boys purchase anything?


In the news Zombie shows off his Brian Pillman prototype. Rush Collectibles announces “Spell Binder” AKA Phantasio. Nick Bockwinkel and Bobo Brazil figures were shown off by Powertown. In Mattel news, Basics get a new name. Monday night wars elite series 2 were shown off as...

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