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Get Fit with Jodelle

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May 21, 2023 61 mins

There is another pandemic in our world today besides the obvious one, and that is hair loss and skin issues. I can’t tell you how many calls I get from individuals who’s hair is falling out, who’s skin issues and inflammation have taken over their quest for health and who are searching for answers to their anti-aging aesthetic conditions.  And while It's no secret that healthy, radiant skin starts with taking care of your insides a...

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Good Idea BCAA sparkling water:

Promo code: JODELLE10

Eryn Knight, Vice President of GOOD IDEA has joined me today and we have a good idea to share with you that will be an easy fix to your blood sugar as well as a wealth of information as to the importance of building a better metabolism through blood sugar. You have some natural energy waiting to be harnessed, but it has to be harnessed ...

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Kate Deering is a Certified Nutrition Consultant (CNC) and Owner of Kate Deering Health and Fitness, and has followed the pro-metabolic approach helping many achieve success and today we talk all the different needle-movers for women and men when it comes to optimizing your overall health and wellness.

Links for Kate:

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Buffalo Gal Shampoo & Conditioning Bar for Thinning Hair ...

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Over a year later and I'm still preaching about why I love C60 for so many reasons.

I only recommend substances that I know work and that I love and use regularly and C60 is DEFINITELY one of my favs!

I've invited back on for I think the 3rd time now, Research Scientist Ken Swartz, the founder of C60 Purple Power, a health and wellness company committed to delivering the highest quality C60 products available. In this episode, we w...

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This podcast is only for my high-performing individuals (which should be everyone because who doesn’t want feel like a high performance machine)…

Minerals are so vastly important for our healthy optimization, ….Balancing your mineral levels, maximizing your ATP/Energy production, and eliminating pain and discomfort in your body all starts with ensuring proper mineral utilization…..

And to help us understand these way minerals play ...

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Taylor is a Doctor of Optometry with a passion for holistic medicine with specific focus as to how the eyes relate to the health of the body. She believes in the body’s ability to regenerate and heal itself when it is given the right tools. she practices bioenergetics for the eyes and she believes in finding the root cause of eye conditions and how those eye conditions can help her address the root cause of other conditions going o...

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Georgi Dinkov is definitely an expert in biohacking and it’s amazing how he knows all this despite having a degree in IT instead of a degree related to medicine and biochemistry. Let's break down more of his wonderful IdeaLabs products in Part 2 of our "prod-cast" to help you navigate your health! Georgi also has just released some cutting edge bioanalysis hair and toenail tests that I am anxious to try myself.

Here's the link: htt...

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This next guest has such an unbelievable and inspiring story to the point where I had to interview because many of my clients and listeners are dealing with a cancer diagnosis and yet cancer doesn’t have to be scary…rather it could actually be manageable and still allow you to live a productive long life if approached properly. Not that I am a big fan of statistics, but this one I actually do see transpiring because of how many peo...

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I'm excited to welcome back to the show the guy that made me a mitochondriac years ago - Dr. Jack Kruse, a prominent Neurosurgeon, and CEO of Kruse Longevity Center of Florida where they rejuvenate you with Light, Nature and Wisdom.

I have followed Dr Kruse's work for years now and what he is currently teaching me is unique to the health optimization seekers out there. Hold onto your hats because our discussion will blow your dust ...

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I wanted to have a chat with this lovely lady about some of the most pressing women's health issues of our day because after finding Ray peat years ago, I also found Kate Deering and Really respected her passion for helping set the record straight when it comes to women appreciating their bodies, treating it well and nourishing it and giving them permission to shift away from the common dogma out there for women of eat less, restri...

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And as a self-proclaimed advocate for what I call Carnivore with Benefits, I believe that in most people a meat-based approach is very beneficial. After all we do have canine teeth for a reason, some bigger than others like myself, and so how do the teeth play into why we should eat meat?

Dr Kevin stock has been kind enough to join me today as we put these questions on the table and answer them based on logic and natural human natu...

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What if your back pain isn't just back pain? Leigh Ankrum, is a Functional Bodywork practitioner with 34 years of experience in teaching and private practice, and as an internationally recognized bodyworker she believes that health is an inside job - and we have to look inside the body to address the issues both and outside of the body, as a whole system that works together.

Together with her institute The Ankrum Institute Leigh be...

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Feeling sick all the time?

Allergies that won't quit?

Always on the verge of body aches and sore throat?

It’s not just about what you put into your body but importantly what you put your body into.... emf, chemical homes, WIFI laden homes, cars, and smartphones that are literally walking cell phone towers in our hands and pockets, bluetooth Alexas, AirPods, smart watches, wifi in our baby monitors, fridges, toasters? And even just ...

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This guy needs no introduction for most of you - the Great Georgi Dinkov, researcher, and creator and founder of IdeaLabs Supplements is joining me today to discuss how real supplements are made and applied. We talk about how certain nutrients are imperative to our health and how to maximize your absorption as well as most cutting edge products that he is producing affordably for us to try. We dissect his products one by one to und...

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One of the main issues I work on with my clients outside of circadian rhythm and stress management is blood sugar, because without balancing it, you will certainly feel stress inside and out and throw off many rhythms in your body.

So I’ve invited my next guest on to educate us on blood sugar….how it gets thrown off and how we can keep it in check to help with weight loss, sleep, energy, moods, and much more.

Plus I'm always up for...

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It’s that time of year again where when the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter it seems our immune systems get a little weaker and cold/flu season rears it’s ugly head we are well aware of whole food vitamin c, quercetin, getting adeauwte sunlight and d for immunity but what about a couple of immune boosters that are well researched to not only amp up your immune system to prevent the typical cold and flu but als...

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I’ve been trying to get people to look up for quite some time instead of looking down at their devices because if you do you will see that something is going on in our skies that is affecting our health. So in order to help you understand the importance of looking up I’ve brought on an expert who will open your eyes to truth in our skies…..

Matt Landman is growing in recognition as a leader in 5G and geoengineering awareness activi...

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I love books, I love reading real books, so when I came across this Book called Hormone Heresy, I was immediately intrigued when I opened the book and saw the author referring to none other than Dr Ray Peat. Once I started it, I couldn’t put the book down and I knew I had to interview the author on the podcast, because you guys are going to be astounded by her meticulous research and devotion to educating women on how to optimize t...

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My weight training slash bodybuilding days started in 1999, and my next guest was one of the first people who’s blog I loved and when I first heard him on the early days of podcasting, I was blown away at his knowledge. And fast forward over 23 years later and I’m still learning from this guy. I like to have on guests that have survived all the trends, the fads and who’ve been around the block to understand that going back to basic...

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Sometimes you, my listeners request guests that you would like to have me interviewed, and sometimes I am actually contacted by various bloggers, dress and professional in the health field that want to be on my show.

Rarely do folks come across my email presenting themselves like my next guest did, so as soon as I read his bio and email I knew I wanted to have him on the show because I believe he will def resonate with you, my list...

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