Gareth and the Lost Island - A Fantasy Adventure Comedy Audio Drama Series

Gareth and the Lost Island - A Fantasy Adventure Comedy Audio Drama Series

Gareth and the Lost Island is a Steampunk / Magicpunk Adventure Comedy series featuring a full ensemble cast of brilliant actors. On the fantasy world of Hadronus, young Professor Gareth Mintel is saddled with the seemingly impossible task of finding the Lost Island of Mascal. On his quest, he is joined by his adoptive father, their simian butler, and the motley crew of the airship Glorious Dawn. ** Disclaimer** Gareth and the Lost Island should be considered PG-13 for discussions of sexual hijinks, drinking, consuming questionable potions, brief moments of violence, crude language, and even cruder humor. Characters in this show run the gambit of the gender and sexuality spectrums. This Audio Drama is respectful of the LGBTQ+ community. Summary Professor Gareth Mintel thought he had everything he had ever wanted, as the youngest professor in the history of the University Arcanum. That all changed once he was caught in a rather embarrassing situation with the wife of one of the richest merchants on the Island of Draconia. Now Gareth finds himself saddled with the seemingly impossible quest to find the Lost Island of Mascal, or be permanently banished from his beloved university. Refusing to let Gareth face the dangers alone, he is joined by his adoptive father, Dr. Tralnis Granitestaff (an omni-sexual Dwarf with a heart of gold), and Gareth’s best friend, Henry (Tralnis’ simian butler.) After running out of options, they hire the airship Glorious Dawn. An airship well past its prime that is co-owned by Captain Elizabeth Morgana and her younger sister, Engineer Isadora (call me Izzy) Morgana. Along the way, Gareth and the crew face dangers in the form of skeletons, pirates, and a vicious, blood thirsty, venomous duck. Even with all of this going on, Gareth still manages to find romance and love. Come join Gareth and the crew of the airship Glorious Dawn on this rollicking, funny adventure full of action and laughs.


April 30, 2023 2 mins

Gareth and the Lost Island follows the adventures of Professor Gareth Mintel, and the crew of the airship Glorious Dawn, on their quest to find a mythical lost island. This Fantasy Adventure-Comedy is sure to appeal to fans of the Discworld Series, The Princess Bride, and Mel Brooks films. Show premieres May 7th, 2023 and releases twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays for the first 11 episodes.

Mark as Played

Prof. Gareth Mintel, and his father Dr. Tralnis Granitestaff, head to their favorite tavern to celebrate Gareth’s upcoming addition to the senior professors. Like most young men would do in his situation, Gareth drinks far too much, and makes regrettable choices. These decisions end up forcing him to unleash ancient magics to save their lives.

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Mark as Played

Gareth is forced to face the consequences of the previous night’s indiscretions. We are introduced to Tralnis’ simian butler, and Gareth’s longtime friend, Henry, as well as the politics that infest the University Arcanum. Since most of the listeners don’t speak Chimish, a translation service has been provided.

** Gareth and the Lost Island should be considered PG-13 for discussions of sexual hijinks, drinking, consuming questionab...

Mark as Played
May 14, 2023 33 mins

An unexpected discovery gives Gareth a clue on where to start their quest to find the Lost Island of Mascal. After a midnight raid to “borrow” some needed equipment from the University, our heroes set off to charter an airship for their journey. An ex-lover of Tralnis’ throws a kink in their plan, and not the fun kind.

** Gareth and the Lost Island should be considered PG-13 for discussions of sexual hijinks, drinking, consuming qu...

Mark as Played
May 17, 2023 36 mins

The perky engineer, Izzy Morgana, leads the trio through a tour of the airship port on their way to the Glorious Dawn. True to his Dwarvish nature, Tralnis can’t decide if he is more frightened on turned on by Izzy’s imposing sister, Captain Elizabeth Morgana. One of the non-human crew members takes offense over their new passengers.

To see a map of the Island Republic of Draconia dropped by Izzy go to

Mark as Played

An attack by air pirates halts the Glorious Dawn’s journey to the sunken city. While fighting for their lives, Henry makes a huge impact on one of the pirates. Even after pulling a stunt that leaves Izzy wondering if she should kill or kiss him, she joins Gareth on his dive deep below the waves.

Mark as Played
May 24, 2023 31 mins

After landing in Saint Mareen, Gareth and Izzy head out to sell the treasures they recovered on their dive. A twist of fate leads them to meeting the young street urchin, Teesh.

Mark as Played

Elizabeth joins Gareth, Tralnis, and Henry on their trek through the jungles of Chimia. Not only does the away team face the threat of lawyers… er, we mean bloody thirsty parasites, but also the lurking dangers in an underground temple.

Mark as Played

Gareth is given a mystical glimpse into the past of his people, before he storms the Slaver airship to rescue the woman he has fallen in love with. The crew then hatch a daring, but overly complicated plan to rescue their final missing member.

Mark as Played
June 4, 2023 33 mins

Gareth and Izzy share a romantic meal after he recovers from a bad case of flaming eye sockets. Afterwards, they are joined by Elizabeth and Tralnis on their overland journey to Mount Nexus.

Mark as Played

Gareth’s dreams of finally learning where he came from are put on hold when pirates attack once again, this time with overwhelming numbers. The crew of the Glorious Dawn are forced to decide between certain destruction either at the hands of pirates, or a storm of mythical proportions.

Mark as Played

Season 1 Finale

Gareth trades in his teaching jacket for an air navy uniform. Trusting his crew, he pits their new airship against the pirate forces threatening his home. Ripples begin to spread through the fabric of Hadronus society as the Royal Mascalian Air Navy returns.

Mark as Played

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